Swamp Abyss Sorcery Fest – Saturday 10/13 @ BACKBOOTH by orlandooom407

Salutations readers. Our inactivity ends today. I went over to the fuse box this morning, flipped the switch and proceeded to breath in the gaseous dusty internet tumbling through the air. Not only has the blog been resuscitated, but we plan to begin hosting shows in Central Florida once again starting in December. I think all ya’ll will find yourselves presently surprised at the lineup for our comeback show.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves here’s a much more immediate means to satisfy the heavy appetite. This year, and month in particular, have been rife with new releases from the likes of big leaguers like Converge, Trash Talk and even those sci-fi dorks Between the Buried and Me. I’ve had the pleasure of attending three delicious festivals myself: Maryland Deathfest X, 305 Fest and Scion Rock Fest 2012. If you buy all this apocalypse garbage I’d say this year would qualify as a grand finale for any heavy enthusiast. Now, Orlando, yet again, gets to throw in to this gargantuan pile thanks to Ninety Proof Productions. Hopefully this next image jogs some memories:

If you haven’t snagged this yet, do your ears the favor. This compilation offers tracks from the best in Floridian extreme metal bar none. While the upcoming fest doesn’t feature every single band included there’s inarguable representation. Fast, slow, you name it you’ll hear it. Orlando’s representation includes the blackened humidity of Fire In The Cave, the tombstone ridden deathdoom hypnosis of Druid Lord and the apocalyptic doom country anthems of Hollow Leg. The Miami hat trick of Shroud Eater, Holly Hunt, and Orbweaver stand to stake their claim as our unconditionally loved cousins of the glades. Don’t forget St. Petersburg and Gainesville either, represented by the drunken metal punks flyingsnakes and midnight (pun intended) riders Hot Graves. Click the flier above for more details and some gut busting comments.

Now, one last order of business. We are actively accepting sample submissions for writers who want to contribute. If that sounds like you please contact Orlandooom407@gmail.com for more details.

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See ya’ll Saturday.

– Jared Oates Haggard


Texas Crossover Unit Power Trip Sign With Southern Lord by orlandooom407

Southern Lord announced another signing today, and this time it was a multiple album deal with Dallas Texas thrash fiends: Power Trip. The band also scheduled an upcoming performance forChaos In Tejas this weekend in Austin. Here’s the full press release:

“Dallas-based thrashers POWER TRIP today officially announce their induction into the Southern Lord family, confirming a multi-album with the label.

Having amassed a diehard following since their 2008 formation through their crushing live shows, as well as several compilation inclusions, demos and EPs released via Lockin’ Out, Withdrawal Records, Triple B Records and other indie labels, POWER TRIP channel the old-school crossover energy of legendary acts like Cro-Mags, Nuclear Assault and Leeway through modern thrash warfare.

This weekend POWER TRIP will invade the sweltering Chaos In Tejas fiesta in Austin, Texas for two crushing shows, performing Saturday night alongside their allies in Toxic Holocaust and Midnight, and Sunday flanking Boston Strangler, Rival Mob and The Abused. And as previously announced, POWER TRIP will also terrorize all three Texas shows of the forthcoming Southern Lord label Summer package tour, joining now-labelmates Enabler, Burning Love, Martyrdöd and Black Breath.

POWER TRIP Confirmed Tour Dates:

6/02/2012 Beerland – Austin, TX @ Chaos In Tejas w/ Toxic Holocaust, Midnight

6/03/2012 Red 7 – Austin, TX @ Chaos In Tejas w/ Boston Strangler, Rival Mob, The Abused

6/27/2012 Club Dada – Dallas, TX w/ Wild//Tribe, Enabler, Burning Love, Martyrdöd, Black Breath

6/28/2012 Red 7 – Austin, TX w/ Wild//Tribe, Enabler, Burning Love, Martyrdöd, Black Breath

6/29/2012 Walters – Houston, TX w/ Wild//Tribe, Enabler, Burning Love, Martyrdöd, Black Breath

POWER TRIP‘s forthcoming recording and live schedule will be updated in the weeks ahead… stay tuned for what is likely going to be the priority crossover release of 2012.”

Here’s a glimpse of a 7’ Power Trip released late last December:

Power Trip Bandcamp

Southern Lord Website

Twatter Lord

Southern Lord Facebook

Scion Rock Fest Set Times Chart (IN COLOR)! by orlandooom407

Scion Rock Fest kicks off tomorrow at 2PM EST in Tampa, Florida. We all couldn’t surpass our current state of elation if we tried. Here’s a handy colorful chart, created by Floridian West Coast native Chris Elmore, to help you in breaking up your evening. Orlandooom contributors and friends are sure to litter to floors of The Rtiz, Czar Bar and The Orpheum. I don’t know about everyone else, but there’s no way I’d miss The Atlas Moth, Sleep, Witch Mountain, Church of Misery or Saint Vitus. Might dip out during Down to catch a peek at Merzbow to complete the day’s sonic overload. Here’s Scion A/V Metal‘s graphical running order too:

Scion Rock Fest Information

Scion A/V Twitter

MetalGF Reviews Meshuggah & Baroness Live by endlessgonzo

Cross posting this because it’s always nice to see a show review, and especially one from someone not normally into metal.

   When I first arrived I thought every guy was Vince. They all had his uniform on and I literally went to hug one or two bearded fellows before stopping myself just in time. I didn’t think Vince had a “Battlestar Galactica” t-shirt! Wait, I was right, he doesn’t have that shirt BECAUSE THAT’S NOT HIM! I just went to kiss a stranger who I now realize looks like a modern version of our 16th President. This is a sea of white men in black t-shirts like the (non-metal) world has never seen. There are no girls, no black people and no items of colored clothing in sight. I stick out like a sore thumb in my white bohemian top and blatant womanhood.


   You know how at every show there is the one super psyched guy? He or she is always a row or two in front of me feeling the music in their deepest of souls and moving their bodies in a way only they understand. I remember I went to an Indigo Girls concert in the 1990s and there was a hundred pound girl dancing and singing and yelling with an enthusiasm known only to the superfan. Well, at Meshuggah superfans were everywhere. They are such a loved band. I had the feeling people had been waiting for this night for weeks, maybe months.

Full Article @ MetalSucks


Sergeant D of MetalSucks treats us to this lovely tribute to Demi Lovato from his slam projekt ENPEDESTALMENT. I wish I had a million tweeters, too.

Technical Thrashers HEXEN Post New Track by orlandooom407

Tuesday gets a thrash attack from LA based thrash band HEXEN. They posted a new song last night on the Pulverised Records Soundcloud page. The track is entitled Stream of Unconsciousness and while the pun remains timid the song itself runs a bit more wild. Here’s the official verbiage:

“Los Angeles progressive thrashers HEXEN have officially released a sample track from their forthcoming new full-length, Being And Nothingness set for North American released through Pulverised Records on July 17, 2012.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Vivid Tone Recording Studio (Lividity, Guthrie Govan, etc.) by producer Rich Bruce.”

Pulverised Records

Struck By Lightning – True Predation by endlessgonzo

Alright, time to kick off a new month filled with great metal and sounds heavy enough to blot out the springtime sun. When I wasn’t wringing my hands over my fantasy baseball team (Cliff Lee with a pulled butt muscle? Shoot me now), I was perusing some of the fresh harvest of full lengths that are getting ready to hit your ghetto blasters/car stereos/mpfree players. Among the releases that stuck out to me was Struck By Lightning’s newest full-length, True Predation. In case anyone didn’t hear their previous release Serpents (and shame of fucking shames on you if you didn’t), Struck is a band fronted by Gregory Lahm of Mouth of the Architect and Kline, Leach and Owens of Menorrhagia. I’ve never heard Menorrhagia, but MotA are one of my favorite doom bands of recent memory, so let’s get the comparisons out of the way; well…there really aren’t any.

Yes, Struck By Lightning has virtually no sonic relation to Lahm’s previous stuff with MotA, so fuck that. It’s far more aggressive, has almost no focus on the drifting, meditative doom that Mouth spat out, and would be more comfortable on a live show lineup with Black Tusk and Mastodon than Cult of Luna or Rosetta. These guys pretty much rip into all of the tracks with the same unyielding intensity, alongside a heavy emphasis on post-hardcore rhythms, rainforests of pummeling toms, and the best use of the word fuck in lyrics  this year, “Mindfucker.” That one is a doozy on its own, making me fist pump at my desk harder than anything since the last Tragedy record. Sweet, sweet goodness to soothe that sunburnt soul as we head into the hotter months down here in America’s peen. Pick this up and prepare to thrash. Avoid if you feel betrayed by Lahm no longer being willing to swim in the arctic sludge ocean.

Out this month on Translation Loss Records!

– Chris Nunez