ABSU Prepare For Maryland Deathfest & Chaos In Tejas by orlandooom407

Maryland Death Fest sits on the horizon less than two days from now. Scott Branbar (Fire in the Cave) and I are attending the festival, and I cannot express how excited I am for the entire lineup. For those who are attending check out this metal festival survival guide compiled and written by the lovely Pitgoddess of The Scrapyard blog. With the likes of Godflesh, Napalm Death, and Winter, among many others, all the expenses and planning will soon wash away as an afterthought.

Absu has plans to hit not one but two huge summer festival events. Here’s the press release:

ABSU will be joined on stage that night by a plethora of other extreme acts including Rorschach, Dying Fetus, Eyehategod, Agalloch and headliners for the evening, Autopsy. A full running order for the fest and all other MDF info can be found HERE.

A week after MDF, ABSU will slay this year’s Chaos In Tejas in Austin, Texas on Saturday, June 2nd, headlining the indoor stage at Red 7, with support from Terrorism, Loss, Morbosidad, Ares Kingdom and Black Witchery. Full CIT info and schedules can be found HERE.

ABSU Confirmed Tour Dates:
5/24/2012 Sonar – Baltimore, MD @ Maryland Deathfest
6/02/2012 Red 7 – Austin, TX @ Chaos In Tejas

Further live assaults throughout North and South America are being devised now for disbursement in the coming weeks.”

There you have it black metal hessians. See you all in Baltimore!


Source via Earsplit PR


Oblivionized – Nullify the Cycle by orlandooom407

Big thanks are in order for Grind Karaoke since they brought this release to my ears with maximized efficiency (and for FREE). Oblivionized are a merciless death-grind quintet from London. Nullify the Cycle, their newest EP, features a collection of three songs two of which are what you’d come to expect from a well practiced grindcore outfit. Both tracks covey a painstaking appreciation for Napalm Death, but verify their creativity with mind melting dissonance and a complete disregard for complacent tempos. Add a sprinkle of Origin flavored deathgrind, bake at four hundred and twenty degrees for  half an hour, slice and enjoy! Concluding the record is a five minute blot that flourishes slowly with an eerie acoustic guitar accompanied behind what sounds like a dehydrated James Earl Jones chained to the wall of some Eastern European torture chamber. Aforementioned textures are followed by clean lyricism and subtle piano that completes the 180 transformation and puts this EP to rest. I don’t think I’ve gotten this many goosebumps since the last time I listened to Rwake in complete darkness. This is currently my favorite release for March 2012. Will it win? Time shall tell.

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– Jarad Oates Haggard

Liberteer – Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees by orlandooom407

2011, according to Time Magazine and just about every other news outlet, was the year of the protester. Now only history will tell if this year was the beginning of some kind of global political shift or if people will free fall back into the pits of complacency. Since I am a cynical shithead I believe it will be the latter, but Liberteer’s debut album Better to Die on Your Feet Than Live on Your Knees might cure my disenfranchisement in a way that drum circles and cliched sloganeering never could.

The one man grindcore project from Cretin and Exhumed veteran Matthew Widener is the most inspiring and, consequently, one of the most left of center grind albums ever recorded. The opening brass horns of “The Falcon Cannot Hear The Falcon” elate a feeling of nationalistic pride which is ironic considering the album’s primary thematic device espouses the principles of anarchy. While using off the wall samples is not uncommon in grindcore, Liberteer blends samples of brass horns, banjos and mandolins with Repulsion tier riffing. The unique mix sounds like Napalm Death taking a detour as an American Revolution reenactment marching band.

Although grindcore has dabbled in politics before, Liberteer decries the current system while at the same time offering a potential replacement. Song titles like “Rise Like Lions After Slumber” and “99 to 1” are rallying cries to the masses and the major key triumph of many of the songs can stir even the most skeptical. If you aren’t completely sold on the anarcho ethics of Liberteer you can still get pumped to songs like “Sweat for Blood” which wouldn’t sound out of place in a Rocky training montage. If you want your revolutionary siege  scored by breakneck riffs and extensively developed rhetoric, or just like bad ass unique grindcore, this album is highly recommended.

Click here to pre-oder Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees available from Relapse Records January 31st.

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– Clark Johnson

Wormrot – Noise by orlandooom407

Wormrot are a band that deserves to be where they’ll inevitably end up. Immediately after completing two years of mandatory military services for their home country of Singapore in 2007, founding members Arif and Rasyid began recording songs (or forty second seizure-like outbursts of apocalyptic thunder), cutting their teeth on short form releases all the way up to their 2009 full length debut, Abuse. Playing shows supporting Magrudergrind and War All the Time, the band tossed themselves headfirst into the new wave of grindcore, quickly catching the interest of Digby Pearson, founder of a little record label called Earache. After hearing about them on Invisible Oranges, Pearson pirated their full length and wasted no time getting them a contract. This is all the more impressive when you consider Pearson was the first to sign Morbid Angel, Carcass, Godflesh, and Napalm Death.

Since then, the band has had the opportunity to play to receptive crowds in Europe and North America, exporting their sound through both the physical realm of touring and the useful marketing tool of the internet. They performed their first string of headliners on North American soil in 2011, living a dream in four years that most extreme bands from their neck of the woods never live at all.

Their new EP, Noise, is their first and only the sixth release on automobile (and now culture?) giant Scion’s new metal label, and doesn’t put them in bad company at all, being in something of a hall of legends with Boris, the Melvins, and Immolation. If you’re expecting a typical release, you should be warned that it’s just a taste, just a five minute preview of the energy Wormrot are capable of sustaining for much longer. If anything, it shows exactly how versatile they can be without the forty-five minute obligation of an LP. Before your TV dinner is even done, the trio powers through five songs juxtaposing chord-strumming buildups and even Iron Maiden-like guitar harmonies with the familiar minute-long thrasher, giving us the blastbeats and stop-start rhythms we’re always jonesing for and the innovation we need to move the scene forward. That doesn’t even give your neighbor time to demand you turn it off, unless of course, you’re like me and left it looping for two hours.

Download Noise, available from Scion A/V FOR FREE, by clicking here.

– Sean Jay