Pharaoh Gearing Up To Release Two Song EP 6/14 by orlandooom407

A389 Records announced that they’re gearing up to release a handful of brand new digital and vinyl tidbits on June 14th. Yesterday I took a look at one of those few by Cynarae, and I’m pleased to announce that A389 extends their spotless hitting streak for me with this new Pharaoh two song EP entitled This House is Doomed. Complete with desolate, and water logged, imagery this short lived twofer packs a crushing tempo led by agony wrenched poetics. Those who fall in line with the sludgy sluggish nuances bore by bands like Integrity or Oathbreaker you’ll want to keep Pharaoh on your to-do list. Something tells me you won’t want to run this record at your next pool party though. Here’s a preview of the title track:

Oh and A389 seems to have started a sale where you can get records by Rot in Hell, Frightener, and Unholy Majesty. Click the ad below to learn more:

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Deathwish Inc. Drops a FREE Summer Sampler by orlandooom407


It’s here! A buffet of hardcore, punk and metallic whatever it is you need Russ. Even Audrey could dig into these killer riffs. Here’s the bands featured on the compilation in order of appearance: Narrows, Oathbreaker, Heiress, Whips/Chains, Rise And Fall, Give Up The Ghost, Loma Prieta, Victims, Birds In Row, Code Orange Kids, Touche Amore, Single Mothers, Living Eyes, Punch, Self Defense Family, Cursed, New Lows, Starkweather, and Deafheaven.

Here’s what Deathwish wanted you, the listener, to hear:

“”Summer 2012″ is an eclectic hour long trip into the Deathwish world. Download and experience the diversity and creativity within the world of aggressive music we represent. If you like what you hear, please support these artists by seeing them live and by purchasing their releases and apparel in the DW Estore @ http://www.deathwishinc.com.”

And finally, the slew of download options:

Download from Deathwish

Towering Filth – Encircled By Wolves by orlandooom407

One man metal doesn’t usually cater to my fancies because I’m a big proponent of viewing anything I listen to live when at all possible. But when we’re talking about the music of Matt Koch I can’t help but dig my fingers into it. I had the pleasure of playing several shows with Matt when he played drums for my now defunct band: Bad Actor. Matt portrays the unrelenting fury of a drummer chocked full of enough self-motivation to pick up a guitar and attempt to mesh with himself, and then scream sheer fucking madness over all of that. Add in a bachelor’s degree in makin’ records, and Towering Filth has spawned from it’s vile and equally rotted, blackened sludge spewing shell.

On the filth facebook page Matt categorizes the genre as a “Bathory rip off”, but I feel he’s selling himself a tad short. This record snarls and broods amidst drowning in it’s on toxic phlegm. The first track The Chorus of Dragging Chains sounds just like it’s title foreshadows: a sludge engorged anthem to the tempo of a war march. I can envision thousands of enslaved thoughts cracking under the weight of ignorant shoes. This isn’t your down home flavor of sludge either, tinges of crusty hardcore are more prevalent and sound akin to Oathbreaker swinging clenched fingers alongside Engineer. Matt really showcases his dynamic musicianship here in providing his shrill hateful frustrations with high register screams. You know, the same sound that would make a heroin addict or suburban conservative American house wife tear at their own flesh with anxious fervor. The lyrics are well organized throughout, and saturated with misanthropic imagery as it’s foundational device.

The album reaches a more staggering pace with the second track, also appropriately titled, I’ve Got Wounds That Time Can’t Heal. The guitar work here really drags your senses through muck stained waves. There are no peaks and valleys here, just one progressively bloated groove in it’s final desperate moments.  It’s trying to swim, but the fatigue generating from grimy inhalations have weakened the song leaving it only three opportunities to violently protest without reaching a full on sprint. Matt did choose to implement a brief minimal yet psychedelic segue to provide a climax to before the final acceptance of his wounds that will heal.

Framed Elegantly in Ashes, the third track of four, is that last original leaving a cover to conclude our brief view into feverish dreams of dystopian prophecy. I won’t ruin any surprises, so you can feel free to entertain your curiosity by clicking here to access the Towering Filth Bandcamp page.

Click here to check out Towering Filth on Facebook.

– Jared Oates Haggard