Nothing – Downward Years To Come by orlandooom407

Nothing?! NOTHING?! More like, nothing but lovely. Naming a shoe stare band nothing is like naming your little brother’s Underoath cover band: something. Downward Years to Come is the newest effort from the Philadelphia band featuring members of Horror Show. Right out of the gate they cultivate a delicate crash of temporal craters guided by a distant and equally compassionate voice. A journey from sounds that elicit foreboding mysticism unfolds for the listener leading them toward an explosion of fuzz fringe and contagious elation. Congealing song structures stroll you through a Lush, pun totally intended, serene scene of bottomless stairs. Similar to Dante’s descent, but with a soothing warmth rather than scathing superstitious blaze. Listening from start to finish segues the ears from fathoms of amplified swelling to a gentle acoustically charged climax entitled “The Rites of Love and Death”. Your ears could use the exercise, and it only takes one dreamy step down the black tiles bordered by white banisters.

Downward Years To Come will be released November 23rd on A389 Records

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– Jared Oates Haggard


[Unheavy Herring] Observer Drift – Corridors by orlandooom407
January 23, 2012, 6:02 pm
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May your Monday remain chill blogonauts! I spent a couple of hours this morning searching for a recording appealing to my ears. I decided to search diligently through the newest contributors to Bandcamp categorized underneath the lo-fi tag. I discovered this engaging subtly titled piece of artwork shown above. It depicts a young man hanging his dirty bed sheets  in a haunted underbrush. Can’t imagine in what century this would qualify as efficient, but the young man stands confident by his decision it seems. I’m alluding to the debut full length release from Minneapolis based solo artist Colin Ward. He’s self described as “indie…or something like that”, but I think he’s educing some modesty with that explication.

This effort, under the performance name Observer Drift, characterizes unfamiliar territory for me personally since I’m not really sure what to compare Corridors to. Corridors is fourteen tracks averaging between three and four minutes each. It sounds unique to my ears, but that’s doesn’t dignify any universal applicability. My indie prowess dead ends somewhere around over compensating car sales jingles. Colin’s music conjures quite the contrary.  engineers a superb consistency in it’s euphoric tone. Guitar pedal wizardry affixes a potent shoe starey quality and it gives compliment to the harmoniously selected synthesizers. Synthesis serves a supplementary rhythm replacement throughout. Bass guitar embodies  accentuation here, but the drums and electronics, percussive or otherwise, bare shape to most of the songs. Low end personifies within the latter breaths of the composition; highlighted for it’s brief delicious warmth rather than traditional skeletal implementation.

Colin’s broad synthesized palette gives a delectable touch through his amorphous transitions. Think of a bubble that slowly grows and changes, but over the span of five to ten minutes has changed to mimic a different shape. His electronic variations take time, but there are plenty of cozy acoustic guitar diddles fringing the edges to keep a listener thoroughly anticipatory. There a vocal patterns scattered throughout and mostly rendered unintelligible due to effects. Their textural quality seems obligatory, but welcomed regardless of intent.

Summative Sentence: A serenely eclectic one man buffet of electronic and organic instrumentation.

Favorite Track: Home Video

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– Jared Oates Haggard