Music Video Wrapup by orlandooom407

This segment addresses the memorable music videos that have debuted in the last two weeks. I’ll start doing this weekly, but the first will play a bit of catch up.

Code Orange Kids are a new favorite of mine, and their tenacity is best captured by film maker Max Moore. The bewildering shot sequences of orange hands crawling through grime enhance the filthy fervor the quartet embodies.

Even though I’ve noticed a lot of people are burned out on The Sword I think this video marks an important statement from doom/sludge/stoner bands. I don’t think I’ve seen too many lyric videos that didn’t focus on boy band metalcore. Kudos to the Sabbath worshippers.

If you know of Red Fang you’ve probably watched their wide array of music videos some have largely attributed to their over night success. This video showcases the wild live experience RF embraces without excluding the expected silliness.

Holy flying fetuses Batman! Rwake pulls out the big guns in this extremely graphic montage depicting the destruction of several unidentifiable unborn mammalian quadruped. This one reminds me of a nightmare I had about high school biology once.

The most recently hosted video of the week belongs to Pig Destroyer in support of their newest LP Book Burner. The savagery of placing artillery in the hands of knuckle draggers is depicted here with a wonderful array of psychedelic color variety. You’ll be seein’ purple and green for the next few minutes.

Finally we’ve got Meshuggah’s newest courtesy of Scion AV. This one goes out to Leif Olson and his magic hands with the tattoo gun.

Have a great weekend ya’ll!

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– Jared Oates Haggard

You Won’t Want To Skip The Church of Wolves Debut EP by orlandooom407

I’m finally back in Orlando after an exhausting weekend filled with mayhem, sweat and 13 hour days of non-stop riffs. I’m talking about Maryland Death Fest X. While in Baltimore I received this submission to my phone during my Marc train ride into Baltimore from Washington DC. Church of Wolves hail from the hills of Durham North Carolina lugging around a big ‘ol rig filled solid with psychedelic sludge caked blasphemy. Tons of guitar tracks, so bring your swim trunks for wading purposes. Considering their EP sports the title Kentucky Fried Jesus I doubt anyone was surprised by that. If you’re digging on bands like Rwake or Buzzov*en the ears can cozy up to these fat saturated rhythms. Lots of dirty grind elements tossed around the percussive layers and even a bluesy lick or two. This is a name your price download, and ya can’t argue with that! Seek out Sublime Catharsis.



Oblivionized – Nullify the Cycle by orlandooom407

Big thanks are in order for Grind Karaoke since they brought this release to my ears with maximized efficiency (and for FREE). Oblivionized are a merciless death-grind quintet from London. Nullify the Cycle, their newest EP, features a collection of three songs two of which are what you’d come to expect from a well practiced grindcore outfit. Both tracks covey a painstaking appreciation for Napalm Death, but verify their creativity with mind melting dissonance and a complete disregard for complacent tempos. Add a sprinkle of Origin flavored deathgrind, bake at four hundred and twenty degrees for  half an hour, slice and enjoy! Concluding the record is a five minute blot that flourishes slowly with an eerie acoustic guitar accompanied behind what sounds like a dehydrated James Earl Jones chained to the wall of some Eastern European torture chamber. Aforementioned textures are followed by clean lyricism and subtle piano that completes the 180 transformation and puts this EP to rest. I don’t think I’ve gotten this many goosebumps since the last time I listened to Rwake in complete darkness. This is currently my favorite release for March 2012. Will it win? Time shall tell.

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– Jarad Oates Haggard

Web Comic Wednesday – The Amazing Mastodad! by orlandooom407

Three posts on a Wednesday?! YEP! Keith Carlson returns to poke a little fun at the newest Mastodon LP: THE HUNTER.

While I’ve heard a lot of harsh criticism for this record, and I definitely won’t say it’s their best release, I feel this record has everything meant to be enjoyed about modern Mastodon contained within. However, my biggest criticisms are that the record feels like it’s out of order and these vocals are wayyyyyyy too flashy. Oh well, the guest vocals provided by Scott Kelly of Neurosis still bludgeon my ears with merciless bellows.

It’s a solid record, but it’s not better than the new Rwake.

– Jared Oates Haggard