Basements of Florida? For Free? No way! by orlandooom407

That’s what I said when I was informed about Basements of Florida playing at Will’s Pub tonight for FREE. The Basement dudes are joined by the superb math rock duo, Disasteroids, and the gloomy surf trio: Fever.

In order to adequately emphasize how incredible of a lineup these three created, I will describe each band individually. Click their names for music (except Basements).

Basements of Florida – A never ending sonic groove delivered by three enveloping bass guitars intimately leading a hailstorm of relentlessly intricate percussion. Oh yeah, and their drummer also plays in Khann.

Disasteroids – A delicate dance of minimal math rock sure to paint an unconditional elation on any music nerd’s face. Example ——> 😀

Fever – A bilateral orgasmic valley of  hypnotic lo-fi gloom that wander toward triumphant segments of consensual coitus between shoegaze and surf rock. Download their demo, it’s unbelievable: feverfeverfever.bandcamp.com/

I cannot wait another second, and this is all FREE. No excuses: be there.


Orlandooom Proudly Welcomes Abuse! by orlandooom407
March 29, 2011, 4:19 am
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The band, obviously. Abuse is an incredible chaotic hardcore band from Orlando, FL. We at Orlandooom have recently assembled a stellar roster of hard working bands. Check out our artist roster page to listen to the great artists we represent.

Download their debut release here: http://welcometoabuse.bandcamp.com/

Also, Abuse will join our friends in Sterile Prophet, Acid Reins and Dolphin Splatter this Saturday at Devaney’s in Winter Park (Orlando), Florida!

– Jared Oates

Wormrot / Tombs Show Review! by orlandooom407

Thanks to The Pit Goddess for reviewing this!

Show of the Year: Wormrot/Tombs

Local Promoters Orlandooom presented the Wormrot/Tombs tour Saturday night at Will’s Pub. And let me summarize: if you weren’t there, you missed out.  Let me summarize further: show. of. the. year.  Orlandooom as well as local openers Putrescent Secretancy and Quarter the Villan deserve a major hand, bringing in people from the East coast, Orlando, everywhere in between.

Tombs.  Although some of the crowd had dissipated, I knew I’d hang around…mostly because the drummer vaguely resembles Absu’s Proscriptor and the guitar sports an Emperor sticker.  Oh, and I’m a sucker for a three piece.  And I am so glad I did.  It was a 30-40 minute sonic punch to the face.  Shit is LOUD, fast, heavy and evil.  Guitarist/Vocalist Mike Hill is half buzzsaw and rips through crazy tremolos and trippy, psychedelic interludes.  Drummer Hernandez is unrelenting and bassist Carson James is probably the coolest looking dude I’ve ever seen.  Dude can hold it down.  Trippy blackened sludge at it’s finest, Tombs will deliver and you’ll be picking up pieces of your face after the show.

Wormrot.  After doing this interview with Wormrot I was especially excited to see them.  Another three piece, I knew I was in for it when Fit loaded his busted-head drumkit on the stage.  And holy shit.  For someone who finds 95% of bands lacking in the “being entertaining” portion of live shows, I was fucking blown away.  Playing songs off Abuse and the new Dirge, if Tombs was a sonic punch to the head, Wormrot was…like getting hit by a truck.  Rasyid and Arif are fucking amazing, the two of them do not stop the whole time they’re on stage.  Fit is a fucking animal.  Anyone who blows trough a drum head is a fucking beast in my book, and the dude does. not. stop.   I’d be surprised if his sticks were more than splinters at the end of it.  The crowd begged for an encore, and coming from Orlando, this is nothing short of a fucking miracle because no one here has fun at shows or moshes or even bothers to look entertained.  And yet, people were getting thrown around, alcohol was inhaled and Wormrot, the newbie grind band from Singapore, billed as the next Nasum, earned their road credits and Orlando’s respect in one short set.  I have never seen three people (five, if you count manager Azean and their roadie) look happier to be on stage playing, causing chaos and that, to me is what makes a show.

Unrelenting, passionate, fucking incredible, if you miss this tour, you’re a damn fool.

Scrapyard death crew with wormrot- L-R, F-B NecronomiSean, Fit, The Pitgoddess, Arif, Dangrind, Rasyid

Wormrot and Tombs Lay Siege on Will’s Pub Tonight! by orlandooom407

That’s right! The irrefutably heavy Wormrot (from Singapore!) and Tombs plan to lay waste to Will’s Pub Tonight! Quarter the Villain and Putrescent Secretancy will provide the brutal 407 support. Show starts at 9pm! $10 at the door, or $8 if you can get ahold of me at Orlandooom407@gmail.com before the show!

We have footage from last night’s show at Churchhill’s in Miami, FL! Thanks to Chip Shomburg, of Ether, for the footage!

New Videos From Tortured! by orlandooom407
March 25, 2011, 12:20 am
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Thanks to the wonderful Naomi Guenther for filming these new videos from Tortured!

A Big Thanks to Zoroaster! by orlandooom407

Wow. Usually when we face cancellations for highly anticipated shows the entire night of the show turns into further prolonged issues. This was NOT the case last night. I want to give a huge thank you to every single person that hung with us at Backbooth last night and rocked out for Junior Bruce, Sterile Prophet, and of course, Zoroaster.

Following the show, the mighty Cartel Brown and the fellas in Zoroaster decided to seize the evening with some more bar hopping. This initially led to Titus Oates and Will, of Zoroaster, break dancing on the floor of Stygma Tattoo Bar (who most graciously provided the drinks). With so many happy faces, stories from tours, and a lovely conversation with a Irish gentleman: one would’ve never thought that earlier we were dealing with the cancellation blues.

Big props to Zoroaster for establishing themselves as one of the most talented, respectful and hard-working groups of musicians we’ve had the opportunity to promote. Thanks also to Travis, of Whores, for stepping up to fill-in on bass for Zoroaster too!

I conclude this post with a few shots from Zoroaster’s show in Tampa on 3/22.Thanks to Wandering Star Photography for providing these awesome pictures!

Weedeater Cancellation Rebate by orlandooom407

Hey everybody. So yes, it’s true, Weedeater has canceled for tonight. However, this also makes the show more affordable.

The show is now $8 at the door. Anyone who shows up with a pre-sale tickets will receive a $2 rebate and a free poster(while supplies last).

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, because frankly, I wanted to see Weedeater too.

Zoroaster will headline the show tonight, alongside Junior Bruce and Sterile Prophet.

If anyone has ANY questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at Orlandooom407@gmail.com. I’m constantly checking my e-mail all day today, so you can expect a prompt response 🙂

Doom shall rule.

-Jared Oates

PS – Here’s a Zoroaster Video: