Webcomic Wednesday #3 – No It’s “Orange”, Not: “Lemon”! by orlandooom407

Here’s the newest strip by Keith Carlson! Just to clear up any controversy we don’t actually have any negativity towards Scion or the wonders that they’re doing for our community and all the great bands they assist. I myself witnessed the first Scion Rock Fest and was met with one of the most memorable concerts I’ve had the pleasure of attending.

Fangs Anal Satan.

– Jared Oates Haggard


Cough Launches an Attack on Florida This Labor Day Weekend by orlandooom407

Cough, our good friends on Relapse Records, have decided to tear through Florida this coming Labor Day weekend. Orlandooom.com has been lucky enough to support September 4th at St . Augustine and September 5th in Orlando at Will’s Pub. The following is a preview for the first show in Saint Augustine at Stay True Tattoo.

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Cough (Relapse Records) – http://cough.bandcamp.com

I’ll preface this by saying, you’ll want to bring ear plugs. Cough’s volume seismically outsizes most bands that I’ve ever heard. Their sounds of ritual will beckon your head to sway back in forth with Cough’s turgid tempos. Vocals that range from high pitched cathartic torment to vocals of a  more hypnotic, haunting and lyrically cohesive flavor. Think Electric Wizard, but focused toward calling on Lucifer to assist them in their sludge infested rite. The pacing provides their filthiest riffs to drown you  I think it goes without saying the Cough is best enjoyed while under the influence, but even sober metal fanatics can’t deny their satisfying sullen swells. To quote their t-shirt I own: “Play Slow. Die Ignorant.”

Hot Graves (Satanik Recordings) – http://hotgraves.bandcamp.com/

Daaaammmnnnn. To anyone who’s still unfamiliar with these three dudes, make sure you click their bandcamp link above their picture before you even think about doing anything else. Hot Graves, a titling homage to Midnight, hail from Gainesville, Florida.   Even breathing. Any band that lists a bandcamp tag as “kill for satan” would initially leave me skeptical, but Hot Graves definitely don’t disappoint. Stylistically HG stands out as a superb blend of black metal, thrash and dbeat, but after several listens they adapt a more striking and valuable aspect. That being, you can’t fucking put it down. Even listeners with a miniscule affinity to any of the styles mentioned above should flood their ears with a Hot Graves recording.

Tower (From Saint Augustine!)

So, I couldn’t find a picture of Tower performing (or at all) because, despite their name, they’re very underground. :V

I had the pleasure of seeing Tower last Wednesday in downtown Orlando. These four furious dudes pack a devastating punch. Armed with a wall of vintage analog amplifiers, Sunn O))) and the like, these songs replicate the sound of a storm of boulders crashing into your face. Their songs stylistically make one think of a careful fusion of blackened tones into a crawling torpid pace. Tower will most certainly shake not only the windows of Stay True Tattoo, but the very earth beneath them.

Fire in the Cave (From Orlando!)

I’ve never wanted to write about my own band. Though, I would like to take this opportunity to inform everyone that we plan to record out debut EP with Scott Angelacos (Bloodlet, Junior Bruce, Hollow Leg) and Jeff McAlear  in Deland, FL at High Five Audio. Since I’m not at liberty to analyze my own band, feel free to get a sneak peak of our music by watching the video below:

Get stoked for Labor Day weekend.

– Jared Oates Haggard

Review of Capsule in Orlando 8/23 by orlandooom407

This is the first show by our friends at Norse Korea Presents that I’m getting the pleasure of reviewing, and since their name invokes images of Kim Jong-Il in Viking regalia at the mast of a longship, you can safely expect nothing but madness from their shows. I was also excited about this show as it was being held at a new venue for the Orlando scene, an art gallery called Substance. I personally prefer smaller venues, especially for a show with a lineup almost guaranteed to make everyone flip out and mosh.

The show kicked off with Fire in the Cave, playing their second show and their first for NK Presents. Unlike their debut, there was no blood this time as frontman Jared opted merely to impose his presence on the audience rather than his entire body. The band has improved as a unit since their first set, and played their brand of blackened doom very tight and fluidly. FitC already has a firm grasp on dynamic shifts and can pull it off without clunky transitions, abrupt tempo changes or beaten-horse-corpse breakdowns. Everybody loved one doomy riff in particular in the last song of the set. The real drawback, however, is that these fuckers are TOO LOUD for a venue like Substance. That might be less of a criticism than a compliment for them, but either way it didn’t detract enough from their set to blunt the effect of their brutality or the contrasting emotive guitar leads.

Sterile Prophet took the floor next, a three-piece local doom outfit. Having recently lost their dedicated vocalist, guitarist Aaron has assumed vocal duties. While this has curbed their usual insanity while on stage, I have to say that Aaron handles the role very well. Sounding a bit like David Yow if he screamed through his mouth rather than his nose, I think SP can maintain their three piece format for the foreseeable future. Put simply, they rocked faces, knew exactly where eachother was going in each song, and were heavy as fuck. Manny is a very solid drummer and continues to impress me every time I see him perform. Without him, SP might not have that same sort of bedrock intensity pushing the songs constantly forward. I was a bit disappointed at the lack of costumes, but whatever, maybe Aaron can wear a tutu with a football helmet next time.

On to the out-of-towners. Arc and Panther, another three piece, followed SP’s set with a somewhat traditional but extremely aggressive take on post-hardcore. This band from Melbourne was an absolute blast, and was the first band to get everyone into a pit. My memory of the entire set is blurred by the fact that I myself was jumping around like a methed-out rabbit, so that alone should be a ringing endorsement for A&P’s energy. I really enjoy how they can do a throwback to 90’s hardcore and mix it with more modern sounds from the current aggressive metal scene. I had never heard them before in any medium, so this was easily the best surprise of the night and I’d strongly recommend people to go see them in their hometown, or if Kyle and Brad read this, bring these dudes back to O-Town soon!

Capsule from Miami followed Arc and Panther, a bit of a schedule flip that put the headlining band before Abuse. At any rate, Capsule was a band no one could afford to miss, so not having to wait was something I’m sure nobody was going to complain about. This set in particular is burned into my memory forever, as the small, intimate setting of the art gallery worked perfectly with Capsule’s presence. They were still loud as fuck (as my buddy, Mr. Tinnitus, is still reminding me), but seeing Colin about 5 feet away, covered in sweat, with the whirlwind of sound around him as he howled into the microphone, beating his guitar half to death will stick with me forever. Capsule is one of those rare bands that rides so many lines you feel embarrassed trying to describe them as one thing or another. They have a handle on the fusion between beauty and ugliness that I think is crucial to heavy music, and combining this with their stage presence creates an effect of being swept away with the music. I couldn’t ask for more, and they could play a fucking 10-night stand in a parking lot and I’d still see them every time.

After I changed my pants following the Capsule set, Abuse set up for their usual brand of insanity. To me, not even seeing Metallica with Kliff Burton would dampen my excitement for these guys, and playing last almost seemed appropriate, making them essentially a headlining local. All the fun people stuck around, and Abuse hit their instruments with a bludgeoning abandon that almost makes you wonder exactly how they still manage to craft such elaborate time changes while playing as hard as they do (and how the drummer hasn’t permanently crippled himself yet, goddam).  Abuse is another band that absolutely thrives in small venues, even though the shouting and screaming of the entire band was definitely drowned out by all the sound being bounced directly back into their faces. These guys mesh sound from bands like Pg. 99 and City of Caterpillar and mathier bands like Dillinger Escape Plan while still staying away from the over-technical or overly emotional trappings of bands that try to pull something similar off. There was an insane pit for their set as well, which for this kind of music would seem to be a given, but according to Jon Ogden, “no one ever moshes for our set. Only at an art gallery. It must show that we’re total artfags.” Well, that last point might be accurate (keke), but what it really shows is that Substance is a great venue (just play at 9 instead of 11 on the knob) and NK puts on awesome shows. I look forward to more from them, and I’d reccomend everyone to try and catch each of these bands whenever possible.

-Chris Nunez

Converge and Khann Videos from Best Friends Day by orlandooom407

Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for posting this gem of a candid. I always imagine Jake Bannon’s face as looking like this: :U.

Anyway, below you’ll find two new videos of Converge and Khann performing at Best Friends Day 2011. Thanks go out to Chip Shomburg of Ether for the footage (who’s also playing a show at Hoops in Orlando tonight!)

King Hippo, Tower and Ninety Minute Reflex Tonight at Backbooth by orlandooom407

I wish I could say that this flier is completely accurate, but sadly Mountain ov Dawn will not perform tonight due to circumstances outside of their own control. We’ll get ’em back to Orlando soon enough though.

At $3, drink specials ’til 11pm and three jaw-dropping bands set to perform you’d have to be a dummy to miss this heaviness. The sludge and grind shall rise and swallow us all.

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– Jared Oates Haggard