Music Video Wrapup by orlandooom407

This segment addresses the memorable music videos that have debuted in the last two weeks. I’ll start doing this weekly, but the first will play a bit of catch up.

Code Orange Kids are a new favorite of mine, and their tenacity is best captured by film maker Max Moore. The bewildering shot sequences of orange hands crawling through grime enhance the filthy fervor the quartet embodies.

Even though I’ve noticed a lot of people are burned out on The Sword I think this video marks an important statement from doom/sludge/stoner bands. I don’t think I’ve seen too many lyric videos that didn’t focus on boy band metalcore. Kudos to the Sabbath worshippers.

If you know of Red Fang you’ve probably watched their wide array of music videos some have largely attributed to their over night success. This video showcases the wild live experience RF embraces without excluding the expected silliness.

Holy flying fetuses Batman! Rwake pulls out the big guns in this extremely graphic montage depicting the destruction of several unidentifiable unborn mammalian quadruped. This one reminds me of a nightmare I had about high school biology once.

The most recently hosted video of the week belongs to Pig Destroyer in support of their newest LP Book Burner. The savagery of placing artillery in the hands of knuckle draggers is depicted here with a wonderful array of psychedelic color variety. You’ll be seein’ purple and green for the next few minutes.

Finally we’ve got Meshuggah’s newest courtesy of Scion AV. This one goes out to Leif Olson and his magic hands with the tattoo gun.

Have a great weekend ya’ll!

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– Jared Oates Haggard


Put The Bong Down For Two Seconds And Soar With SERIAL HAWK by orlandooom407

Thanks to Seattle’s SERIAL HAWK for sharing a digital stream of their upcoming 12″ Vinyl ‘Buried in the Gray’. The EP was recorded by Adam Pike (Red Fang, Black Elk, Norska, White Orange). This four song effort encourages a hefty helping of head bang complete with a side of psychedelic cool down. This release culminates an overload of precise break neck riff control. Hammering out the stoned stupid grooves nail the top priority of these hawks driving that nail home into their lapel. Dip your ears into these crooked riffs, complete with a nine minute mammoth entitled SILENCE MEANS NOTHING (you worm), with this handy streaming widget:


Serial Hawk Dot Com

GODHUNTER: Tectonic Tucson Sludge Quintet On The Warpath In 2012 by orlandooom407

I’ve never visited Arizona, but if it’s anything like Nevada I’m sure the climate that early stoner rock groups cultivated still breathes glorious smoke throughout its deserts. GODHUNTER billowed into my inbox late last night thanks to Earsplit PR. These guys cook up some toasty sludge metal, and the vocals bare a resemblance to Hull with their organization and inherent choral qualities between the vein quavering screams. The press release below details a brief history of the band, but you can preview their LP of last year directly below:

“Like an encompassing dust storm full of fire and broken whiskey bottles and expended weed smoke, Tucson, Arizona’s GODHUNTER are preparing to suffocate the planet with their devastating hymns this year.

Through diehard D.I.Y. ethics and self-promotion, GODHUNTER have preyed upon the weak-minded scenesters and have defied pigeonholing genre classifications through a savage amalgamation of sheer heaviness, both live and through recorded proof via several EPs, split releases and compilation inclusions since their 2009 formation. All five members of the band are heavily involved in the local scene and hail from other previous and current acts across the region, yet bring their most ferocious dynamics to life in GODHUNTER; the result is a sludge-bred sub-hardcore blend of caustic riffery laced with multiple scathing vocal approaches.

GODHUNTER‘s latest output, the 2011-released Wolves, showcases the band’s most crushing material to date, and while considered by the band to be an EP, the beast clocks in with over 32-minutes of material.

Stream Wolves in its entirety now at GODHUNTER’s Bandcamp page.

With local and regional touring a constant part of the GODHUNTER mission of intent, the band have supported national acts including St. Vitus, Crowbar, The Sword, Red Fang, Early Graves, The Atlas Moth, Intronaut and Black Tusk in addition to countless indie acts. 2012 will bring much more touring to the table for the band as new live assaults are announced over the coming months. The band will also record/release several other indie releases over the coming months before investing time into a brand new full-length late in the year.

Stay tuned; the coming months will be filled with news of GODHUNTER‘s ongoing rapture…


6/08/2012 Plush – Tucson, AZ w/ North

Into The Void Tour:

6/21/2012 JR’s Pub – Sierra Vista, AZ

6/22/2012 The Hut – Tucson, AZ

6/23/2012 The Rogue – Phoenix, AZ”


Halmos – Vicious Cycle EP by orlandooom407

Round two for new music Tuesday! HALMOS originates in the extensive Atlanta stoner metal scene, and I was supposed to support them with my band in Fire in the Cave here in Orlando until unforeseen setbacks occurred and they announced a rescheduling of their assault on O-town. I have a soft spot in my heart for duos because I’m a big fan of more for less. Halmos rides torrential waves of unwashed stoner rock reminiscent of Sleep one moment and Olde Growth the next. Expect to clean the complimentary fuzz out of your ears, and make sure you have at least twenty Q-tips handy. Vocally one can expect a scattered sequence of masculine tribal grunts and Red Fang style refrains. While these two only seldom stray from the good ‘ol mid-tempo their half time variations will compel yet another round of heinous herbal inhalation. Want to know the best part about the Vicious Cycle EP? It’s god damn free!

On a slightly related note, Halmos have an upcoming show with the putrid doomers in Windhand and an upstart post-metal act called Canopy who features Jesse Borsella of my former band Bad Actor.

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– Jared Oates Haggard