Gourmet Powerviolence Show 4/29 at The Peacock Room by orlandooom407

HEY HEY NOW WHAT’S THAT SMELL? It certainly isn’t Clutch, because this aroma reeks of loathing and vegetables. 90 Proof Productions hosts another evening of filthy punk rock fun at The Peacock Room this Sunday night. The bill sports an inclusive assortment of Orlando support for its Miami family. Your 305 course includes a helping of pureed powerviolence with Lab Rats and an idol taunting Cumon Christ as a side. Hometown support includes POWERDUMP (members of Dissident Aggressor) and my favorite display of anarchic Floridian fervor Knifehits. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Knifehits get your Cory Trevor on, do some hot knives and get to fuckin’ work boys, but make sure to wear your helmet to defend against projectile punks, rogue beer glasses and collapsing ceiling tiles. I couldn’t find streaming widgets for the Miami boys, but here’s some tunes from the Orlandudes:

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– Jared Oates

Florida’s Finest Hardcore to Support This is Hell 3/28 @ The Peacock Room by orlandooom407


I don’t normally go out on Wednesday night, but when I do it’s to see This is Hell. Thanks to Central Florida Hardcore for this beaut’. It sports support from local favorites Mr.PussyDirect Effect and hardcore Floridian neighbors Weight of the World and We’re Not Dead. Click the links. CLICK THE LINKS.

– Jarad Oates Haggard

Demons, Abuse and With My Bear Hands 9/17 @ The Peacock Room by orlandooom407

Super excited for this one. While this flier doesn’t reflect that With My Bear Hands will further accentuate this exceptional bill, they are and here’s the proof!

Since I’ve spoken on Demons and Abuse at great length before, I’d encourage new readers to check out these bands for themselves below:

Demons (Orlando Sludge Juggernauts) – Check them out on Facebook

Abuse (Orlando Math Punk Mad Men) – Check out their debut EP on Bandcamp

With My Bear Hands (Orlando Hardocre) – Check them out on Bandcamp

-Jared Oates Haggard