BLACK BREATH Confirm Invasions Of Mexico And Japan by orlandooom407

Just confirmed that sludgecore sentinels Black Breath are gearing up to ravage the East Coast, Japan and Mexico! Here’s the latest, and their newest video for Home of the Grave, from Earsplit:

“Following their recent rampage across Europe for several weeks, Washington’s whiplash-inducers BLACK BREATH have just confirmed their first tours of Mexico and Japan!

Following their previously-announced headlining slot on the Southern Lord label package tour — where BLACK BREATH will rage the U.S. for a month with support from labelmates Enabler, Burning Love and Martyrdöd and tons more — the newest set of dates will kick off just a week later. The Seattle stormtroopers will do a trio of dates in Southern California.– including a set at the massive 3-day Sound And Fury Festival alongside Earth Crisis, Harms Way, Xibalba, Alpha & Omega, Bane, Blacklisted, Terror, Touche Amore and tons more — before they cross into Mexico for a five-date trek. Less than a month after the band return from the Mexico tour, the ‘BREATH will trek across the globe for a five-date headlining assault on Japan!

Posters for all three tours, a killer video for “Home of the Grave” from BLACK BREATH’s second LP Sentenced To Life and more can be pummeled into your receptors below.”

And here’s the upcoming tour dates, no Florida though 😦

Southern Lord Summer 2012 Label Package Tour
6/19/2012 El Corazon – Seattle, WA w/ Poison Idea [tickets]
6/20/2012 Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR w/ Poison Idea [tickets]
6/21/2012 The Mezzanine – San Francisco, CA w/ Noothgrush [tickets]
6/22/2012 The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA w/ Pelican, Noothgrush [tickets]
6/23/2012 The Glass House – Pomona, CA *Southern Lord label showcase w/ Pelican
6/24/2012 The Casbah – San Diego, CA w/ Pelican [tickets]
6/25/2012 Chasers – Phoenix, AZ [tickets]
6/27/2012 Club Dada – Dallas, TX w/ Power Trip, Wild//Tribe [tickets]
6/28/2012 Red 7 – Austin, TX w/ Power Trip, Wild//Tribe [tickets]
6/29/2012 Walter’s – Houston, TX w/ Power Trip, Wild//Tribe [tickets]
6/30/2012 Three Ring Circus – New Orleans, LA w/ Dead In The Dirt [tickets]
7/01/2012 529 – Atlanta, GA w/ Dead In The Dirt [tickets]
7/02/2012 Kings Barcade – Raleigh, NC w/ Dead In the Dirt [tickets]
7/03/2012 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA w/ Dead In The Dirt [tickets]
7/04/2012 Talking Head Lounge at Sonar – Baltimore, MD w/ The Secret [tickets]
7/05/2012 Radio Bar – Boston, MA w/ The Secret [tickets]
7/06/2012 Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ The Secret [tickets]
7/07/2012 The Barbary – Philadelphia, PA w/ The Secret [tickets]
7/08/2012 Blind Bob’s – Dayton, OH w/ The Secret (*NO Martyrdöd) [tickets]
7/09/2012 Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL (*NO Martyrdöd) [tickets]
7/10/2012 Borg Ward – Milwaukee, WI (*Black Breath & Enabler ONLY) [tickets]
7/11/2012 Medusa – Minneapolis, MN (*Black Breath & Enabler ONLY)
7/13/2012 Carr’s Corner – Spokane, WA (*Black Breath ONLY)

BLACK BREATH @ Capitol Hill Block Party:
7/20/2012 Capitol Hill Block Party – Seattle, WA

BLACK BREATH July Southern California/Mexico Tour:
7/24/2012 Earl Warren Showgrounds – Santa Barbara, CA @ Sound And Fury Festival [info]
7/25/2012 Slidebar – Fullerton, CA
7/26/2012 Down And Out Bar – Los Angeles, CA w/ Aeges
7/25/2012 You Revolution Electronic Bar – Tijuana, Mexico
7/26/2012 Rocket Bar – Queretaro, Mexico w/ Antimaster
7/27/2012 Sergios – Monterrey, Mexico w/ Antimaster
7/28/2012 Steel Metal Bunker – San Luis Potosi, Mexico w/ Anitmaster
7/29/2012 Foro Alicia – Mexico City, Mexico w/ Antimaster

BLACK BREATH Japan Tour 2012:
8/22/2012 Zion – Nagoya
8/23/2012 Hokage – Osaka
8/24/2012 Rockets – Osaka Namba
8/25/2012 Club Asia – Tokyo Shibuya
8/26/2012 Antiknock – Tokyo Shinjuku

Black Breath Website
Southern Lord Records
Southern Lord Facebook
Twatter Lord


Metallic Hardcore Crusters Cynarae To Release S/T 12″ on 6/14 by orlandooom407

A389 Records has stopped it nothing in order to deliver some of the most delicious hardcore (punk) that I’ve heard thus far in 2012. This stands true for Cynarae who plan to release their debut S/T on vinyl come June 14th with A389. Imagine if Cursed never broke up and progressively adapted more down tempo slow downs and included brutal disgust gargled bellows. Each mosh hungry song shares a short handed burst of misanthropy lasting no longer than two and a half minutes each. Cynarae doesn’t skimp on the cap off metallic solos, and they tend to forgo any modern hardcore stereotypes.  This record wouldn’t even be a full length had it not been for the hulking fifteen minute conclusion which reminds me of the track Prey on Brutal Truth’s Sounds of the Animal Kingdom. You can preview some of the tracks now, and I’d highly suggest this go straight to your list of pre-orders if you dig on wax LPs.


A389 Recordings

Deathwish Inc. Drops a FREE Summer Sampler by orlandooom407


It’s here! A buffet of hardcore, punk and metallic whatever it is you need Russ. Even Audrey could dig into these killer riffs. Here’s the bands featured on the compilation in order of appearance: Narrows, Oathbreaker, Heiress, Whips/Chains, Rise And Fall, Give Up The Ghost, Loma Prieta, Victims, Birds In Row, Code Orange Kids, Touche Amore, Single Mothers, Living Eyes, Punch, Self Defense Family, Cursed, New Lows, Starkweather, and Deafheaven.

Here’s what Deathwish wanted you, the listener, to hear:

“”Summer 2012″ is an eclectic hour long trip into the Deathwish world. Download and experience the diversity and creativity within the world of aggressive music we represent. If you like what you hear, please support these artists by seeing them live and by purchasing their releases and apparel in the DW Estore @ http://www.deathwishinc.com.”

And finally, the slew of download options:

Download from Deathwish

Pale Creation – Twilight Haunt by orlandooom407

I’m particularly critical regarding vocal mixing for hardcore releases mainly because most bands emphasize lyrical placement and content themselves. I agree that hardcore music devoid of creative lyricism generates an underwhelming disfigurement, but it’s even worse when the organization doesn’t even breathe simultaneously with the instrumentation. I recall reading that Deathwish Records encourages their submissions to include lyrical sheets, and while I’m not sure that our homies at A389 do they definitely didn’t need to pre-screen Twilight Haunt: the newest release from Cleveland’s Pale Creation.

Comparisons drawn to Integrity are justified with this release due to the vocal tones elicited, and the mixing that brings each burst roaring into the foreground, rather than originating in it. I’m not sure as to what an engineer would classify the exact terminology of this technique, but the final product delivers an exceptional sensation of distant dread. This palpable terror gives reign to the guitars though, allowing song paces to bend and spew knowing that the vocals will fall into the barrage of piercing harmonies escaping from their atmospheric tinged brevity. Singer Nick Brewer lodges his misanthropy into you brain first with subtlety and then with a a series of climactic howls.

Dennis Malkamaki really tears into each second with his calculated blunting strikes. Off time tempo grooves, bloated fills, and tons of double bass meets snare snap are just a handful of his unforgiving tools. Percussive mixing was spot on here, everything feels spaced out enough to give each tom it’s own right while not compromising the exceptional snarl of the stick bouncing from the snare.

The unique contrast of burning atmospheric feedback with the chordal mid-tempo accentuation kindles a delightful neck snapping amalgamation regarding the riff structure. It almost feels as if each riff has two adverse sides flipping like a coin, two repetitions in each four, with a seamless hypnotic rhythm. It’s beauty churns forward propelled by the precise fusion of two intently aggressive elements in hardcore music. The listener: engorged by the bastions of fuzz, before ascending into a smooth fist hurling groove. Songs don’t stray to far from the two and half minute mark, but calmly vary and never reach a blinding moment. The second to last track, entitled Soundtrack for the Dreamscape, emphasizes exactly what it sounds like: gargantuan ambient riffs. This track is definitely my favorite, but also the only red herring in the length category clocking in around eight and a half minutes.

Let your ears follow your neck with this one. Did I mention that I really dig this album cover? I don’t even know what to describe it as, but all I know is that this music sounds better with that contorted suicidal ghost demon staring right through me. He does need to get his fat ass on a treadmill though, looks like the could burst under swelling at the band’s next half time descent into hell.

I’ll close with one more comment courtesy of X.Lopez regarding the tripped out cover: “No dude, it looks like the ghost of a conga drummer. He could just never let go of the beat.”

Click here to order Twilight Haunt by Pale Creation on iTunes available now through A389 Records.

– Jared Oates Haggard