Swamp Abyss Sorcery Fest – Saturday 10/13 @ BACKBOOTH by orlandooom407

Salutations readers. Our inactivity ends today. I went over to the fuse box this morning, flipped the switch and proceeded to breath in the gaseous dusty internet tumbling through the air. Not only has the blog been resuscitated, but we plan to begin hosting shows in Central Florida once again starting in December. I think all ya’ll will find yourselves presently surprised at the lineup for our comeback show.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves here’s a much more immediate means to satisfy the heavy appetite. This year, and month in particular, have been rife with new releases from the likes of big leaguers like Converge, Trash Talk and even those sci-fi dorks Between the Buried and Me. I’ve had the pleasure of attending three delicious festivals myself: Maryland Deathfest X, 305 Fest and Scion Rock Fest 2012. If you buy all this apocalypse garbage I’d say this year would qualify as a grand finale for any heavy enthusiast. Now, Orlando, yet again, gets to throw in to this gargantuan pile thanks to Ninety Proof Productions. Hopefully this next image jogs some memories:

If you haven’t snagged this yet, do your ears the favor. This compilation offers tracks from the best in Floridian extreme metal bar none. While the upcoming fest doesn’t feature every single band included there’s inarguable representation. Fast, slow, you name it you’ll hear it. Orlando’s representation includes the blackened humidity of Fire In The Cave, the tombstone ridden deathdoom hypnosis of Druid Lord and the apocalyptic doom country anthems of Hollow Leg. The Miami hat trick of Shroud Eater, Holly Hunt, and Orbweaver stand to stake their claim as our unconditionally loved cousins of the glades. Don’t forget St. Petersburg and Gainesville either, represented by the drunken metal punks flyingsnakes and midnight (pun intended) riders Hot Graves. Click the flier above for more details and some gut busting comments.

Now, one last order of business. We are actively accepting sample submissions for writers who want to contribute. If that sounds like you please contact Orlandooom407@gmail.com for more details.

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See ya’ll Saturday.

– Jared Oates Haggard


Scion Rock Fest Set Times Chart (IN COLOR)! by orlandooom407

Scion Rock Fest kicks off tomorrow at 2PM EST in Tampa, Florida. We all couldn’t surpass our current state of elation if we tried. Here’s a handy colorful chart, created by Floridian West Coast native Chris Elmore, to help you in breaking up your evening. Orlandooom contributors and friends are sure to litter to floors of The Rtiz, Czar Bar and The Orpheum. I don’t know about everyone else, but there’s no way I’d miss The Atlas Moth, Sleep, Witch Mountain, Church of Misery or Saint Vitus. Might dip out during Down to catch a peek at Merzbow to complete the day’s sonic overload. Here’s Scion A/V Metal‘s graphical running order too:

Scion Rock Fest Information

Scion A/V Twitter

Dickkicker – The End EP by orlandooom407

If these dudes had an 8-bit synthesizer they’d be called ROSHAMBO the Band. I’ve always found the adjective battering appropriate for bands like Dickkicker. You know! It’s that incandescent fuzzy guitar tone that exfoliates the pores and rattles the skin stretched against the skull. This Tallahassee trio integrates a heaping helping of hardcore punk into their vocals ultimately authoring a face smashing juxtaposition of stoned solid and pissed right the fuck off. Think of The End as a caustic and utterly dissatisfied reaction the earth crumbling beneath your feet. Each hulking riff: the shifting of the plates. Drum patterns: the pace at which one digests their own demise. If you are privy to bands like Refused or Pg.99 for vocals, and don’t have any personal hangups that prevent you from banging face to stoney bands like Kyuss or Orange Goblin: then DK should tickle you beat red. If they don’t, I’m positive the coughing fit set to ensue somewhere during your listening experience will. By the way, this digital EP is available on their Bandcamp page for NAME YOUR PRICE.

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– Jarad Oates Haggard

Halmos – Vicious Cycle EP by orlandooom407

Round two for new music Tuesday! HALMOS originates in the extensive Atlanta stoner metal scene, and I was supposed to support them with my band in Fire in the Cave here in Orlando until unforeseen setbacks occurred and they announced a rescheduling of their assault on O-town. I have a soft spot in my heart for duos because I’m a big fan of more for less. Halmos rides torrential waves of unwashed stoner rock reminiscent of Sleep one moment and Olde Growth the next. Expect to clean the complimentary fuzz out of your ears, and make sure you have at least twenty Q-tips handy. Vocally one can expect a scattered sequence of masculine tribal grunts and Red Fang style refrains. While these two only seldom stray from the good ‘ol mid-tempo their half time variations will compel yet another round of heinous herbal inhalation. Want to know the best part about the Vicious Cycle EP? It’s god damn free!

On a slightly related note, Halmos have an upcoming show with the putrid doomers in Windhand and an upstart post-metal act called Canopy who features Jesse Borsella of my former band Bad Actor.

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– Jared Oates Haggard