Sadi Tells You How He Really Feels About Dubstep Moshcore by orlandooom407

**Notes from Oates – Last week Stuff You Will Hate introduced us all to ‘dubstep moshcore’. Where did it begin you ask? Where else does every horrible headline in the news originate these days? Florida. Sadi Thakur felt the need to share his thoughts about Exotype with the lot of you. Finally, I wish I could’ve shared pictures of the Facebook wall posts that inspired this, but I think in the best interest of the band’s dignity (lol) their member’s comments are best left in the trash. Enjoy!

Metal: always a horrible genre to be infatuated with. Especially when you’re trying to promote your heavy as fuck band. It’s bullshit. Labeling your band into any genre is kinda like looking at your buddy’s dick for warts after he fucked some bar slut he took home. You know, that night when he shouldn’t have driven home. You do it, but with a bit of a cringe. But to do it correctly blatantly takes either a lot of balls or no brains. Exotype has both.

I don’t know how to accurately review music, but with this band it isn’t a problem. They lure you in with their banner parading on sounding similar to Linkin Park and Skrillex. Time to let out the sigh of relief because we both know you were looking for a band that combined both. They somehow have an ungodly amount of production and sound like a metalcore band with dub step wobbles. If you are the kind of person still gelling your hair into spikes and rocking a button up shirt with flames covering it, you will be pumping your fist and headbanging your molly riddled brain into the closest Hot Topic. There, you can tell all your friends  buying hello kitty studs for their belly button that they need to check out the newfound messiah of wicked tunes: Exotype.

I watched the music video for their song Synthetics. I realized that popular rock music had bequeathed a bastard dumpster baby afflicted with a few too many chromosomes. I’m assuming this review will not deter you from listening and enjoying this music because you obviously don’t know how to read or use your brain for earnest analytical processes. I am not a proper resource for good music, I do not have a vast well of hip underground bands to reference nor do I know of quintessential bands that you have to listen to. I have been to a Skrillex show, and I get why he’s popular. There are hot girls hopped up on amphetamines and ecstasy. And they’re often dressed like fairies. He has lights to entertain the doped masses, and loud as fuck bass that massages any set of tender genitals to orgasm. His music, however is sub par. So unless your show has that, I’m more concerned about fucking girls and doing drugs at shows that kick ass. Fuck music.

– Sadi Thakur


Deathwish Inc. Drops a FREE Summer Sampler by orlandooom407


It’s here! A buffet of hardcore, punk and metallic whatever it is you need Russ. Even Audrey could dig into these killer riffs. Here’s the bands featured on the compilation in order of appearance: Narrows, Oathbreaker, Heiress, Whips/Chains, Rise And Fall, Give Up The Ghost, Loma Prieta, Victims, Birds In Row, Code Orange Kids, Touche Amore, Single Mothers, Living Eyes, Punch, Self Defense Family, Cursed, New Lows, Starkweather, and Deafheaven.

Here’s what Deathwish wanted you, the listener, to hear:

“”Summer 2012″ is an eclectic hour long trip into the Deathwish world. Download and experience the diversity and creativity within the world of aggressive music we represent. If you like what you hear, please support these artists by seeing them live and by purchasing their releases and apparel in the DW Estore @ http://www.deathwishinc.com.”

And finally, the slew of download options:

Download from Deathwish

Forty Winters and Friends Return to Orlando Tomorrow Night! by orlandooom407

Wednesday heaviness continues on into February of 2012 tomorrow night with Forty Winters, A Fight For Life, In Reference to A Sinking  Ship, Abdomen Canvas and Wavedash Through the Onslaught.

Most of our regular readers know exactly why I have my hands in this show despite that it’s populated by a genre of music I ardently loathe in most cases. To those who don’t, I FUCKING LOVE FORTY WINTERS. Hate if you will, but I’ll retort any hatred with my review of their 2011 LP.

Still not convinced? Check it:

These dudes are pissed, and they aren’t afraid to convey this anger with a half time riff or two. Fans of The Red Chord, Thick as Blood and Despised Icon will feel right at home mid-pulverization by the FW.

In Reference To A Sinking Ship doesn’t fuck around:

I again will omit my thoughts pertaining to this band’s agenda and lyricism, but musically they’re a tenacious metallic hardcore wrecking crew. Vocalist John Crowder reminds me of the singer from Harm’s Way for multiple different reasons; definitely a plus. The rest of the band performing together provides a buffet of neck fracturing half times, and enough irate focus to take down a pack of rabid elephants. Bare handed.

Local support consists of Abdomen Canvas and Wavedash Through the Super Smash Brothers Allusion. AC is a galloping brutal centric quintet from Orlando, and if you like The Black Dahlia Murder you’ll want to partake in their flavor of modernized deathcore:

Finally we’ve got the Wavedash ballers. These chaps are relatively green, but have been taking some serious dedicated steps into their band’s success:

See you dudes and dude ladies tomorrow. Wednesday’s aren’t dead here in O-town!

– Jared Oates Haggard

Time Lapse Video of Scale the Summit Flier by orlandooom407

This is the next flier by Keith Carlson for an upcoming show on February 18th at Will’s Pub in Orlando. The bill consists of the touring duo Scale the Summit (Prosthetic Records) and Elitist (Blkheart Group) supported by locals Abuse and Fire in the Cave.

You can find the Facebook event here with links to each band.

If you haven’t heard Scale the Summit yet, please direct yourself to my obligatory, yet relevant, digression below:


– Jared Oates Haggard