Catch Fire in the Cave For FREE Tonight After Earth! by orlandooom407

Don’t forget that TONIGHT you can catch Fire in the Cave for FREE with a valid wristband and/or ticket stub from the Earth show happening at Will’s Pub!

Last I heard there are still tickets available for the show at Will’s tonight featuring Earth, Stebmo, and Holly Hunt. 


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– Jared Oates Haggard

Thursday Night Grind Time Features Torch Runner by orlandooom407

This week has proven rather saturated with insane heavy shows for Central Florida. From Swans playing tonight at The Social, the show featured above these words and Tombs and 16 playing Saturday at Will’s Pub the ear plugs are being put to work. What’s wonderful about Thursday in particular though can be answered through viewing this music video created a couple years back by Torch Runner:

Brutal silliness, yes indeed. The space coast punks have a hand in this hot fiasco too because Nuclear Death Squad will perform come Thursday.

To sweeten that pot Devalued from Miami have been tossed into the chaos, and you can preview their music along with local hardcore hammer faces POWERDUMP below:

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– Jared Oates Haggard

New Fire in the Cave Videos by orlandooom407

Thanks to Ken Harvey of King Hippo for this video of our song Aeden Carr. Click here to see details about our upcoming show with Thou, False, Cannabass and Cloud Rat. 

Also, here’s an alternate video from Melanie Maher of Octopoid:

– Jared Oates

This Low Dough Monday Sports An Apocalytpically Heavy Lineup 11/14 by orlandooom407

Click the flier for a link to the Facebook event for more details!

King Hippo

I caught the set of this beefy metal assault a few months back. It was intense and relentless. King Hippo throws their weight around putting together heavy grooves and strong leads that makes for a great performance. Click here to listen to a demo track by King Hippo.


I’m excited to see this psychedelic quartet after listening to their latest release Cosmolux. Hellbenders brand of fuzzed out rock-n-roll packs a groovy punch. With spacey solos and a classic lo -fi sound it’s sure to catch your attention. Click here to listen to Hellbender on their Facebook.


I didn’t have anything to listen to online but this is Octopoids debut show. We need fresh blood in the scene so everyone come bang your head and welcome these newcomers.

Fire In The Cave

These heavy hitters are stepping up to take the place of the injured Swamp Ruins. With a sound and presence that’s terrifying I expect another brutal performance. Click here to check out Fire in the Cave’s one audible video.

– Dave Gayler

New Shows and Ether Video! by orlandooom407

For those that have noticed our show calendar is somewhat bare I apologize for the lack of updates on that page. Ryan and I have been setting up shows several months in advance due to the overwhelming show of interest in playing in Orlando. For a more accurate show calendar please visit our facebook event calendar for the time being – Facebook Event Calendar (CLICK ME YA JABRONI).

Also, Chip Shomburg likes filming his own band. As he should, because Ether is destructively heavy and equally as calming at times: