Thursday Night Grind Time Features Torch Runner by orlandooom407

This week has proven rather saturated with insane heavy shows for Central Florida. From Swans playing tonight at The Social, the show featured above these words and Tombs and 16 playing Saturday at Will’s Pub the ear plugs are being put to work. What’s wonderful about Thursday in particular though can be answered through viewing this music video created a couple years back by Torch Runner:

Brutal silliness, yes indeed. The space coast punks have a hand in this hot fiasco too because Nuclear Death Squad will perform come Thursday.

To sweeten that pot Devalued from Miami have been tossed into the chaos, and you can preview their music along with local hardcore hammer faces POWERDUMP below:

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– Jared Oates Haggard


Swamp Abyss Sorcery Fest – Saturday 10/13 @ BACKBOOTH by orlandooom407

Salutations readers. Our inactivity ends today. I went over to the fuse box this morning, flipped the switch and proceeded to breath in the gaseous dusty internet tumbling through the air. Not only has the blog been resuscitated, but we plan to begin hosting shows in Central Florida once again starting in December. I think all ya’ll will find yourselves presently surprised at the lineup for our comeback show.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves here’s a much more immediate means to satisfy the heavy appetite. This year, and month in particular, have been rife with new releases from the likes of big leaguers like Converge, Trash Talk and even those sci-fi dorks Between the Buried and Me. I’ve had the pleasure of attending three delicious festivals myself: Maryland Deathfest X, 305 Fest and Scion Rock Fest 2012. If you buy all this apocalypse garbage I’d say this year would qualify as a grand finale for any heavy enthusiast. Now, Orlando, yet again, gets to throw in to this gargantuan pile thanks to Ninety Proof Productions. Hopefully this next image jogs some memories:

If you haven’t snagged this yet, do your ears the favor. This compilation offers tracks from the best in Floridian extreme metal bar none. While the upcoming fest doesn’t feature every single band included there’s inarguable representation. Fast, slow, you name it you’ll hear it. Orlando’s representation includes the blackened humidity of Fire In The Cave, the tombstone ridden deathdoom hypnosis of Druid Lord and the apocalyptic doom country anthems of Hollow Leg. The Miami hat trick of Shroud Eater, Holly Hunt, and Orbweaver stand to stake their claim as our unconditionally loved cousins of the glades. Don’t forget St. Petersburg and Gainesville either, represented by the drunken metal punks flyingsnakes and midnight (pun intended) riders Hot Graves. Click the flier above for more details and some gut busting comments.

Now, one last order of business. We are actively accepting sample submissions for writers who want to contribute. If that sounds like you please contact Orlandooom407@gmail.com for more details.

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See ya’ll Saturday.

– Jared Oates Haggard

Gourmet Powerviolence Show 4/29 at The Peacock Room by orlandooom407

HEY HEY NOW WHAT’S THAT SMELL? It certainly isn’t Clutch, because this aroma reeks of loathing and vegetables. 90 Proof Productions hosts another evening of filthy punk rock fun at The Peacock Room this Sunday night. The bill sports an inclusive assortment of Orlando support for its Miami family. Your 305 course includes a helping of pureed powerviolence with Lab Rats and an idol taunting Cumon Christ as a side. Hometown support includes POWERDUMP (members of Dissident Aggressor) and my favorite display of anarchic Floridian fervor Knifehits. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Knifehits get your Cory Trevor on, do some hot knives and get to fuckin’ work boys, but make sure to wear your helmet to defend against projectile punks, rogue beer glasses and collapsing ceiling tiles. I couldn’t find streaming widgets for the Miami boys, but here’s some tunes from the Orlandudes:

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– Jared Oates

Shroud Eater – Thundernoise by orlandooom407

It’s about time I got down to evaluating one of my favorite albums of 2011. Miami’s menacers Shroud Eater are no strangers to most of the people that read this blog. While I am using one of my few allotted late passes to give my official take that shouldn’t deter you, the reader, in the slightest from getting your hands on this pinnacle sludge, and sparingly psychedelic, metal record. There will, of course, be a link below to help you with that. I do appreciate the black and white mirror of the gaping chakra specter. Is that the omniscient Illuminati I see in the middle surveying the chaos?

Guitar tones should always portray the grit soaked realities of the ax wielder. Case and point with “the shrouds” string section: a volcanic combination of guitarist/vocalist Jean Saiz and bassist Jan Valentine. Make sure to heat up a bath before giving Thundernoise an in depth listen. You’re going to need it to help wash off the leagues of radioactive sludge cemented into your ears, eyes and everywhere else on your flesh. Nothing gets my heart pumping faster than a detonation of fervent filthy guitars led by caustically primal, and possibly Laveyan, lyricism. There’s really an unmistakable and unifying savagery about the SE presentation. Positively paramount. Stunting slow downs are among the crafty devices within the Shroud Eater musical tool box. There were times where the gradual degradation occurring in unison, portrayed most noticeably in “Baying of the Jackals”, left just a strong of an impression as the scalding refrains that came before their descent.

Comparisons I’ve read include Black Tusk more frequently than most, and I will agree. However, I feel Shroud Eater carries a significantly satisfying malevolence that Black Tusk fills up with barbeque soaked ravagery. Some of these riffs and segues stimulate a familiar feeling that I get when I smash my face through construction materials in response to the shattering might of Noothgrush or unyielding grooves of Bison B.C. . Rhythmically, spear headed by drummer Felipe Torres, Shroud Eater sets themselves apart with the unorthodox fill repetitions and gnarly cymbal accentuation. Any fan of High on Fire will feel right at home between the stringently executed drum head abuse.

Summative Sentence: Eleven stoned sinister anthems sure to satiate your daily head banging quota.

Favorite Track: Vesuvius

Click here to stream Thundernoise FOR FREE on the Shroud Eater Bandcamp page.

Click here to check out Shroud Eater on Facebook.

– Jared Oates Haggard

Just Another Shitstorm Set by orlandooom407

Chip Shomburg does it again with another Shitstorm set from Miami, Florida. I was going to post this over the weekend but a combination of Football celebration, and a mega psychedelic encounter with an amphibious rhinoceros deterred my itinerary. I was only nearly able to escape back to work this morning. Article coming after an early lunch.

– Jared Oates Haggard

Holly Hunt – Maraschino by orlandooom407
November 26, 2011, 3:48 am
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Yes, Maraschino, like the cherry. The album cover looks like it could either be a distorted photo of a fire, or maybe a super close up labia. While I digress, Holly Hunt has successfully stolen my heart. This single song release only lasts about four minutes, but I just kept playing it over and over again for the purposes of writing this review. For those who are unfamiliar with Holly’s Hunt this band features Betty from Miami’s shoegazey sludge slammers: Floor providing the earth shaking percussion and her husband Gavin wielding his dual channel powered ax.  These two played one of the Orlandooom Halloween parties this last Halloween weekend, and we thought the walls were going to crash down around us. Do not see this band without earplugs no matter how tough you think you are.

While they are loud, this Miami based duo cranks out waves of groovy drone in similar style the hybrid fusion of shoegaze that Floor implements. The main aspect that sets the Hunt’s apart from the many bands that pay homage to Floor is the lack of vocal distraction and the emphasis on spacing out riffs and feedback. It feels so natural, inhaling and exhaling like a pair of untainted adult lungs. It weaves and curves through itself, giving and taking as the beast of a riff sees fit. The drums provide some incredibly tasteful passage to the riffs that bend to and fro. Nothing flashy here, just a driving heartbeat to give energy to the hearth of this song. All in all, if you like your mellow mixed with your heavy, Holly Hunt is the band for you to spend the next four minutes of your life on. You won’t regret it and whine about wanting them back like some self-indulgent keyboard whore either.

Stream Holly Hunt’s new single, Maraschino, for FREE on their Bandcamp page.

Check out Holly Hunt on Facebook. 

– Jared Oates Haggard

North&south – Ghost by orlandooom407

Happy Friday everyone! Jean Saiz, of Shroud Eater, brought this band to my attention. I’m thankful she did, because I didn’t think I was ever going to have the pleasure of reviewing anything quite like North&south. This Miami based quartet integrates a triumphant blend of ambient guitar swells, and mesmerizing percussion patterns to usher in their tranquil soundscapes. The bass guitar provides a hearty compliment to each riff and build, and I particularly enjoyed its placement within the mix.  Hope you like delay pedals, because there’s certainly no shortage of those.

Technique aside, these refined instrumentalists definitely understand the power of cohesive song writing. What’s most outstanding though is that the organization of songs allows each one to independently journey within itself, rather than unifying a spacious exodus where track changes aren’t apparent. No vocals either, but they aren’t needed with the battalion of subtle sound filling the framework.

These folks are exceptionally generous too, because the Ghost EP is available on their Bandcamp page “for the reasonable price of fucking free.” See the bottom of this review for a link.

Tasteful electronics are found beneath the waves, but they don’t take any precedence over the guitars. One exception though, on track three titled The Room, begins and ends with a forefront synthesizer that gradually pulses and rings similar to the sound of intergalactic star ship reactor. If The Room were an onomatopoeia it would sound like this: wommmm woowwrrmmm wommrraarrmm wommm. The woms reveal a hushing passage back into the carefully placed drum rhythms that introduce the fourth track: An Ocean. Not to be confused with THE Ocean. Did I mention the drummer of N&s is actually Matthew Gossman formerly of Cooper City hardcore spazz specialists: Into the fucking Moat? Well he is, and as a Cooper City native myself, it’s quite captivating to see him embracing a new, but no less rudimentary, dynamic.

The latter half of the Ghost EP takes a satisfying patient turn by allowing riffs to linger noticeably longer to stew in their own ambient audio gravy. Track five, Day of the Movement, submits to a mood that feels strikingly similar to a sunrise gradually toasting a south Floridian patio on a lethargic Saturday morning. That is, before the thermostat finds it home at a predictable 104 degrees come 10:30am.

I invite everyone to check out this wonderful example of crisp and mature musicianship this weekend over your first cup of coffee.

Check out North&south’s Ghost EP on their Bandcamp page.

Oh also, N&s are joining the sludgy caravan of The Proselyte, flyingsnakes and Hyimn in Miami, FL at Beezlebub’s Cave TONIGHT for only five measly dollars:

– Jared Oates Haggard