Quiet Clouds – Demo 2012 by orlandooom407

Thanks to everyone on [social media name here] sending me new music this afternoon! This (post) math rock morsel features David Settle of the unfortunately defunct stoner metal trio Dickkicker. Quiet Clouds doesn’t carry the stinging fuzz of DK, but conversely erects a serene scene rife with delicate, yet heartfelt, guitar licks. I really enjoy how much their drummer, who’s name escapes me, torments the bell of his ride; the ringing germinates an astounding accentuation. Vocally expect digestible harmonies in the vain of Dinosaur Jr. or Built to Spill.  Don’t take this the wrong way: this band has something for everyone. Don’t expect this record to tear the hinges off your door. QC seeks to usher you quietly through the clouds. Can’t wait to scope these gentlemen out live. The demo’s another freebie, you know the drill.

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– Jared Oates


Basements of Florida? For Free? No way! by orlandooom407

That’s what I said when I was informed about Basements of Florida playing at Will’s Pub tonight for FREE. The Basement dudes are joined by the superb math rock duo, Disasteroids, and the gloomy surf trio: Fever.

In order to adequately emphasize how incredible of a lineup these three created, I will describe each band individually. Click their names for music (except Basements).

Basements of Florida – A never ending sonic groove delivered by three enveloping bass guitars intimately leading a hailstorm of relentlessly intricate percussion. Oh yeah, and their drummer also plays in Khann.

Disasteroids – A delicate dance of minimal math rock sure to paint an unconditional elation on any music nerd’s face. Example ——> 😀

Fever – A bilateral orgasmic valley of  hypnotic lo-fi gloom that wander toward triumphant segments of consensual coitus between shoegaze and surf rock. Download their demo, it’s unbelievable: feverfeverfever.bandcamp.com/

I cannot wait another second, and this is all FREE. No excuses: be there.