Gates of Mourning – Nightfall Blooms and Golden Horns by orlandooom407

I knew I was in for a treat when former Maruta drummer Daniel Morris approached me at a Legions (who features Morris on guitar) show with this CD in hand. One man black metal tends to vary in quality, dynamics and availability but thankfully for all of us Daniel has made Gates of Mourning available on Bandcamp. Right from the get go you’re plunged into a enveloping Gregorian sound bite accompanied by a pair of mournful foot steps. Then suddenly, you find yourself cast into a flurry of thorny scorn infested instrumentation guided by the inexplicably black hearted words of Morris. From there this release exhibits the unparalleled stamina, creativity and wickedness that Morris embodies. While this technically qualifies as USBM it falls more in line with bands like Gorgoroth or 1349, but ultimately they aren’t accurate comparisons because there is a lot going on in every single song. Expect free falling crescendos, endlessly expansive guitar textures, and non stop bludgeoning blast beats soaked in Daniel’s organic drum tones. If you get a chance to see Morris perform with Legions you can marvel at his commendable physique that suits, and validates, his war hungry musicianship. Enough of my dribble, stream the whole thing on the widget below.

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Oh and you’ll have a chance to catch Legions this coming Saturday in Orlando for: YOU ARE DOOMED FEST II.

– Jared Oates


4/20 Genre Jumping Metal Insanity at SIP Orlando! by orlandooom407

Miami’s own xoxotic genre disinterested quintet Orbweaver and the blackened swamp slathered Slashpine make their eagerly anticipated returns to Central Florida tomorrow night at SIP Orlando. Local support includes local death-doom masters Druid Lord and the recently reunited black metal mongers Legions. Along with that this show marks the debut of local math metal outfit: Infinite Earths. IE features guitar from Fire in the Cave guitarist Ken Reda; he is joined by illustrator/vocalist Josh “Maz” Mazorra and drum wizard Elliot Smiggen. I posted links to music for each band below aside from Inifinite Earths who has yet to record:

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See you all tomorrow!

– Jared Oates

Swamp Ruins – Orlando’s Newest Doomsayers by orlandooom407

These two furious dudes put on a memorable live performance. Not only was their equipment completely covered in insect infested  moss, but during their first ever live set there was a crock pot filled with bog water cooking pungent fumes into the air of Will’s Pub. To make matters more digusting, Ashiq proceeded to toss a pitcher full of the vile liquid onto the audience. These guys are swamp metal. Which is why I’m happy to add them to our bands we love page.

Here’s some bio info and a link to their tunes:

Two members from black metal band Legions formed a two piece ambient doom band with musical structure that make listeners cringe as their imagination shuts their body down in shock. Grimy and ambient guitars lead the tune of hopelessness while progressive and jazz-fusion death metal drumming follow through complimenting gloom; together they create a mysterious presence that will pull you into the diseased and uncomfortably humid locations of the Earth.

Ghimel – Guitar and Vocals
Ashiq – Drums
Check out Swamp Ruins’ music on Bandcamp.

-Jared Oates Haggard