Dead Truth Recordings Releases Brand New Compilation by orlandooom407

Are you tired of hardcore sounding like a bunch of contrived popbominations? Look no further than the newest compilation cd available from Dead Truth Recordings.

This powerhouse mixtape delivers skull-crushing intensity sure to please any beat down enthusiast. This compilation features tracks from xKingdomx, Forty Winters, Make it Reign, Remembering Never(!), Hivemind, xBishopxx, Alarmed, The Red Baron and Jump the Shark.

Download this brutality here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sw3ag2h99xl9psm

Here’s a tracklist:

Kingdom – Slight Of Badge
Forty Winters – Body Harvest
Make it Reign – Kiss The Dead
Remembering Never – Celebrity Holocaust
Hivemind – Iron Curtain
xBishopx – Big Business
Alarmed – Moon Life
Make it Reign – Three Years Later
xBishopx – Talk Too Much
Forty Winters – From the Mouth of Monsters
xBishopx – Snakes & Fakes
Hivemind – Bastard Son
xBishopx – Rat in Your System
Forty Winters – Pizza Shop Beat Down
xBishopx – Another Prizefighter
The Red Baron – Mugatu
xBishopx – 20 times
Jump the Shark – Zombeach
Jump the Shark – Staring Death
xBishopx – Throwaway

954/305 Hardcore doesn’t mess around, download this and throw some fists. Thanks again to Mean Pete for sharing this with us! 🙂


Many Thanks Are In Order by orlandooom407

For those who asked, yes, it did take me until today to recover and catch up enough to post these well deserved thank yous. You Are Doomed Fest, along with our super secret house show, were two of the best shows I’ve ever attended. A big list has been compiled.


Bhang Khang from Baton Rouge (thanks for the laughs, the brews and forest adventures)

Strugglebear, also from Baton Rouge (thanks for holding it down)

Hollow Leg from Jacksonville (thanks for causing hearing loss)

Shroud Eater from Miami (thanks for conjuring up the devil from hell)

Six Dead Horses from Orlando (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH, nuff said)

Hooded Eagle from Charleston (thanks for hanging out and being awesome as always <3)

Whores from Atlanta (thanks for making it impossible for me to thank without using a pun)

Will Walker, Bob and the Will’s Pub Bartenders (you get us drunk and house our riotous bullshit, we cannot thank you enough)

All of the OD6 Swamp Crew and friends that came out to party!

Here are a couple pictures from our weekend of festivities, I’ll post the galleries on imgur later today! Thanks to Jonah, Niuvis and Wandering Star Photography for all the awesome shots!

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Happy D666M’s DAY! by orlandooom407

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who attended our pre-party last night. No banjos or tennis rackets were broken, but the moshing of Joey Roettgen, Brock Samson and others almost destroyed the two sacred artifacts. Last night we had a debut performance by Beefsleeve followed by Strugglebear and Bhang Khang from Baton Rouge, LA.

Both bands plan to join the Orlandooom artist roster. Check out Bhang Khang’s debut demo, FOR FREE, here: bhangkhang.bandcamp.com/

And remember, tonight we will party as mongrels at Will’s Pub for: YOU ARE DOOMED FEST

Orlandooom Proudly Welcomes Wolf Hunter! by orlandooom407

I apologize to everyone for my extended absence, but it is not without justified reason. I have been tying up loose ends with my own college graduation. I’m set to graduate from the University of Central Florida on May 8th!

I digress, this post extends my elation to the supreme riffage of Ft.Myer’s: WOLF HUNTER! Wolf Hunter has joined our artist roster and has recently made their debut demo available for donations online!

Check out their demo here: wolfhunter.bandcamp.com

Below you’ll find some bio information and a brand spanking new live video from Wolf Hunter (footage brought to you by Chip of Ether!)

Darkness looms deep over the frozen wasteland of the far North; a savage land eternally covered in ever-deepening layers of ice and snow.

The sun has set, though today, it scarcely rose above the horizon; its feeble rays granting small comfort to the gaunt and wretched creatures scraping out an existence in the tundra. Below the mountains, a threatening mist begins to crawl through damp, black forests.

Tonight, one has journeyed far into the heart of the wilderness. He is one who seeks vengeance and death. By the fire he waits, shrouded in shadow, his thoughts darkened by the poison of memory… the flash of teeth, hair and blood. The screams of death and suffering. For the dead it is too late, much too late.

Padded footprints in the snow. Their trail has led him here.

Tonight your doom is upon you, tonight your debt is paid.

Tonight you meet Wolf Hunter.

Thanks again to Wolf Hunter, Chip and all of the OD6 crew!

Orlando, This Saturday, YOU ARE DOOMED. by orlandooom407

Tickets are now available for YOU ARE DOOMED FEST 2011 at Will’s Pub! Click the flyer below for the facebook event:

PS – E-mail Orlandooom407@gmail.com for tickets and info about our super secret PRE-PARTY on April 22nd!

KEN Mode, Khann and Flyingsnakes @ Will’s Pub Tonight! by orlandooom407

Orlandooom crew are stoked to see KEN Mode alongside Khann and Flyingsnakes tonight! Thanks are in order for Norse Korea Presents for putting on yet another fantastic show! The show is only 5 dollars, so their shouldn’t be any outstanding excuses! If you still aren’t convinced, check out some live footage of KEN Mode:

Hot Graves Releases New EP! by orlandooom407

Blackened Thrash masters: Hot Graves, from Gainesville, released a brand new EP this week. The EP features SEVEN cover songs by artists such as Floor, Pentagram, Midnight and Discharge.

Here’s the full track list and a link to where you can obtain this record FOR FREE: http://hotgraves.bandcamp.com/album/necros-mixos-sacrificio

 New shirts are also available from the Satanik Recording Store:

-Jared Oates