A Realistic Perspective On Homophobia, Death Metal, And Neck Beards by orlandooom407

I’d recently accompanied my girlfriend to a professional Starcraft event in Orlando called Major League Gaming, more affectionately referred to as: MLG. I’ll admit: I’m not nearly as nerdy as I was when I first played through Earthbound at seven years old to when I started college almost five years ago. Vivid memories of my countless hours spent farming herbs for flasks, or 3 manning a specific world spawn dragon, in northeastern Kalimdor are still crisp in my memory banks. Or racing my childhood friend Zack through another play through of Chrono Trigger (owe you one Zack).

I found it particularly eerie that the same lovely lady came bearing news of a connection between the gaming world and extreme metal music, but only a little over a week later. I’m referring to Corpsegrinder’s recent hilariously self-centered public appearance in which he contributed “back up growls” in an almost too fucking good to be true performance at this year’s Blizzcon When I say too good, I mean I couldn’t hold the glorious tears of laughter from erupting.

This wasn’t why I decided to write this article though. I wasn’t the event itself, but this particular article, alluding to Blizzard playing a dated clip of Corpsegrinder using the word faggot when describing people of the opposite ficticious faction in World of Warcraft. I said to myself, so wait, someone was actually offended by the dude who’s stage name is Corpsegrinder? He performs in a brutal death metal band that’s existed longer than Blizzard itself, and boo-hoo he made some ignorant statements that were leaked on the internet years ago.

Get a fucking grip. You take him seriously?

The guy brags about how much he plays the most time consuming MMO in existence, short of sadomasochistic Final Fantasy XI players. Look at it this way, if Corpsegrinder has so much influence, while simultaneously reflecting the entire culture of Blizzard’s games or the nerd, you wouldn’t have to run very fast to get away from the Horde of slothful homophobes chasing after you covered in last night’s Hot Pocket crumbs. He even calls himself a “pathetic nerd” in the video. The quintessential adjective here being PATHETIC. Didn’t South Park already point out how silly World of Warcraft can make a person? This is a situation where you just laugh and say to yourself: “Why you so cheesed man”?

Did I mention the song was absolute fucking crap? Because it was, enough to make me want to never listen to another Corpse song due to the post-traumatic stress alone.

In aforementioned article, it’s author called Corpsegrinder’s performance: “a non-stop stream of swearing and homophobic crap”. No shit dude. While I agree that I wouldn’t want Mr. Fisher representing me in any way, and Blizzard probably shouldn’t have played this up by giving him a chance to humiliate himself with a comically pop-metal Horde anthem. Don’t get me wrong, Corpse is brutal, but any death metal enthusiast could point out that that “song” was some bona fide meal ticket metal and nothing more. I call it a blatant extension of Mr. Fisher’s hubris, but Blizzard cut him a pay check to entertain some people–with his juvenile nerd rage. Who really loses here?  You can’t throw a blanket of blame on the nerd community when most of that violence is fueled by zealots, insane political agendas in the best interest of the 1% , or some other flavor of uneducated bigot that somehow thrives in our seamlessly globalized population. None of those depictions describe any of the nerds I know, and trust me, I know plenty. Anyone who’s read our articles knows that.


My bisexuality, nor my nerdiness, nor my unconditional love for the heavy riffage has never been a secret to anyone. At the same time, those same three traits have never caused me any life threatening amount of stress. I’d say that’s pretty fortunate having been raised, educated and taught public education in a conservative state run by a god damn space alien overlord who’s spaceship armada is fueled by the public’s tax dollars and the integrity of our state’s public servants. I digress, but seriously one death metal dude doesn’t dictate a culture’s group think. I was a level 70 Troll shaman once and I ran an entire guild, because I prematurely decided that the state college experience was exclusively for Natural Ice fueled bro dudes. My sexuality wasn’t a secret then either.

At times I was part of those 25-player, and 40-player, groups setting up raid procedure, groups and distributing consumables, but no one ever hurled any disrespect about my sexuality. Some of these people, I wouldn’t have even called them my friends. I also threw the game in the trash when I realized that any severely prolonged period of time behind a screen can cause to someone’s patience and sense of self-worth to implode. Still, I was treated with dignity as a fellow human being. Most of the time,  the playful insults involved words like “ginger”, “skinny” and “mother fucker”. Homophobia? Absent.

Teens are impressionable, sure, but for anyone to feel hurt from some outdated slurs just needs to grow some thick skin. The bullies can’t bother you if you don’t give weight to the inane crap that drools out of their lips. They think that they’re in control. In most cases, they’re just insecure, which doesn’t exactly define “in control”. Didn’t our parents always used to tell us that whole thing about sticks and stones? Worked wonders for me, even as a secular bisexual teen accidentally mixed up in a fiscally vile bourgeois catholic high school.

This same author went on to write that “…perhaps gamer culture is still viewed as inherently homophobic”. Uhm, I don’t think a particular subforum on a particular popular internet pitstop would have 4,597 subscribers, and still have the fucking balls, and I mean that in a good way, to call itself  “/r/gaymers” if the community universally acknowledged this alleged homophobic propaganda.

I invite ANY GLBT teen of a nerdy, musical, or whatever persuasion to take pride in who they are and what you do, create, and/or love. Don’t take anyone’s shit, especially some irrelevant mouth breather. If you don’t believe my mini autobiography: look what confidence, dedication, and personalized mental “hater blockers” did for Steve Brooks and his prominent musical career. Or, more arguably, Gaahl. Anyone who says either of these dudes aren’t giant nerds should direct themselves to Steve’s delightful grin above, or anything Gorgoroth has ever written as lyrical content. Oh, and how could anyone forget Brian Posehn’s lovable metal fixated gaymer persona on The Sarah Silverman Program.

I’ll close with some politically incorrect humor to juxtapose my pro-gaymer diatribe from my (platonic) partner, and beloved brother Ryan:

“I’m so confused. I didn’t think it could get any gayer than a bunch of bros sitting around on a Saturday night eating Chex Mix, and playing Final Fantasy.”

It certainly can’t Ryan. It certainly can’t.

– Jarad Oates Haggard


Black Tusk Interview by orlandooom407

All of these questions were collaboratively contributed by the staff of Orlandooom.com.

OD6 – Ever time I hear the name Black Tusk it’s normally coupled by adjectives like “furious”, “tenacious”, “battering” and what have you. How do you guys summon all that fury into your intense live performance?

We have always been that way with our live shows. we have so much fun playing music and shows that it is hard to contain ourselves. we figure if people are going to come and watch us and want to have a good time we will give them everything we have no matter what.

OD6 – What can you tell us about the significance of the artwork for your forthcoming LP: “Set the Dial”?

We did another collaboration with John Baizley. It has another version of our character Agatha on the cover surrounded by dogs, snakes, and clouds. This cover is a little more reserved than the ultra busy ones we have had in the past. Agatha is representing a goddess of mythology and the dogs are her instruments of wrath. The snakes still represent an aspect of betrayal and the sins of man. The thunder clouds are a depiction of impending doom.

OD6 – Would you say that Set the Dial was a conscious effort to integrate elements of heavy southern rock more so than with your prior releases?

The “southern” sound is something that happens subconsciously and never strived for. Im not really even sure what that means in todays music. This is definitely a more heavy rock album than some of the last releases. It has a very groove orientated feel to most of the songs, a driving rhythm and beat.

OD6 – Who would you say are your absolute favorite bands to tour with and why?

There are so many bands that we have toured with and love that it is hard to pick a few. like is like trying to pick your favorite pet.

OD6 – Who has the worst smelling farts?

Does anyone have good smelling ones?

OD6 – If you could play a show in any country in the entire world that you haven’t played yet, where would that be?

All of them. we aint gonna stop till we have played them all!

OD6 – Ribs or Bacon?

That is another impossible question to answer. unless……bacon wrapped ribs.

OD6 – How long has Jonathonathonathon been growing his wicked wizard beard?

I have been growing this batch for about 6 or 7 years i think. its like a stray that you feed. one day it was there and thats how it has been ever since.

OD6 – What other bands (besides Baroness and Kylesa) should we be looking out for in the Savannah scene?

Dead Yet?, Whiskey Dick, Niche, Train Wrecks, Slave Grave

OD6 – (Breaking anonymity on this one, this question was submitted by Nick Sibilia of Saint Petersburg sludge slingers: flyingsnakes) Yeah I’ve got a question. Why does the tusk gotta be black?!

Once you go black you never come back!


Check out Black Tusk’s newest LP, Set the Dial, on their Bandcamp page!

-Athon—bass/vocals Black Tusk

Skeletonwitch – Forever Abomination by orlandooom407

I am writing this review as a public service announcement to all those of you who are concerned about the negative effects of ‘heavy music’ on yourselves, your loved ones, and most importantly, your children.  The vile band of heathens that call themselves ‘Skeletonwitch‘ are the perfect poster-children for the sort of amoral depravity I’m talking about here.  Now, I don’t have a problem with their actual name, as everyone knows that the only good witch is a skeleton witch because that means she has been properly burned at the stake.  But even the most cursory examination of the band’s so-called ‘logo’ turns up no less than seventeen (17) blasphemous and/or blatantly Satanic icons, including upside-down crosses, pentagrams, the head of Baphomet, and what appears to be an image of Jesus eating a bean burrito and wiping his face with the Shroud of Turin.

Add to this heinous idolatry the name of their most recent album: Forever Abomination.  I don’t know about you, but to me it sounds almost like they’re proud of it.  I won’t even get into the cover art as it is possibly one of the most obscenely genital-ridden panoplies of subliminal sex messages since Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’.  I forced myself to listen to the entire album so I could be sufficiently knowledgeable on the disgusting topics and horrific Hell-spawned evil sounds contained therein and be able to properly prepare you all for the likely (nay, inevitable) march to world domination by hordes of unwashed ‘heshers’ this album will unleash upon an unsuspecting, God-fearing world.

First off, this album appears to have made its filth-ridden nest in the genre known as ‘blackened thrash’.  I was fooled by this moniker at first; again I assumed that the ‘blackened’ referred to the sanctified burning of all things unclean (devil music, Harry Potter, movies with Dakota Fanning in them) but apparently it actually refers to a vocal style perpetuated in the early 90s in Norway.  I’m in favor of Norway: they were wise enough to enforce a state-sponsored official religion, unlike the liberal hippie ‘freedom of religion’ crap we have here.  Unfortunately Norway is now in line for a hearty smiting for giving birth to the demonic screeching of so-called ‘black metal’.  Next we come to ‘thrash’.  Again, I was comforted by this term, assuming (as any pious man would do) that it referred either to the cleansing self-flagellation with studded leather straps that is the only true way to free one’s body of sin, or the appropriate police response to long-haired Democratic weirdos congregating in groups to whine about their ‘rights’.  Sadly, neither of these turned out to be true; instead my head was sodomized in a most unholy fashion by hammering riffs and acid-throated howling.  ‘Shredding Sacred Flesh’? ‘Infernal Resurrection’? ‘Reduced to the Failure of Prayer’? Do these monsters hold nothing sacred?

Well, clearly they don’t, and just as clearly they are completely unrepentant savages content to wallow in the juices of their own ungodly corruption.  So unless you relish the thought of having your brain seared by ‘blackened thrash’ that will make Jesus weep into his Gordita Supreme, stay far, far away from this album and may God have mercy on your soul!

Click here to order Forever Abomination, available from Prosthetic Records for only $10!

– Gregor Von Leakenhawer

Skinny Puppy – hanDover by orlandooom407
October 26, 2011, 7:55 pm
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Skinny Puppy released a new album on Tuesday, October 25th entitled: hanDover. This will be their first studio album since 2007’s Mythmaker. Cited as their 14th and latest studio album, hanDover, mixes shockingly bad synthpop and solid, industrial throwbacks. Being split almost completely in half with the front end sounding like geriatric Goths tinkering in a studio, and the back end reminding you that these are pioneers of their genre and they intend to hold on to that title.

Of the first five tracks, only one is worth listening to. The second track Cullorblind starts slow, but midway through gets going with some pretty interesting beats. With the assistance of some DJ mixing and a heavier bass line, this track could be the most interesting song to hit an industrial club’s speakers in years. I can almost envision some vinyl-clad fans heading en masse to the floor for this song.  Track six, Iktums, is the first believable Skinny Puppy song on this album, and it just keeps getting better from there. Brownstone is heavy, erratic and quite creepy. The vocals are haunting, the lyrics are disturbing, and the music sounds like it is piped in from a parallel dimension. While songs like Vyrisus make one forget that the first half of this album ever happened.

It seems that each Skinny Puppy album has its moment where the group tests some new ideas and takes a few risks.  I usually do not favor their experimental tracks, and that stays true for hanDover. However, they have produced some off-the-wall gems in the past and there is a clear reason that they break outside of the mold. Whatever the experiment may be, Skinny Puppy always delivers on some heavy, yet ambient material that keeps their fans coming back. hanDover is no exception. This is Skinny Puppy as they have been from the start, just more polished and refined.

Click here to order hanDover, available through Synthetic Symphony Records.

– Julia Hofmann

Collaborative Cynic Interview by orlandooom407

All of these questions were collaboratively contributed by the staff of Orlandooom.com.

OD6 – How did you guys become involved with Exivious in the first place, seeing as they’re from a different country?

Tymon was a long time Cynic fan and actually a moderator on the Cynic forum where I got to know him. His name came up in a conversation with Ad (guitarist of Epica at the time) who was doing a gig in LA and mentioned his own band sounded so much like Cynic that he might be a good fit. I didn’t really know of his group before then, since they just had a few demos out years before. Turns out Tymon already did know much of our music so it was an easy transition. We didn’t really think to audition people here in the states at the time. Robin, his bass player was brought in later for touring.

OD6 – There are obviously a lot of jazz and fusion influences in Cynic, both in Focus and Traced in Air, what would you say your biggest jazz fusion influences (besides Allan Holdsworth) would be?

Pat Metheney, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Miles Davis, Ben Monder, Mike Moreno, Jonathan Kreisberg, Aaron Parks, Chick Corea, Tribal Tech, Frank Zappa, John Scofield, Bill Frisell, Weather Report, the list goes on…

OD6 – Textures” (after “How Could I”) is probably my favorite track off of Focus, will Cynic be writing more additional instrumental tracks on future albums? They were sorely missed on Traced In Air.

It’s possible.

OD6 – What do you think of the new generation of metal fusion bands such as Intronaut and Animals as Leaders? What would you say they are doing right/wrong, and what advice, if any, would you have for other musicians who are trying to blend these genres?

I’m a fan first of a solid song with strong melodies before any technical skills or chops. The only thing we need technical skills for is to have the freedom to say whatever we need to say. It’s about having a broader palette of choices, so, I’m always encouraging younger musicians to work on discovering their own voice. Having a sense of originality and having something to say as an artist. Ultimately creating your own style would be the goal verses getting caught up in genre labels.

OD6 – Is the absence of all ‘Harsh” vocals on the ep a conscious decision or the de facto of recording without Tymon Kruidenier?

 Completely conscious. Keep in mind, Tymon recorded on Re-Traced which didn’t have growls either. We’re in a different place as evolving artists and this is the music that feels most representative of us now.

OD6 – Have any of you  visited the indigenous people of the amazon (themed in the new Carbon Based Anatomy EP)?

I haven’t been to the Amazon yet (physically), but have befriended a few shamans from Peru visiting the states over the past 10 years.

OD6 – How does you all feel about the Occupy Wallstreet movement and have any of you been involved at all?

Not at all.

OD6 – Do you feel that Miami is still the hottest place in the entire world? If not, where is?

I grew up in Miami and my folks are still there, and the temperatures do get quite high 😉

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for over 15 years now, so I’m not too hip as to whether Miami’s actually ‘hot’ or not.

 OD6 – What kind of tours should we expect from Cynic going into 2012?

Who knows! We’ll be focusing on a new record come the new year, so if anything next summer is a possibility.

Click here to stream the title track from Cynic’s forthcoming release: Carbon Based Anatomy.

Wormrot – Noise by orlandooom407

Wormrot are a band that deserves to be where they’ll inevitably end up. Immediately after completing two years of mandatory military services for their home country of Singapore in 2007, founding members Arif and Rasyid began recording songs (or forty second seizure-like outbursts of apocalyptic thunder), cutting their teeth on short form releases all the way up to their 2009 full length debut, Abuse. Playing shows supporting Magrudergrind and War All the Time, the band tossed themselves headfirst into the new wave of grindcore, quickly catching the interest of Digby Pearson, founder of a little record label called Earache. After hearing about them on Invisible Oranges, Pearson pirated their full length and wasted no time getting them a contract. This is all the more impressive when you consider Pearson was the first to sign Morbid Angel, Carcass, Godflesh, and Napalm Death.

Since then, the band has had the opportunity to play to receptive crowds in Europe and North America, exporting their sound through both the physical realm of touring and the useful marketing tool of the internet. They performed their first string of headliners on North American soil in 2011, living a dream in four years that most extreme bands from their neck of the woods never live at all.

Their new EP, Noise, is their first and only the sixth release on automobile (and now culture?) giant Scion’s new metal label, and doesn’t put them in bad company at all, being in something of a hall of legends with Boris, the Melvins, and Immolation. If you’re expecting a typical release, you should be warned that it’s just a taste, just a five minute preview of the energy Wormrot are capable of sustaining for much longer. If anything, it shows exactly how versatile they can be without the forty-five minute obligation of an LP. Before your TV dinner is even done, the trio powers through five songs juxtaposing chord-strumming buildups and even Iron Maiden-like guitar harmonies with the familiar minute-long thrasher, giving us the blastbeats and stop-start rhythms we’re always jonesing for and the innovation we need to move the scene forward. That doesn’t even give your neighbor time to demand you turn it off, unless of course, you’re like me and left it looping for two hours.

Download Noise, available from Scion A/V FOR FREE, by clicking here.

– Sean Jay