Shitstorm’s Bringin’ the Grind to Orlando by orlandooom407

One of the most exciting shows hitting Orlando this summer for sure. Grind and punk fanatics: do not pass this show up. To further emphasize this point, I’d like to introduce Shitstorm to any of those aren’t familiar:

In addition to the incredible headliner this show features four local favorites in Khann (Black Market Activity), No Qualms, Knifehits and one of our favorite bands here at Orlandooom: Abuse! For those that haven’t had the opportunity to see Abuse live, here’s an accurate representation of their bewilderingly technical performance:

Khann has released new information on their new record which is set for a June 20th release. Find out more info HERE. Also, according to Khann’s facebook page: ” the show with SHITSTORM will be exclusively TOFUTOPIA tracks on June 9th.”

Moshing, projectile beer and crushing riffs are on the horizon. Bring your raincoat.



Just a friendly reminder to all of our dedicated readers: This Saturday we’ll be hosting ROYAL THUNDER + BLACK SKIES + CALTROP + DRUID LORD + JUNIOR BRUCE at Will’s Pub in Orlando, Florida!

Click the flyer below to read our full length show preview (complete /w videos of each band!)

Ether at Bringing it Back for the Kids Fest! by orlandooom407

Thanks again to Chip for providing such stellar footage of a brutally heavy set!

– Jared Oates

Orlandooom Welcomes Woodrue! by orlandooom407
May 22, 2011, 9:11 pm
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Hailing all the way from Finland, we proudly welcome Woodrue to the fold! About a week ago, I was doing some work online: searching for bands, doing promo, etc, and I happend upon a guy named Lare from Finland whose band Woodrue had just released their debut 3-song demo titled Dopefiend. I was immediately hooked. This demo is downright disgusting. It has everything I could’ve asked for, and more. Tortured vocals, dirty fuzzed out bass, and cranium-crushing riffage. For fans of Eyehategod, Bongzilla, Cavity, or just anything heavy that doesn’t suck, Woodrue is right up your alley. We’re really excited to be working with Woodrue, and with any luck, we’ll be able to get them stateside to rock our faces off in the near future.

Here’s their bio information:

“In early 2010 during the coldest winter in memory Woodrue began. The idea was to make dark and moody sludgecore. The band was originally grouped as a 3-piece; with Lare on bass, current guitarist Aleksi on drums and Joel on guitar. After nearly 6 months of aimless jamming the weather warmed and groove slowly started to seep into the sound.

Aleksi took up guitar and Sakke was recruited on drums to provide us with a solid foundation to lay riffs on. A few months later Joel would have to leave the band due to schedule restraints and Ali was brought in for 2nd guitar duties. With the lineup solidified and a few months of heavy drinking and intense jamming, Woodrue recorded their first demo in early 2011.”

Download their debut EP here: woodrue.bandcamp.com


Quarter The Villain Is Making An Awesome Music Video! by orlandooom407

Edit: After desperately trying to embed the video from Kickstarter you’ll have to click this link to see the video: kickstarter.com/projects/1081310485/quarter-the-villain-is-making-an-awesome-music-vid

Take a look at those classy gents! There’s a little less than two days left to pledge, but QTV has quite an impressive list of rewards for donations available on their Kickstarter Page:

“We are attempting to raise a minimum of $1,100 to fund our latest music video.  In this modern era, a professional video is virtually a requirement for bands to gain recognition and a broader fanbase.  Arguably, a standout video can be more important to a band’s breakthrough than their demo.  We in Quarter The Villain have made it one of our hallmarks to dream beyond our means and this, unfortunately, requires a budget.  This is where you come in.

This video will feature a song from our 2010 EP Regicide.  The video has a multi-tiered budget concept in which the more money is raised; the more outlandish the action becomes.  Our goal is to run up our effects budget to near Michael Bay levels. Your money will be spent on pyrotechnics, computer animation, stunt glass, break-away furniture, and the like.  The actual story line is still TBD and will be chosen based on the final budget.  We assure you it will be epic.  Here’s how the tiers break down:

Tier One – $1,100

$1,000 of this will go towards paying a small professional crew, catering their meals so they can work until ungodly hours of the night, and basic costume and prop expenses.  The remaining $100 will cover service fees and credit card processing.  This budget tier being fulfilled will result in a video of slightly higher quality and ambition than our last one.  See:  http://vimeo.com/7787367

Tier Two – $1,600

This budget will allow us to shoot on location, which grants us more creative freedom than a sound stage.  A location shoot also allows for the potential use of things like pyro, paintball guns and other items that are too hazardous for indoor use.  We could start including more cast members if the story calls for it. Maybe we can get an animator involved at this price point.  This will result in a substantially more ambitious video.  (Actual budget usage is at the band/director’s discretion and may or may not include any of the items mentioned above.)

Tier Three – $2,100

This budget will allow us to throw a band member through a plate glass window and film it on a high speed camera for slow motion playback.

Tier Four – $3,600

This budget will allow us to hire a D-List celebrity for the day to do our bidding.

Tier Five – $4,600

At this level we will explode a junk car.”

Thanks again to all those who have already donated! Check out QTV’s debut EP, Regicide, here: quarterthevillain.bandcamp.com

-Jared Oates

gladrockets – Delightful Desert Rock from Charleston! by orlandooom407

“Simple. Filthy. Fuzzed. Gone from my head come night, come shallow breathing.“

Gladrockets, hailing from Charleston, SC, created a steady groove of Stoogesque rock n’ roll. Desert rock, stoner rock, call it what you will this duo exceeds the standard Fu Manformula approach to rocking out. With sensual imagery and toe tapping paces these two dudes drive the bluesy grooves home.

Check out their debut track on their bandcamp page: gladrockets.bandcamp.com

Orlandooom.com welcomes gladrockets to our artist roster. I’m pleased to also announce that gladrockets will join roster mates Hollow Leg and Hooded Eagle to support Swedish Stoner Rock Legends Truckfighters alongside Valley of Smoke and El Camino in Charleston South Carolina on July 23rd! Here’s the poster(click the poster for a link to the facebook event!):