Cripple Bastards – Senza Impronte EP by orlandooom407

Senza Impronte, or “without fingerprints” in English, was just released last week by Relapse Records on behalf of its Italian grind freak parentals: Cripple Bastards. I’ve come to expect an exceptional examples of fuck you in your stupid face grindcore from CB seeing as they’ve been together since the year I was born. Senza delivers with that expectation entirely garnering the raw brutality they’ve always showcased on recordings. This ten minute tirade sports commendable grinding like an aural caving into the skull. The assailing vocals of front man Giulio (the bastard) have maintained their exceptional range between boiling gastric growls  and shrill yet cauterized screeches declaring their infallible antagonism. In an age where bands like Brutal Truth are reuniting and new(er) comers like Antigama mutating grindcore elements with spacial disrupting experimentation CB doesn’t need to revolutionize anything, because I’m still head banging in appreciation like I have to any of their past releases (especially Your Lies In Check). Why change what you can develop with over two decades of refining experience?

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– Jared Oates


Chimpgrinder – Voulme 666 EP by orlandooom407

Hail to the chimp baby. If you’ve got a coffee break in need of some bluesy doom metal make sure to check out the widget at the bottom. Chimpgrinder are a Philadelphia based quartet that bequeathed this roasting homage to Black Sabbath, rather than Napalm Death which their name initially implies. While there isn’t any ground breaking experimentation going on here what you can expect includes a red hot familiarity any metal head can identify with, I mean unless you don’t like Sabbath or Sleep. Tidbits of the riffage give  nod to more modern doom metal half-timed variations which bear a striking similarity to Triptykon. The vocals are littered with the coarse testosterone you come to expect from anything correlated with Satan and certain all-natural medicines. It’s super short so don’t delay and take five to unwind.

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– Jared Oates

Spawn of Possession – Incurso by pseudorealism

Sweden’s own Spawn of Possession (Relapse Records) have released their third full length album this year titled Incurso, and depending on your metallic tastes you already know this, or you just don’t give a flying fuck. Technical death metal is a genre inundated with dime-a-dozen ‘innovators’ who bring nothing to the table beyond fast-picked riffs and more arpeggios than you can shake a pick at. Luckily for us, there are some truly monolithic names in the genre, so spotting some good metal isn’t hard. Spawn of Possession is one of those names, but they tend to suffer from the same problem that some of their peers suffer from, but I’ll get to that when I touch on their music. First, however, let’s get some background on Spawn of Possession for those of you who are still scratching your head.

Spawn of Possession is a tech death band from Sweden, and they’ve been making music since 1997. Their first EP, The Forbidden, came out in 2000, and their first full length titled Noctambulant came out in 2006. Noctambulant is a nonstop shred ride with sounds ranging from Psycroptic, a little bit of Neuraxis, and even some Necrophagist. “But Joe, this review is about Incurso, why the fuck do I care about their older stuff?” Patience, asshole, I’m getting there. So after Noctambulant was released, pretty much every original member has left the band to do something else. Presumably to chase Swedish tail, because I know I would. Incurso was recorded last year, and the only original Spawn of Possession member left on this album is now the guitarist. So does Incurso even sound like Spawn of Possession anymore? That’s a great question, and you’ll be very happy with the answer.

Incurso starts you off with some guitar and keyboard duos, and right from the beginning, one thing is very clear: Magnus Sedenberg this did a great job at producing a phenomenally sounding album. A trend that plagues many other death metal acts is the tendency to lose the bass amongst the chaos, but for Incurso, it’s  actually intelligible. It is clear, well defined, with no muddiness, and is not drowned out when the music really kicks in. The album starts up on the second song “where angels go demons follow” and it fully showcases the ridiculous speed with which this band can play. They’re seriously fast. The first two verses are brilliantly delivered, with the vocalist adopting a style more familiar to fans of older Psycroptic, where the delivery perfectly matches the start stop antics of the music, often matching the odd time signatures that they push themselves through. I can’t impress upon you how very well this album is mixed, it has such a very good balance that as soon as you hit the solo in “where angels go demons follow” you’re treated to a tech death solo where every instrument is coming across loud and clear. And the music? Executed with surgical precision; fans of Decrepit Birth, Psycroptic, Anomalous, etc.. will have no problem getting into this album.

There is, however, a gripe I have with the album, and if you listen closely enough, it’ll jump right out at you. This is technical death metal, and it is technical in every sense of the word. The music is so fast, it’ll melt your brain stem into a gray soup of brain matter and chunky bits of spinal cord. But that’s just it, the music is so over the top that it feels like there wasn’t much effort put into actual song writing. This is a metal pissing contest, and all five members drop trow and piss ALL OVER THE PLACE. But they don’t have the courtesy to clean up after themselves. There’s no melodic follow through to the sheer insanity of their music. It’s just ridiculous riff after ridiculous riff, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a segment of the album that you’ll be humming to yourself, unless you can hum in 1/16th notes over 180 bpm. There is one song, however, that actually does lay on the melody, and I really wish they kept at it a bit longer. “The evangelist” starts out with some wankery, blasts through some awesomely crazy riffs, and then kicks right into a melodic segment right out of the stylings of Anata, and I fucking love Anata. Unfortunately, they don’t keep at it for too long, and go on to reiterate some of the establishing craziness, only to leave you wondering what just happened to the melody and where the hell did it go?

So what’s the verdict? This is a great album, on the merit of the musicianship alone. The playing is tight, the production is just superb, and the skill of the musicians makes me truly envious in just how well they can play. This album is perfect for fans of good technical death metal, no bones about it. But if you are to compare this album to some of their peers, they really don’t have the same song writing memorability of Neuraxis, or Anomalous, Severed Savior, etc… Songs can be moved about at random and I doubt you’ll see any difference, and there really isn’t a riff that’s going to make you grin like a teenager who just found out that touching himself feels good. It’s just an all out metal assault, which I am alright with. This album won’t be topping any lists of best tech death, but it is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the genre.

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– Joseph Roettgen

Gourmet Powerviolence Show 4/29 at The Peacock Room by orlandooom407

HEY HEY NOW WHAT’S THAT SMELL? It certainly isn’t Clutch, because this aroma reeks of loathing and vegetables. 90 Proof Productions hosts another evening of filthy punk rock fun at The Peacock Room this Sunday night. The bill sports an inclusive assortment of Orlando support for its Miami family. Your 305 course includes a helping of pureed powerviolence with Lab Rats and an idol taunting Cumon Christ as a side. Hometown support includes POWERDUMP (members of Dissident Aggressor) and my favorite display of anarchic Floridian fervor Knifehits. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Knifehits get your Cory Trevor on, do some hot knives and get to fuckin’ work boys, but make sure to wear your helmet to defend against projectile punks, rogue beer glasses and collapsing ceiling tiles. I couldn’t find streaming widgets for the Miami boys, but here’s some tunes from the Orlandudes:

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– Jared Oates

4/20 Genre Jumping Metal Insanity at SIP Orlando! by orlandooom407

Miami’s own xoxotic genre disinterested quintet Orbweaver and the blackened swamp slathered Slashpine make their eagerly anticipated returns to Central Florida tomorrow night at SIP Orlando. Local support includes local death-doom masters Druid Lord and the recently reunited black metal mongers Legions. Along with that this show marks the debut of local math metal outfit: Infinite Earths. IE features guitar from Fire in the Cave guitarist Ken Reda; he is joined by illustrator/vocalist Josh “Maz” Mazorra and drum wizard Elliot Smiggen. I posted links to music for each band below aside from Inifinite Earths who has yet to record:

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See you all tomorrow!

– Jared Oates

Wolfshead – S/T by orlandooom407

“I used to want to be a man of substance, and now I’m just a man of substances”

Holy heapin Hampshire get out of the way! My standards for doom duo brutality has escalated to Wolfshead status. Imagine if you were to comb riffs from Orange Goblin and Hollow Leg then add a vocal range that invokes everything from clearly stoned harmonies to bombastic gut boiling growls. And I must say, this album art is quite classy. This fifteen minute(ish) EP weighs more than the bloated corpses of two binge eating blue whales. There isn’t a device imaginable that could wield the sheer girth of this mammoth monolith of doom metal. Guitar tubes are set to constant fuzz right the fuck out like a thoroughly grown coat of an Irish wolfhound. There’s something in the water across the pond and it sounds impeccable. Don’t skip out on this free EP (FREE-P).

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Also, I’ve decided to add this to my list of honorable mentions for best of 2012:

(January)  Alcest Les Voyages De L’âme

(February)  BIIPIIGWAN Nibaak EP

(March) Wizard Rifle Speak Loud Say Nothing

(April) Beyond Terror Beyond Grace Nadir

Honorable Mentions:

Dodecahedron S/T

Sigh In Somniphobia

I Saw The Deep Astronavigation

GNATS to the hands of heathens

Wolfshead S/T

– Jared Oates

Bubblegum Octopus – Possible Party by orlandooom407

This release isn’t very new, mid-2010 to be exact, but it sets a new standard for multiple personality electronic music. I learned that Bubblegum Octopus is the moniker of solo musician Matthew “m@ the c@” Morden from the great state of New Jersey. My inner nerd contorts with elation in response to this thirty-eight track collage of electronic mayhem. Normally I’m not one for chip tunes but the eight legged frequencies brandish much more than fevered high frequency tangents and molar grinding repetitions. There are brutal deathgrind vocals in the vein of Cephalic Carnage along with silly strings of short observations covering topics like snakes in a school to eating noodles with eggs. Percussion diverts from chippy, to trippy, to glitchy depending on which chapter of the collection you’re listening to. Matthew probably drinks a heft amount of liquid stimulants prior to composing these short excerpts that recount his madness, and you should to. I’ll close by saying this album cover makes me cross eyed, but it burns so damn good. If you like Genghis Tron, Love Through Cannibalism or even high flying Guilty Gear OST style guitar solos this freebie is worth trying out.

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– Jared Oates