Hellbastard / Dresden – 12″ Split by orlandooom407
November 12, 2012, 6:43 pm
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Hellbastard has been a heavy metal crust favorite of mine for a bit now. However, there’s nothing special about their 3 songed side. I’m not saying it’s bad by any means, just a tad bit generic. It’s as if Axegrinder was over produced in the studio and had guitar lessons. The songs are good, but it sounds too good of a quality to be “ripper crust,” at least in my opinion. Call me a crusty elitist, but you listen to it and let me know if I’m wrong. The Dresden side is where the magic happens. Sounding like an unwashed love child from Tragedy and His Hero is Gone, this side sounds raw worn and pissed. Perhaps that’s why it seems like Hellbastard lost their edge on this split. The entirety of side B, or Dresden’s side, is like a look back in the days of late 90’s/early 2000’s hardcore crust punk, the heavy and angry years. Overall this is a pretty rippin’ split. The Hellbastard side is good, and the Dresden Side is even better. If you get the chance to get your hands on one of these highly limited Vinyls, limited to only 100, I would definitely suggest snagging it while you can. It can only sound better on 12″ of blue and black vinyl.

The split drops tomorrow, and you can order it by clicking here from IL Distro.

– Handsome Jake


Ilsa – Intoxicantations by orlandooom407

Watch out for them golden tiger eyeballs. I hear looking deeply into them instills an unexplainable feelings of subservience leading you into it’s maw for din din. An Intoxicantation never seen before until spewed forth at the hands of DC’s ILSA. Amidst the squealing feed back wearing a cap that reads ‘fuck you’ germinates the masterful creeping pace attributed to any classic death-doom hybrid record. What sets Ilsa apart from bands like Hooded Menace or Atriarch is their uncanny ability to utilize the hardcore punk tangent. Just when you feel the mist rising to meander from the coffin, they’ll kick the damn thing open catching a smog ridden tailwind resulting in an all out down beat sprint to the finish line. The finish line would probably be best described as a carefully assembled row of frothing tiger skulls. I want to bring most of my praise to the 8th track entitled “Fluid Bound”. This just over five minute behemoth of a track encompasses the sheer vigor of riff refraining. It cruises, it bruises and  ignites gasoline soaked mosh fuses.

Intoxicantations will be released November 23rd on A389 Records

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– Jared Oates Haggard

Thursday Night Grind Time Features Torch Runner by orlandooom407

This week has proven rather saturated with insane heavy shows for Central Florida. From Swans playing tonight at The Social, the show featured above these words and Tombs and 16 playing Saturday at Will’s Pub the ear plugs are being put to work. What’s wonderful about Thursday in particular though can be answered through viewing this music video created a couple years back by Torch Runner:

Brutal silliness, yes indeed. The space coast punks have a hand in this hot fiasco too because Nuclear Death Squad will perform come Thursday.

To sweeten that pot Devalued from Miami have been tossed into the chaos, and you can preview their music along with local hardcore hammer faces POWERDUMP below:

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– Jared Oates Haggard

Municipal Waste Tour Diary by endlessgonzo

via Decibel Magazine:

5/29 – Orlando FL:
Something weird is happening in Florida while we are down here. People are O.D.-ing on some weird ass drug called Bath Salts, are freaking out and ripping each others faces off. It’s the perfect state for the Waste to play!

It was a cool show at The Social and afterwards a ton of us went next door to the Bar B Que bar. A bunch of old friends and my other band mates in No Friends were all in attendance and a lot of shots were had. Brad from Gwar rolled up there, too. Unfortunately, all this excitement of being around so many friends caused me to drink a little too hard and black out a little too early. One of the last things I remember was eating Del Taco burritos on the bus alone by myself in the dark. Tour life is so sexy.

Ew, Del Taco? These guys are the most reckless band in the world if that’s true. I’d rather stagedive into a Mortal Kombat-style spike pit.

Pharaoh Gearing Up To Release Two Song EP 6/14 by orlandooom407

A389 Records announced that they’re gearing up to release a handful of brand new digital and vinyl tidbits on June 14th. Yesterday I took a look at one of those few by Cynarae, and I’m pleased to announce that A389 extends their spotless hitting streak for me with this new Pharaoh two song EP entitled This House is Doomed. Complete with desolate, and water logged, imagery this short lived twofer packs a crushing tempo led by agony wrenched poetics. Those who fall in line with the sludgy sluggish nuances bore by bands like Integrity or Oathbreaker you’ll want to keep Pharaoh on your to-do list. Something tells me you won’t want to run this record at your next pool party though. Here’s a preview of the title track:

Oh and A389 seems to have started a sale where you can get records by Rot in Hell, Frightener, and Unholy Majesty. Click the ad below to learn more:

Pharaoh @ Blogspot

A389 Records

Metallic Hardcore Crusters Cynarae To Release S/T 12″ on 6/14 by orlandooom407

A389 Records has stopped it nothing in order to deliver some of the most delicious hardcore (punk) that I’ve heard thus far in 2012. This stands true for Cynarae who plan to release their debut S/T on vinyl come June 14th with A389. Imagine if Cursed never broke up and progressively adapted more down tempo slow downs and included brutal disgust gargled bellows. Each mosh hungry song shares a short handed burst of misanthropy lasting no longer than two and a half minutes each. Cynarae doesn’t skimp on the cap off metallic solos, and they tend to forgo any modern hardcore stereotypes.  This record wouldn’t even be a full length had it not been for the hulking fifteen minute conclusion which reminds me of the track Prey on Brutal Truth’s Sounds of the Animal Kingdom. You can preview some of the tracks now, and I’d highly suggest this go straight to your list of pre-orders if you dig on wax LPs.


A389 Recordings

Western Syndrome / Lunglust / Mechane – Split by orlandooom407

Thanks to Witch Trial Records for this complimentary three band split. First we have Western Syndrome from Boston who brandish a recognizable tandem of hardcore punk. Nasty tones, unhinged blasting and a contemptuous female voice lull one to their nightmares. Then you realize, you never even went to sleep. Their contribution is only about three minutes total, but it was enough to land them on my to-do list for seeing bands live. Bean-eatin’ bruisers Lunglust come barreling into track 3 swinging a tattered sludge encrusted flag. Fans of the Tragedy and Promethean Baroness sound can garner satisfaction from the familiar glow of a tube amp. A chorus of arid mouths beckon the charge through unpredictable percussion patterns and relay paced guitar work. Expect harmonies sweeter than your AARP card carrying uncle’s bath tub moonshine. Batting cleanup we’ve got Mechane suplexing listeners into a gravitating groove. Complete with a Sovtek slathered tone these hardcore harbingers harness a stride similar to bands like Harms Way and Gravemaker. Ultimately this split fulfills the role of a delectable, yet fattening, appetizer to any hardcore punk listening session. Only $3 too. Try it out below.

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– Jarad Oates Haggard