Video Of A “Confrontationally Sexual” Performance By OXBOW From Scion Rock Fest 2012! by orlandooom407

Thanks to Keeley Kennhan for sending in these two videos of Oxbow performing at Czar Bar in Tampa on Saturday for Scion Rock Fest. She described their performance as “confrontationally sexual”. I can’t say I disagree.


Scion A/V


Quiet Clouds – Demo 2012 by orlandooom407

Thanks to everyone on [social media name here] sending me new music this afternoon! This (post) math rock morsel features David Settle of the unfortunately defunct stoner metal trio Dickkicker. Quiet Clouds doesn’t carry the stinging fuzz of DK, but conversely erects a serene scene rife with delicate, yet heartfelt, guitar licks. I really enjoy how much their drummer, who’s name escapes me, torments the bell of his ride; the ringing germinates an astounding accentuation. Vocally expect digestible harmonies in the vain of Dinosaur Jr. or Built to Spill.  Don’t take this the wrong way: this band has something for everyone. Don’t expect this record to tear the hinges off your door. QC seeks to usher you quietly through the clouds. Can’t wait to scope these gentlemen out live. The demo’s another freebie, you know the drill.

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– Jared Oates

The Great Old Ones – Al Azif by orlandooom407

“The ocean from beyond the rift watched us as it extended a hand into itself”

French metal and hardcore always seemed scarce to me prior to 2011 being that the only three french heavy bands I could’ve named off the top my head at that time were Gojira, Anorexia Nervosa and Nesseria. The Great Old Ones (Antithetic Records) now join their cousins Alcest on my list of memorable metal en Francais. Now; with the tsunami of atmospheric metal crashing into my Google Reader each day the tasteful well engineered stuff can fall few and far between. One key facet of the musical dexterity required for elegantly torturous texture focused metal requires balancing the ethereal scales with equally hypnotic heaviness and, contrarily,  spaciousness. Al Azif maintains symmetry while additionally contributing some extensive triple guitar work that isn’t limited to harmonies. You can preview two songs at the widget below.

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– Jared Oates

The Watermark High – Slow Motion Clarity EP by orlandooom407
April 2, 2012, 4:26 pm
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“She was blinking furiously, and then several squiggles clouded her vision.”

I’m not exactly sure what the moniker of South African electronic musician Paul van der Walt entails. The Watermark High makes me think of someone intoxicating themselves on the proof of their own accomplishments, but don’t think for a second that TWH dawns a coat of self-absorption. Compositions like these make me glad that I’ve been integrating much more experimental and electronically oriented music into my diet. Carefully constructed aural snapshots that cultivate a harmonious union of electronics and post-rocky guitar delays. A consistent complaint I’ll have with EPs is that they’re too short (even though I review a lot of EPs), and I will not retract that for Slow Motion Clarity. The percussion keeps you guessing, and makes me wonder if Paul has a background with jazz or just has naturally uncanny drum pad ingenuity. Each chop cuts a path for the synth and/or guitar leads to meander through. This is a name your price download, so don’t delay click away (below).

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– Jared Oates Haggard