GODHUNTER: Tectonic Tucson Sludge Quintet On The Warpath In 2012 by orlandooom407

I’ve never visited Arizona, but if it’s anything like Nevada I’m sure the climate that early stoner rock groups cultivated still breathes glorious smoke throughout its deserts. GODHUNTER billowed into my inbox late last night thanks to Earsplit PR. These guys cook up some toasty sludge metal, and the vocals bare a resemblance to Hull with their organization and inherent choral qualities between the vein quavering screams. The press release below details a brief history of the band, but you can preview their LP of last year directly below:

“Like an encompassing dust storm full of fire and broken whiskey bottles and expended weed smoke, Tucson, Arizona’s GODHUNTER are preparing to suffocate the planet with their devastating hymns this year.

Through diehard D.I.Y. ethics and self-promotion, GODHUNTER have preyed upon the weak-minded scenesters and have defied pigeonholing genre classifications through a savage amalgamation of sheer heaviness, both live and through recorded proof via several EPs, split releases and compilation inclusions since their 2009 formation. All five members of the band are heavily involved in the local scene and hail from other previous and current acts across the region, yet bring their most ferocious dynamics to life in GODHUNTER; the result is a sludge-bred sub-hardcore blend of caustic riffery laced with multiple scathing vocal approaches.

GODHUNTER‘s latest output, the 2011-released Wolves, showcases the band’s most crushing material to date, and while considered by the band to be an EP, the beast clocks in with over 32-minutes of material.

Stream Wolves in its entirety now at GODHUNTER’s Bandcamp page.

With local and regional touring a constant part of the GODHUNTER mission of intent, the band have supported national acts including St. Vitus, Crowbar, The Sword, Red Fang, Early Graves, The Atlas Moth, Intronaut and Black Tusk in addition to countless indie acts. 2012 will bring much more touring to the table for the band as new live assaults are announced over the coming months. The band will also record/release several other indie releases over the coming months before investing time into a brand new full-length late in the year.

Stay tuned; the coming months will be filled with news of GODHUNTER‘s ongoing rapture…


6/08/2012 Plush – Tucson, AZ w/ North

Into The Void Tour:

6/21/2012 JR’s Pub – Sierra Vista, AZ

6/22/2012 The Hut – Tucson, AZ

6/23/2012 The Rogue – Phoenix, AZ”


Scion Rock Fest Set Times Chart (IN COLOR)! by orlandooom407

Scion Rock Fest kicks off tomorrow at 2PM EST in Tampa, Florida. We all couldn’t surpass our current state of elation if we tried. Here’s a handy colorful chart, created by Floridian West Coast native Chris Elmore, to help you in breaking up your evening. Orlandooom contributors and friends are sure to litter to floors of The Rtiz, Czar Bar and The Orpheum. I don’t know about everyone else, but there’s no way I’d miss The Atlas Moth, Sleep, Witch Mountain, Church of Misery or Saint Vitus. Might dip out during Down to catch a peek at Merzbow to complete the day’s sonic overload. Here’s Scion A/V Metal‘s graphical running order too:

Scion Rock Fest Information

Scion A/V Twitter

Ladder Devils Post New Song: Good Enough by orlandooom407

Ladder Devils, (Brutal Panda Records) would go quite nicely at a show with Akimbo and label mates Whores. In support of their newest effort since late 2010, entitled Nowhere Plans, they’ve leaked a song via the Brooklyn Vegan Soundcloud page. This song brings a lot of chunky, and equally fuzzy, low end along with a head (rock) rollin’  rhythm. Them devils are fixin’ to support friends Harkonen, The Atlas Moth and, coincidentally, Whores in their home town Philadelphia on their upcoming mini tour:


Source via Brooklyn Vegan

Hot Graves – Knights in White Phosphorus by orlandooom407

More Florida homeboys have landed across my desk recently, even though it appears I’m somewhat late to the party (this release came out in August of this year), I’m going to review this anyway because it’s well worth the verbiage.

Hot Graves hail straight from Gainesville, sounding like a strange 21st century urban viking Thrash troupe than anything you’d expect out of Gator country. My fondest memory of these towering fuckers isn’t even musical; they were present at a Thou show at the Junkyard (also in Gville), their huge, leather clad forms moshing jovially with everyone else in that fucking furnace of a venue. I didn’t even need to hear them play to know these dudes had energy in surplus, and Knights In White Phosphorus (my favorite album title so far!) confirms my feelings.

This album jumps straight out of the gate, bringing immediately to mind some menacing, Mad Max-style barbarian biker gang in the form of a thrash metal song. “Dirtthrash” is the best way an album like this could’ve started, replete with triumphant solos, an endless ferocity and a tone rivaling the best of all modern thrash bands. Thrash in itself can fall flat if bands try to hard to recapture the original 80’s feel, but Hot Graves sounds only like Hot Graves, albeit tempered with influence from bands like Bison B.C. and d-beat groups of the past decade. That said, their d-beat influence is what really sets them apart from all Pretenders to the Shred Throne; it gives their songs that driving, roadworthy quality that makes you want to run out of your house seeking conquest.

Knights in White Phosphorus is not to be underestimated. Anyone looking for a top notch album of pure, fast riffage and solos that touch the blood-stained sky should look no further. The only flaw is that Hot Graves clearly has a sonic comfort zone, but they know how to stomp their imprint onto a 25-year old template to where you don’t even care. Energy and excellent musicianship should stifle any claims otherwise. Besides, Hot Graves are clearly metal enough to where they probably wouldn’t even hear the tears of blood rolling down thrash haters’ faces. “Sorry, the lamentations of your women are too loud. Post it on our facebook or something.”

See also: That fucking album cover. My score for this album is that image/10.

Check out Hot Graves‘ newest release, Knights in White Phosphorus, on their Bandcamp page.

Also, Hot Graves will support The Atlas Moth and Ken Mode on their upcoming show in Gainesville this Friday 10/7 (CLICK FLIER FOR DETAILS):

– Chris Nunez