Javier Reyes Speaks Out On His Arrest by endlessgonzo

via LambGoat today:

“I would like to personally apologize for canceling the Toronto show last night. I can explain. After the Boston show on May 26th, I was unlawfully arrested by the Boston Police Department. I had to return to Boston on May 30th for court. As much as we had looked forward to playing Toronto again, there was nothing I could do other than cancel the show and return to Boston to avoid having an arrest warrant filed against me.
I have included a complaint letter a friend/witness has written and sent to the Boston Police. It explains in more detail about the appalling and absurd encounter that occurred that evening. Again, to all our fans in Toronto, I am truly sorry for cancelling the show.”

Reyes includes a letter from his friend and eyewitness detailing the incident in the full article above. Any potential case of police misconduct is important to make known, especially recently.  Share this and blow it up.


MetalGF Reviews Meshuggah & Baroness Live by endlessgonzo

Cross posting this because it’s always nice to see a show review, and especially one from someone not normally into metal.

   When I first arrived I thought every guy was Vince. They all had his uniform on and I literally went to hug one or two bearded fellows before stopping myself just in time. I didn’t think Vince had a “Battlestar Galactica” t-shirt! Wait, I was right, he doesn’t have that shirt BECAUSE THAT’S NOT HIM! I just went to kiss a stranger who I now realize looks like a modern version of our 16th President. This is a sea of white men in black t-shirts like the (non-metal) world has never seen. There are no girls, no black people and no items of colored clothing in sight. I stick out like a sore thumb in my white bohemian top and blatant womanhood.


   You know how at every show there is the one super psyched guy? He or she is always a row or two in front of me feeling the music in their deepest of souls and moving their bodies in a way only they understand. I remember I went to an Indigo Girls concert in the 1990s and there was a hundred pound girl dancing and singing and yelling with an enthusiasm known only to the superfan. Well, at Meshuggah superfans were everywhere. They are such a loved band. I had the feeling people had been waiting for this night for weeks, maybe months.

Full Article @ MetalSucks

[Prog or Steaming Log?] Skyharbor – Blinding White Noise by orlandooom407

Today I took a look into Jhumpa Lahiri‘s metal playlist and discovered newcomers Skyharbor debuting their first record on the globe trotting Basick Records. I’m still relatively unfamiliar with Basick’s catalog aside from Aliases which features Pin from the unfortunately inactive Sikth. If you’re anything like me, albeit obsessed with genuinely progressive metal, this one might take a minute to grow on you if at all. A vast array of aural theatrics coalesces in, out, up, and then down soaring over a constant chonga chong chong. I don’t find this record to elicit anything progressive from a vocal angle either, but then again I don’t think the band actually has an assigned vocalist as duties are done by two guests. The guitar work, when it’s not spacing out on sparse digitized harmonies, does stand out as the one redeeming quality other than the consistent percussive attacks. I feel they went a bit overboard on the textural electronics and the sounds that were selected don’t really come with much structural bite. The devolution into tinges of modulation and wobbling didn’t make me cringe, but definitely inspired a yawn. I think that with bands like this (I use analogous language because  we’re seeing the introduction of a new genre: Young Adult Progressive Metal. In other words it’s like calling both Negative Approach and Asking Alexandria “hardcore”, even though they sound absolutely nothing alike. By denoting that it’s for young adult’s I feel like this band would garner more success and less hateful critics. Bands like this need to exist for a pipe dream that: accessible music has the potential to bring fans towards something they’ll find meaningful in the grand scheme (maybe).

This record was written to incur a financial gain, down to it’s unbelievably accessible song writing and predictably weak guitar tones. This band doesn’t progress a genre, or music as a whole: it’s pandering to a generation of addled Alternative Press junkies. Just because you write a record with some poly-rhythms you heard on a Sumerian and/or Rise Records release doesn’t make you the next Al Di Meola. Oh yeah, and Marty Friedman does a guest spot on this record for some stupid reason. I dunno, seems a bit arrogant for your first release having former members of Megadeth record a single solo on your record.

FINAL VERDICT – Not quite log, just Young Adult Prog.

– Jared Oates

4/20 Genre Jumping Metal Insanity at SIP Orlando! by orlandooom407

Miami’s own xoxotic genre disinterested quintet Orbweaver and the blackened swamp slathered Slashpine make their eagerly anticipated returns to Central Florida tomorrow night at SIP Orlando. Local support includes local death-doom masters Druid Lord and the recently reunited black metal mongers Legions. Along with that this show marks the debut of local math metal outfit: Infinite Earths. IE features guitar from Fire in the Cave guitarist Ken Reda; he is joined by illustrator/vocalist Josh “Maz” Mazorra and drum wizard Elliot Smiggen. I posted links to music for each band below aside from Inifinite Earths who has yet to record:

Click here for more details on Facebook.

See you all tomorrow!

– Jared Oates

Meshuggah – KOLOSS by orlandooom407

Meshuggah are a band that hopefully needs no introduction, having been around since the last Ice Age as far as modern metal is concerned. I’m not normally attracted to heavily technical metal, but Meshuggah’s focus on groove and obsession with herking, jerking time signature changes immediately caught my attention long ago when I first heard a live version of I. These mad metallic Swedes have been beating people’s skulls to 3.14/8 time with consistent quality as well, making this newest release something I looked forward to despite having skipped obZen completely.

On this release, Meshuggah seem to have stripped away a lot of what made their earlier releases so insular. No longer do songs carry the rhythm of a malfunctioning industrial thresher, aiming for more conventional rhythms with a severe uptick on direct brutality. A lot of moments still carry Meshuggah’s traditional polyrhythmic esotericism, but I feel like these guys sought to come full circle and put out something that didn’t fuck around as much as say, Catch Thirtythree did. No, Meshuggah is now more interested in getting right in your head, writing some amazing and seriously abrasive riffs, especially on songs like “Swarm” and “I Am Colossus.”  “The Demon’s Name Is Surveillance” is my favorite track by far, with its relentless riff fury and no-bullshit double bass dragging you by the earlobe through all of its four and a half minutes.

Although I’ll admit I miss their unique obsession and gift for making grooves that brought to mind visions of some sort of rusty rock n’ roll robot front row at a Slayer concert, I can’t deny their continued ability to shred and pummel through every minute of an album and still have it turn out listenable. Sure, old women and Republicans will run for the hills after a few minutes, but anyone with any sort of interest in technical metal will be wetting their pants with joy. Take my recommendation of this album to heart, considering my usual tastes reside with bands whose tempos barely rise above “buttered glacier.”

Click here to stream KOLOSS in it’s entirety.

– Chris Nunez

Wizard Rifle – Speak Loud Say Nothing by orlandooom407

“Zpeak Zappa Zay Notingz”

Fuck the republican primary. Today is the real super Tuesday! I started today out with Sigh‘s newest operatic contusions and now I’m met with yet another progressively minded powerhouse, but they’re a duo, and anyone who’s ever seen me react to Olde Growth or Holly Hunt knows I fucking love duos. Wizard Rifle doesn’t seem very well known on the internet for as talented as they are, yet I have a feeling that will change in the coming months because Speak Loud Say Nothing corrupts and enhances traditional progressive rock and metal. After pressing play I found myself amidst an ASG style stoner rock chorus that gravitated my fist into the air sitting at my desk sporting business casual. It didn’t take long for that sentiment to change, because several seconds later I was hurled into a math rock tornado that could easily rival the honesty of bands like Hella. Their range of stylistic motion doesn’t falter, but proliferates with each additional listen. Certain tangents even relate to Clutch style southern rock half time jam downs. Sharing vocals duties was the best decision these dudes could’ve ever made, and it never compromises instrumentation. I’d kill to see these guys play a show with Carnivores at Grace.

Click here to stream Speak Loud Say Nothing in it’s entirety thanks to Invisible Oranges.

Click here to purchase Speak Loud Say Nothing from Seventh Rule Recordings.

I was pleasantly stunned that Wizard Rifle just sniped by Favorite for March of 2012 spot. So this brings my list of favorites for 2012 to:

(January)  Alcest Les Voyages De L’âme

(February)  BIIPIIGWAN Nibaak EP

(March) Wizard Rifle Speak Loud Say Nothing

Honorable Mentions:

Dodecahedron S/T

Sigh In Somniphobia

These are subject to change now that March is in full swing, and should the rifle dudes find themselves dethroned they’ll still earn an honorable mention.

– Jarad Oates Haggard

In Somniphobia

Prog or Steaming Log? Carnivores At Grace Mine Letter EP by orlandooom407

This band definitely snuck up on me. Vocalist/bassist of Carnivores at Grace, Brandon Jessee, had approached me late last year asking to assist him with booking a show. Unfortunately during that time I was unable to assist because I had already started the process to remove myself from booking local shows here in Orlando. BUT, due to the band’s uncanny dedication they managed to jump on to another bill for tonight at The Haven Lololounge. The rest of the lineup has proved to appear painfully comical, so I’ll be sure to fill everyone in with my next article. Tallahassee has recently experienced an unexpected surge of stoney metal. This pleases me it does.

Now, to the EP. Carnivores do an excellent job eradicating the barrier between attention deficit hardcore and rippin’ arid style stoner rock. The EP opens up with a deja-vu provoking segment of guitar hurling Dillinger Escape Plan brand turmoil. Coincidentally, I realized why Brandon’s particular vocal tone sounds exactly like Greg Pucciato when he’s screaming his fucking brain off. I mean that in the most complimentary way, because for a moment there I thought I’d pressed play on Option Paralysis rather than Mine Letter. Adequately brutal vocal contrasts, hateful guitar dissonance and enveloping, yet chronologically detracted percussion, cultivate a fertile forray when all are assimilated harmoniously. Furthermore, the vocal contrast piqued a similarity to The Informant the more I listened.

The ingenious methodology behind CaG’s progressivenessosity is that they’ll segue into their stoney sections by retaining consummate intensity similar to Promethean era Every Time I Die. With aforementioned continuity in place the hallway into a gregarious smile granting caravan ride opens up a entire new galaxy worth of progressive potential. Use of spacial tangents, equipped with a completely unexpected clean vocal tone, clinches the coupling of the cohesive triangular assault of mathcore, stoner rock and progressive metal. Mind = Blown. Trotting from insurmountable madness sounds so much better when the exiting riff leads you to what sounds like it should belong in a Spirit Caravan or Astroqueen song. Elation erupted a monolithic grin across my face all throughout the second track, “Combaticus vs Specimen 7”, due to it’s expert execution of each dimension that CaG soars between.

In a sense, CaG is significantly more progressive than a vast majority of bands claiming to be “prog” today; just by their inherent advocacy for breaking down stylistic regularities. The result: transition patterns and a ” progressive stonercore”, complete with fluid framework, I’ve never heard before. That combined with precision equivocal to bands like DeP places them in a rare well practiced and genuinely forward thinking reality.

I don’t even want to say anything more about this EP, because you should’ve already scrolled to the bottom and clicked the part about DOWNLOADING it FOR NAME YOUR PRICE.

FINAL RULING: Most Definitely Prog.

Click here to check out the Mine Letter EP for a NAME YOUR PRICE DOWNLOAD at the CaG Bandcamp page.

Click here to check out Carnivores At Grace on Facebook!

– Jared Oates Haggard