[Prog or Steamy Log?] I Saw The Deep – Astronavigation by orlandooom407

When diving into the dreams of a peacock we uncovered a higher life form”

Prog rock isn’t dead although some critics attest that with the inception of Djent progressive music has taken the path bent on catering to adolescents and their infernally lean guitar tones. I Saw The Deep keeps it real by effectively bearing a homage to 90’s/earl 2000’s prog acts like The Mars Volta and Tool without adhering to the mythic Clear Channel Checklist a band must embody to receive radio play in North America. Some parts even spark a fleeting nod to Led Zeppelin. By having influential transperancy in order, dedication to excessive practice and employing welcoming vague narrative have satisfied all the criteria to reach prog rock’s real audience: nerds. The cool thing about having an legion of buddy holly bumping dorks is that it forces the band to develop intricate harmonies and riffs that are neigh impossible to count from a introductory listen. You know, for cred. ISTD, while creating an odd aesthetic as an acronym, satisfies both aforementioned criteria with dizzying precision. Their selection of tonal grit leaves gratuitous advantageous space for ITSD to avoid a hasty djenty condemnation. This record was nearly my favorite for March, but the vocals seem to distract from the instrumentation. I feel with the vocal processing included the dynamic would enhance itself with a more subtle mix. They’ve still earned the title of PROG (rock) and an honorable mention for my favorites of 2012 bringing my list to:

(January)  Alcest Les Voyages De L’âme

(February)  BIIPIIGWAN Nibaak EP

(March) Wizard Rifle Speak Loud Say Nothing

Honorable Mentions:

Dodecahedron S/T

Sigh In Somniphobia

I Saw The Deep Astronavigation

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– Jarad Oates Haggard