July 7th – The Marriage of Tech and Death by orlandooom407

I’m very excited to announce that this show, along with AAL, will be the first technical shows I’ve helped promote in a loooooonng time. So without further ado, here is your show preview 🙂

An Isle Ate Her – Atlanta, GA

Wow. It sounds like Daughters, The Informant and a rabid cat were tossed into a shoebox, that shoebox was then glued shut, set on fire and then mic’d for our listening pleasure(pleesure). This is some jarring music for people with a thirst for ever changing time signatures, dissonance and frantic screeching vocals. All jokes aside Anis Leateher satisfies multiple criteria for any technical metal, hardcore whatever, nerd. Okay fine, one more joke: Anus Leather. Happy now?

Reminds me of – Dillinger Escape Plan, Daughters, The Informant

Abuse – Orlando, FL

These fine gentleman need no formal introduction, not that they’d want one anyway. If you haven’t heard Abuse yet, stop reading my idle dribbling and click HERE. Abuse integrates something that very few technical bands are even able to do: have every single band member contribute vocally. All of these cries of misanthropic glory and crammed into lightning fast songs normally lasting no more than a minute and a half. Each song, while not lengthy, is carefully constructed paying boisterous attention to each notation and nuance. Abuse is better than your band, time to start accepting that. If you still haven’t heard Abuse and you’re still reading this: don’t be a dingus use your fingus and click this linkus.

Reminds me of – Circle Takes the Square, Pg.99, Utter Chaos

Quarter the Villain – Orlando, FL

This is a fantastic brand new video from QTV. Stunning visuals from Drew Garraway aside, Quarter the Villain spazzes, contorts, screams, writhes, hangs and commits adultery. That’s before they turn on their amps though. QTV delivers blow after blow of A class deathgrind reminiscent of Cephalic Carnage and the like. If you’re waiting for them to make mistakes you’re going to want to grab a chair and several gallons of liquid entertainment and drink until you pass out – Quarter the Villain doesn’t make mistakes, they make ears bleed.

Reminds me of – Cephalic Carnage, Electro Quarterstaff, Cattle Decapitation

Death Before Dying – Panama City, FL

Holy Floridian Death Metal Batman! I love trios, and this is exactly why. Bands like Death Before Dying always stick out in a genre that’s riddled with similarity and mediocrity, mainly because three dudes hold it down better than most four or five. The vocal structure stands out as choral and communal which is fantastic for fan inclusion, but the meat and potatoes of this band lies in pacing. It’s not so fast that my equilibrium jams up and I’m forced to decompress and catch back up with the band. These riffs are head bang worthy and that’s irrefutable.

Reminds me of – Vader, Morbid Angel, Deicide

Wavedash Through the Onslaught – Orlando, FL

Lastly, we have a band that had the balls to title themselves with an allusion to Super Smash Brothers. I certainly don’t have those balls, but I’m glad these rad dudes do. Wavedash implements the typical modern Metalcore elements at face value, but upon a second inspection I discovered the well thought out melodic leads that spice up the necessary pacing of “the breakdown”. Otherwise known as “this is the part where she hits him in his stupid face”.  Like I said before, these guys do more with less as a quartet whereas most Metalcore bands would need at least six members, including two singers for some stupid reason, to sleep comfortably at night. Wavedash is brand new to playing shows, and I see a lot of potential for these gentleman to grow as musicians together and produce some seriously furious jams.

Reminds me of – Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside, Stick to Your Guns

And there you have it! Tech, Death and Metalcore are getting married on July 7th at Will’s Pub! Be sure to come out, bang your face, drink a brew and party for the OD6 crew.


New Shows and Ether Video! by orlandooom407

For those that have noticed our show calendar is somewhat bare I apologize for the lack of updates on that page. Ryan and I have been setting up shows several months in advance due to the overwhelming show of interest in playing in Orlando. For a more accurate show calendar please visit our facebook event calendar for the time being – Facebook Event Calendar (CLICK ME YA JABRONI).

Also, Chip Shomburg likes filming his own band. As he should, because Ether is destructively heavy and equally as calming at times:


Plague Widow Preview by orlandooom407

Got two new teaser videos from Plague Widow out of Sacramento, California. This band grinds like no other and having seen the impressive percussion styling of Danny Hynes, this group is shaping up to dominate as a powerful trio.


What Passes For Winter Joins Our Artist Roster by orlandooom407
June 13, 2011, 12:22 am
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I’m very excited to announce that my favorite Orlando hardcore band has finally released their only recording. Check out the bio of What Passes For Winter, comprised of Kadava and Dennis Scelza, here:

What Passes For Winter is a careful blend of Hardcore, Metal and Punk established in Winter Park, FL. With the help of the Central Florida Drum & Bass crew, the band pioneered the Orlando showcase, “Tech Death”. This was a live show, the first of its kind in Orlando, dedicated to several different styles of extreme music (Hip Hop, Drum & Bass DJ’s, Metal & Hardcore bands all shared the same stage). After several line-up changes, the band ended its live show run, but has recently released a 5 song demo in May of 2011.

Currently, Dennis Scelza (Guitars, Vocals), Kadava (Vocals), and Niel Anilao (who mixed and mastered the 5 song demo, also ex-member of DIE, Putrescent Secretancy) will be working to track and record the song “What you have given: Part II”, the second half of the final song on the band’s demo.

What Passes For Winter is currently on an indefinite hiatus.

Download What Passes For Winter’s S/T here – whatpassesforwinter.bandcamp.com/album/what-passes-for-winter-2011