Dystrophy – Split /w Dethroned Emperor by orlandooom407

Zombie? Check. Funeral monument that appears to be comprised only of souls glued together? Check. Magical skeleton wizard shit? Double check. Dystrophy, hailing from New Brunswick New Jersey, was brought to my attention by their guitarist Peter Brown. I’m glad he did, nothing I admire more than a DIY e-mail, especially because this caliber of musicianship is always welcome in my ear holes.

This record doesn’t waste any time, and the first track kicks down your comfort zone without any regard for a build up. The blurring speeds of the guitar work from the very get go are exceptionally jarring and technical. That said, the precision at which each member performs gives unquestionable merit to the rapid displays of multidimensional musical characteristics. Qualities of Cephalic Carnage  style death grind are most prevalent throughout, but I feel that the lucid transitions from rigorous technicality to subdued jazzy interludes prove the most satisfying. Everything just feels so seamless during these moments, and they’re usually accompanied by a wicked guitar lead reminiscent of Atheist style old school death metal. I’ve always thought that when classic death metal fuses into differing root sentiments, as far as song construction goes, it always delivers an intensely gladdening reaction. There’s also apparent evidence of thrashy persuasions during certain “less tech more deck” segues. There’s a lot going on here, and it all sounds fucking great.

With no shortage of brutality, I feel that the vocals really shine here. The placement highlights itself within each riff, and never simply follows the rest of the instrumentation. Each burst of demoralizing utterances acts independently within the tornado of fervent blast beats and incalculable time changes. I know I haven’t mentioned Dystrophy’s uncanny taste when introducing a half-time variation (breakdown for all you children). Even though it’s painfully obvious that Dystrophy sets themselves apart with their dexterity they also can mutate those sentiments into wonderful segments of neck snapping brutality akin to that of Cryptopsy or Pig Destroyer. 

I have not yet listened to the other side of this split by Dethroned Emperor, but, with a name like that, it’s a safe bet that I’ll be taking a listen very soon.

Click here to check out Dystrophy’s Split for a NAME YOUR OWN PRICE download on their Bandcamp page!

– Jared Oates Haggard


Thou – To the Chaos Wizard Youth by orlandooom407

Adaptation is the key to survival. Those who resist change and try to ignore the inevitable get left in the dust. The last decade has seen the music industry change radically and without pointing out the obvious changes, it’s safe to say it will never be the same. Some bands and almost all labels are clinging to the old model, still hoping that everything just resets and goes back to normal. But, there are some bands that realize the old ways are gone and are finding new ways to bypass the middle man to get music to their fans. Thou is one of those bands. They release their staggering amount of albums of varying length for free on their website and communicate directly and frequently with their fans.

Admittedly, when I first heard of Thou I was more interested with the way they handled the business side than their music. But after digging around their discography I began to get more interested in the progression of the band musically. They chronicle every musical step they make and leave behind a collection of LPs and EPs that can be seen as an evolutionary chart. On their third release of this year, To The Chaos Wizard Youth, the band continues to move forward and grow.

The band hails from the same Louisiana swampland as Eyehategod and unsuprisingly are compared to them often. But if Eyehategod is the sound of a dopesick junkie shivering and clinging on to life in the corner of flea infested apartment then Thou is that junkie climbing up from rock bottom to get their shit together. Their production quality and songwriting improve with each release; adding more dynamic shifts to compliment their earth shattering riffs and feedback.  The songs are frequently anthemic and strangely life affirming. They have taken the epic scope of Neurosis and keep it at a gritty street level that comes from their punk background. To The Chaos Wizard Youth builds upon the atmospheric groundwork laid by last year’s stellar album Summit. The riffs shake the walls of your home and let up only for screeching feedback to build tension to the next set of pummeling riffs. Gaining more notoriety has not changed the band’s approach as they are planning more releases for next year and further cementing their reputation as the new lynchpin of the American doom scene.

 Click here to download To the Chaos Wizard Youth, FOR FREE available on Howling Mine Records!

Also, Thou along with False, Cloud Rat, Cannabass and Fire in the Cave will be playing at Will’s Pub next Friday December 9th. The show is $6, and you can click here for more details and links to hear all the bands involved:

– Clark Johnson

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Holly Hunt – Maraschino by orlandooom407
November 26, 2011, 3:48 am
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Yes, Maraschino, like the cherry. The album cover looks like it could either be a distorted photo of a fire, or maybe a super close up labia. While I digress, Holly Hunt has successfully stolen my heart. This single song release only lasts about four minutes, but I just kept playing it over and over again for the purposes of writing this review. For those who are unfamiliar with Holly’s Hunt this band features Betty from Miami’s shoegazey sludge slammers: Floor providing the earth shaking percussion and her husband Gavin wielding his dual channel powered ax.  These two played one of the Orlandooom Halloween parties this last Halloween weekend, and we thought the walls were going to crash down around us. Do not see this band without earplugs no matter how tough you think you are.

While they are loud, this Miami based duo cranks out waves of groovy drone in similar style the hybrid fusion of shoegaze that Floor implements. The main aspect that sets the Hunt’s apart from the many bands that pay homage to Floor is the lack of vocal distraction and the emphasis on spacing out riffs and feedback. It feels so natural, inhaling and exhaling like a pair of untainted adult lungs. It weaves and curves through itself, giving and taking as the beast of a riff sees fit. The drums provide some incredibly tasteful passage to the riffs that bend to and fro. Nothing flashy here, just a driving heartbeat to give energy to the hearth of this song. All in all, if you like your mellow mixed with your heavy, Holly Hunt is the band for you to spend the next four minutes of your life on. You won’t regret it and whine about wanting them back like some self-indulgent keyboard whore either.

Stream Holly Hunt’s new single, Maraschino, for FREE on their Bandcamp page.

Check out Holly Hunt on Facebook. 

– Jared Oates Haggard

Sea Bastard – Great Barrier Riff by orlandooom407

Happy post Thanksgiving to everyone! Strap yourselves into some sort of chair or sitting device for an installment of buy-nothing day reviews. I’m celebrating by force feeding myself mystical alien drugs and listening to some new music. Oh, and playing with some rad kitty cats. Prepare for The Great Barrier Riff.

Sea Bastard remind me why most of the best examples of doom metal come from the United Kingdom. Hailing from Brighton, these gentleman surprise me because I never thought I’d enjoy a band with a member who goes by Oli. I’m proved wrong once again, because these for dudes elicit some gargantuan grooves. Thoughts of Kongh and Buzz Ov*en  immediately come to mind with the record’s introduction. The first track, entitled Aqua Vitae, crawls forth with a overpowering sense of sluggish immediacy. The song’s convenient organization further breathes life into, what I believe to be, the substance worship theme throughout in order to “let me feel that I am human again”. I don’t know what tuning their guitars are in, but it’s dripping with fuzz, titanic volume and staggering feeling of inebriation. The first track keeps a driving mid-range tempo until it’s climactic sludge parade that flirts with Torche‘s bomb string territory. It’s definitely not tuned to Z, but it’s close enough.

Taedium. Track 2. Ha-ha-ha. The echoes of madness loop behind delicately placed whirs of a guitar. The rumbles are sporadic, generating warmth and cohesion amongst the instruments. And then, scattered drum strikes give finalized shape to this filthy cycle. My head begins bobs ever faster, but never too fast to notice. The misanthropic rhetoric, elicited through juxta posed anguished screams and vile bellows, give measure to a gloom gorged tone. Distant explosions are brought forth, ejecting the band forward into a more menacing pace. Each crash of cymbals accompanied by volcanic guitars shake the floor beneath me, and my hair has risen to reach toward the ceiling. Sea Bastard articulately depicts venomous swells of boredom that any modern individual can identify with. The final lines: “Monotony. Consuming me. Nothing is left. Forlorn, bereft.” Thirteen minutes of havoc right there.

Track three enters seamlessly mounted upon the root bass riff from the conclusion of Taedium. Wham, here come the red coats with their psychedelic metal battalion! The ritual has become cyclical and I find myself submerged beneath tenacious waves of  a coven corrupted anthem. I can’t express this enough, these guys must have been drinking the same water Electric Wizard drank when composing this evil shit. Don’t think I’m alluding to a copycat situation, because these sea worn bastards know how to elicit their own honesty with hypnotic precision. The second guitar hits an interesting accenting riff behind the song’s foundation like Satan whispers within the ear of his consul.  I won’t spoil the ending riffs, so:

Stop reading these words and click here to listen to Sea Bastard’s LP, Great Barrier Riff, on their Bandcamp page for a NAME YOUR PRICE DOWNLOAD.

First Electric Wizard announces their position on the MDF lineup, Black Sabbath announces another reunion, and now we have Sea Bastard. The islands are churning out the doom at an alarming rate, but I’m loving every shred of a great news.

– Jared Oates

Demons join Black Tusk, Monstro and Kyng on 12/15 in Orlando! by orlandooom407

Awww yeah. Another great show for December coming to Central Florida. For those unfamiliar with Orlando juggernauts: Demons, please direct yourself to this link.

$10 Pre-Sale Tickets are available by clicking here. Save money off the DOS price!

– Jared Oates

False – Untitled EP by orlandooom407

Never judge a book by its cover. If for no other reason than the fact that an album cover drawn in pastels may actually present you with one of the frostiest slabs of USBM this side of John Gossard. False owe a lot to Weakling and to Emperor‘s In the Nightside Eclipse, but that just might be what makes this Untitled EP released by Gilead Media and Howling Mine Records (run by Bryan Funck of Thou) so unique. To express this a different way, it takes a full song and a half (of a two-song EP) before False let up their assault for any longer than a momentary pause. This sort of blasting, riffing symphonic black metal is not easy to do without entering parodic territory which makes this album an accomplishment in and of itself – False take a template so frequently overdone and to inject it with a vitality and power all their own.

“The Key of Passing Suffering” opens the record with a blast following winding tremolo-picked lines and strong vocals that avoid rasping registers and settle more in the vein of Emperor than Burzum. Throw out your preconceived notions about female vocalists, this is one of the strongest vocal performances I’ve heard in a long time from ANYONE. The keyboards never overstay their welcome and do what well-orchestrated keys should do: support the real stars of the show without becoming overbearing or clichéd. The second track “Sleepmaker” starts off a lot like the first before dropping into a slower  dreamier tempo for a few minutes before jerking you back to life with a mammoth of a riff, galloping full speed until the very last minute. And that’s it, only one sign of letting up or slowing down, only to come back and crush you into dust. The rhythm section is tight, fast and relentless with guitars handling both rhythm and lead duties, occasionally making way for keys. This is riff-based black metal, and there are enough great riffs in two tracks worth of material to put everyone’s one-man bedroom black metal project to shame.

False have produced a great record on their first shot, and I don’t just mean that in a “this-is-a-good-start” way. What I mean is that False take two twelve minute songs and by the end, you feel like the whole thing is entirely too short and you want to hear more (I listened to it about four times before reviewing this and I’m STILL listening to it.) This is furious and lively black metal that embraces a style that people have been trying to recapture since Weakling’s Dead as Dreams. In that sense, False have outdone themselves and maybe even a few of the elders. Nothing false here at all.

Check them out on Gliead Media’s bandcamp site. Oh and did I mention they’ll be playing Will’s Pub on December 8th with Thou?

*On a related note, Gilead Media posted this blog about the future of the label, and if you like what you hear, or if you’ve simply been meaning to pick up one of their fantastic releases (Thou, Ash Borer, Fell Voices, Barghest, Krallice, and countless others) please drop by and give ’em your support. You can find them at http://gileadmedia.net/ or on facebook.

–  Sean McDonnell