Pug Destroyer Shirts Benefit Pug Rescue of Florida by orlandooom407

How can you say no to that face? I certainly couldn’t because I submitted my application to volunteer with the Pug Rescue of Florida this morning after reading this Metal Injection article. My philanthropy senses began to tingle much like Spiderman’s hyper sensitivity to super suited psychopaths. The shirts themselves are available for $18 thanks to Pig Destroyer and ANIMAL New York. Portions of the proceeds go directly to the Florida Pug Rescue crew.

Click here to order your very own Pug Destroyer shirt!

Click here to visit the Florida Pug Rescue site to learn more about donating and/or volunteering!

And, here’s the video that spawned the viral craze:

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– Jared Oates Haggard


Sadi Tells You How He Really Feels About Dubstep Moshcore by orlandooom407

**Notes from Oates – Last week Stuff You Will Hate introduced us all to ‘dubstep moshcore’. Where did it begin you ask? Where else does every horrible headline in the news originate these days? Florida. Sadi Thakur felt the need to share his thoughts about Exotype with the lot of you. Finally, I wish I could’ve shared pictures of the Facebook wall posts that inspired this, but I think in the best interest of the band’s dignity (lol) their member’s comments are best left in the trash. Enjoy!

Metal: always a horrible genre to be infatuated with. Especially when you’re trying to promote your heavy as fuck band. It’s bullshit. Labeling your band into any genre is kinda like looking at your buddy’s dick for warts after he fucked some bar slut he took home. You know, that night when he shouldn’t have driven home. You do it, but with a bit of a cringe. But to do it correctly blatantly takes either a lot of balls or no brains. Exotype has both.

I don’t know how to accurately review music, but with this band it isn’t a problem. They lure you in with their banner parading on sounding similar to Linkin Park and Skrillex. Time to let out the sigh of relief because we both know you were looking for a band that combined both. They somehow have an ungodly amount of production and sound like a metalcore band with dub step wobbles. If you are the kind of person still gelling your hair into spikes and rocking a button up shirt with flames covering it, you will be pumping your fist and headbanging your molly riddled brain into the closest Hot Topic. There, you can tell all your friends  buying hello kitty studs for their belly button that they need to check out the newfound messiah of wicked tunes: Exotype.

I watched the music video for their song Synthetics. I realized that popular rock music had bequeathed a bastard dumpster baby afflicted with a few too many chromosomes. I’m assuming this review will not deter you from listening and enjoying this music because you obviously don’t know how to read or use your brain for earnest analytical processes. I am not a proper resource for good music, I do not have a vast well of hip underground bands to reference nor do I know of quintessential bands that you have to listen to. I have been to a Skrillex show, and I get why he’s popular. There are hot girls hopped up on amphetamines and ecstasy. And they’re often dressed like fairies. He has lights to entertain the doped masses, and loud as fuck bass that massages any set of tender genitals to orgasm. His music, however is sub par. So unless your show has that, I’m more concerned about fucking girls and doing drugs at shows that kick ass. Fuck music.

– Sadi Thakur

Late To Doom? No Problem! by orlandooom407
June 1, 2012, 7:12 pm
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Thanks to Rings of Saturn for posting this on their Facebook earlier. It’s a hit!