Catch Fire in the Cave For FREE Tonight After Earth! by orlandooom407

Don’t forget that TONIGHT you can catch Fire in the Cave for FREE with a valid wristband and/or ticket stub from the Earth show happening at Will’s Pub!

Last I heard there are still tickets available for the show at Will’s tonight featuring Earth, Stebmo, and Holly Hunt. 


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– Jared Oates Haggard


Video Of A “Confrontationally Sexual” Performance By OXBOW From Scion Rock Fest 2012! by orlandooom407

Thanks to Keeley Kennhan for sending in these two videos of Oxbow performing at Czar Bar in Tampa on Saturday for Scion Rock Fest. She described their performance as “confrontationally sexual”. I can’t say I disagree.


Scion A/V

Swans Announce New Double Album /w Preview Trailer by orlandooom407

Everyone knows that Swans will come to an end only when entirely dead. According to Self-Titled Daily the headstrong music makers are gearing up to release another record via Young God Records entitled The Seer. This time around they’ve recruited the likes of former band mate Jarboe, Karen O., Ben Frost, Bruce Lamont, and members of Low and Akron/Family. The artwork carries an uneasy stare of a shaggy old beast. Here’s the trailer for the DVD that will be coupled with each album purchase:

Annnd here’s a track list with some tour dates:

Swans, The Seer (Young God, August 28th):
1. Lunacy
2. Mother of the World
3. The Wolf
4. The Seer
5. The Seer Returns
6. 93 Ave. B Blues
7. The Daughter Brings the Water
8. Song for a Warrior
9. Avatar
10. A Piece of the Sky
11. The Apostate

Swans tour dates (w/ Xiu Xiu):
9/6 Vancouver, BC – Venue
9/7 Seattle, WA – Neumo’s Crystal Ball Reading Room
9/8 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater
9/9-9/10/2012 San Francisco, CA – The Regency Grand Ballroom
9/11 Los Angeles, CA – The Music Box
9/12 Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom
9/14 Austin, TX – La Zona Rosa
9/15 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s Upstairs
9/16 Dallas, TX – Trees
9/18 Oklahoma City, OK – ACM Performance Lab
9/19 Kansas City, MO – Beaumont Club
9/20 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre
9/21 Minneapolis, MN – Fineline Music Cafe
9/22 Milwaukee, WI – Shank Hall
9/24 Denver, CO – Gothic Theater

Source /via Self-Titled Magazine

[REVIEW] Blackwolfgoat – Dronolith by orlandooom407
May 17, 2012, 4:29 pm
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All kneel before the Dronolith and revel within the splendor of it’s shadow! “BLACKWOLFGOAT is the solo drone/ambient project from ex-HACKMAN / MILLIGRAM guitarist Darryl Shepard,” or so his Bandcamp page says. What Darryl doesn’t want you to know: he’s actually just an enchanted floating guitar played by a pair of enormous spectral hands. These diligent hands pull from a small assortment of riffs that come to know the birth, flourishing  ellipse and calming dissolution within their sonic life cycle. Life came from fuzz burns with droning focus. His sounds elicit a certain smiling musical control, as he boasts that “all songs and sounds on this album were recorded live in the studio, no overdubs.” Of course not, the Dronolith breathes and circulates of it’s own volition. Furthermore, the lack of percussion furnishes a certain attention to the enamoring tones. Only one instrument needed for scalding a white hot trance through the listener.


– Jarad Haggard

Dodecahedron – S/T by orlandooom407

Thumbing through new releases today I caught wind to this blackened geometrical homage. I’m talking about the demonized Dutch denizens in Dodecahedron who just released their debut self-titled LP on Season of Mist today! Congratulations to them. As a quick note I do like their  current name way more than their former title: Order Of The Source Below.

Right off the bat you can tell this record has suffered burns worse than Satan’s blasphemous breakfast toast. Vomit stained vocals, fervent blasting, and hectic guitar harmonies are apparent less than two minutes in. No introduction, just buckle those boots up and get to windmilling. Initially the dexterous expectations are set relatively high by eliciting rank string organizations to counter chronological symmetry coexisting with the Olympic tier percussion. These dodeca dudes would fit splendidly on a bill with Behold the Arctopus or The Crinn if only to retain that caliber of vulgar technicality. The inception of technicality is not the main focus here. Well practiced musicianship culls a focus to what’s really at hand here: Dodecahedron wants you to perspire. They want your heart to bounce off your ribcage several times per minute and it won’t ever matter how fast or slow a song is going. Maintenance of palpable anxiety stands until the record’s final moments, never letting one quiver to freedom. Out of it’s liquifying grip.

I could spend time trying to draw a conclusion as to where the blackened tone takes from. However, due to the overload of black metal in my brain recently I’ve found it difficult to point out the captivating qualities in traditional black metal methods in language. Mainly because I’m stubborn, so I’ll just point out the obvious relation to their Dutch cousins Melechesh.

Their first track, entitled “Allfather”, captures a full range of control between sacrilegious slaying and lulling moments of obscurity. These lulling moments are by no means comforting and are littered with dissonant, and mostly unidentifiable, electronics. But then, alas! Silencing seconds. Full juxtaposition carves into the return from noise fringed kvlted commandeering into a full speed leap back into the unforgiving tectonic bludgeoning. Variations in tempo allow the percussion to wheeze violently around the toms with pinpoint striking. Bear in mind that all of this is led by security shattering shrieks and bellows from vocalist M. Eikenaar. He should get MVP if such an award were appropriate in musical criticism. But it’s not, because the gargantuan emotionally disconcerting chemistry these five gentleman conjure remains far more pivotal than some arbitrary individual award.

More noise. I commend the distribution of sensory overload elicited in those aforementioned moments of textural torment. “Descending Jacob’s Ladder” best exemplifies this technique. Combined with the beeps, fuzz, wails and the sound of chains dragging across the floor are creepy lines of poetry read through a vocal distortion. Both of these sounds simultaneously encompass the audience, but I could see where the fine line of cheesy could end up drawn here to certain listeners. Personally I feel it adds a refreshing integration that black metal bands seldom utilize as elaborately at Dodecahedron.

This is definitely my favorite release for January 2012 even with huge competitors like Loincloth, Nails and Black Pyramid fighting for my attention.

Summative Sentence: Smothering technically sophisticated black metal one minute, and torturous noise saturated drone the next!

Favorite Track: Descending Jacob’s Ladder

Click here to order the self-titled release from Dodecahedron available from Season of Mist Records.

Click here to check out Dodecahedron on Facebook.

– Jared Oates Haggard

Obligatory Sports Post – Luol Deng Fucks You Up With Audio by orlandooom407
January 20, 2012, 5:10 pm
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Every now and then something in sports fandom intersects with my music fandom. Nike decided to hype up Chicago Bulls veteran forward: Luol Deng. This ad exhibits that the use of minimalist sound stacking is actually digestible enough to make a commercial.

No player is more dedicated to sound than Luol Deng. Maybe? I don’t know. Cool little clip either way.

Just thought I’d share. Article coming.

– Jared Oates Haggard

Wormrot – Noise by orlandooom407

Wormrot are a band that deserves to be where they’ll inevitably end up. Immediately after completing two years of mandatory military services for their home country of Singapore in 2007, founding members Arif and Rasyid began recording songs (or forty second seizure-like outbursts of apocalyptic thunder), cutting their teeth on short form releases all the way up to their 2009 full length debut, Abuse. Playing shows supporting Magrudergrind and War All the Time, the band tossed themselves headfirst into the new wave of grindcore, quickly catching the interest of Digby Pearson, founder of a little record label called Earache. After hearing about them on Invisible Oranges, Pearson pirated their full length and wasted no time getting them a contract. This is all the more impressive when you consider Pearson was the first to sign Morbid Angel, Carcass, Godflesh, and Napalm Death.

Since then, the band has had the opportunity to play to receptive crowds in Europe and North America, exporting their sound through both the physical realm of touring and the useful marketing tool of the internet. They performed their first string of headliners on North American soil in 2011, living a dream in four years that most extreme bands from their neck of the woods never live at all.

Their new EP, Noise, is their first and only the sixth release on automobile (and now culture?) giant Scion’s new metal label, and doesn’t put them in bad company at all, being in something of a hall of legends with Boris, the Melvins, and Immolation. If you’re expecting a typical release, you should be warned that it’s just a taste, just a five minute preview of the energy Wormrot are capable of sustaining for much longer. If anything, it shows exactly how versatile they can be without the forty-five minute obligation of an LP. Before your TV dinner is even done, the trio powers through five songs juxtaposing chord-strumming buildups and even Iron Maiden-like guitar harmonies with the familiar minute-long thrasher, giving us the blastbeats and stop-start rhythms we’re always jonesing for and the innovation we need to move the scene forward. That doesn’t even give your neighbor time to demand you turn it off, unless of course, you’re like me and left it looping for two hours.

Download Noise, available from Scion A/V FOR FREE, by clicking here.

– Sean Jay