OBELYSKKH: Full Album Streaming Via Stereokiller by orlandooom407

Sludge, skeleton moustaches and lightning spewing from stigmatas? Where do I sign? Happy Friday everyone, I come bearing a brand new LP by the German sludge engineers OBELYSKKH. While I haven’t the slightest clue about how to pronounce that their jams are a psyched out journey to be had. This was recorded and mixed by the living legend Billy Anderson. Check out the stream and press release below. I hope to see everyone out at BACKBOOTH tomorrow night in downtown Orlando for Swamp Abyss Sorcery Fest. Until then, doom on brethren:

“As White Lightnin’, the second full-length from German quartet OBELYSKKH, nears release on Exile On Mainstream next week, today Stereokiller is hosting an exclusive stream of the entire album.

White Lightnin’ is a roaring tour de force of catchy, flowing sludge/doom with just the right amount of atmospheric properties to counter its skull-shattering low-end assault, drawing from pure filth through psychedelic soundscapes into postrock and back. The output of OBELYSKKH is crushing but it also breathes some kind of repetitive mantra-like ambition, which clears the air here and there and thus declines total negativity.

Amidst tours and live performances throughout Germany and abroad since their 2008 inception, White Lightnin’ follows-up OBELYSKKH’s long-time-comin’ debut Mount Nysa, which was released in 2011 via now defunct German label Droehnhaus, nearly four years after the band’s formation. Following the immediately incredible response from the doom/sludge scene it received, the band decided  against a massive gap until the next album, and over the turn of the year into 2011 set up camp with Billy Anderson (Sleep, Neurosis, Mr. Bungle, Eyehategod, High On Fire, Melvins, etc.) to capture, mix and master their new work.

White Lightnin’ will see North American release on CD, LP and digital download via Exile On Mainstream this Tuesday, October 16th.”

– Jared Oates Haggard

Shroud Eater – Thundernoise by orlandooom407

It’s about time I got down to evaluating one of my favorite albums of 2011. Miami’s menacers Shroud Eater are no strangers to most of the people that read this blog. While I am using one of my few allotted late passes to give my official take that shouldn’t deter you, the reader, in the slightest from getting your hands on this pinnacle sludge, and sparingly psychedelic, metal record. There will, of course, be a link below to help you with that. I do appreciate the black and white mirror of the gaping chakra specter. Is that the omniscient Illuminati I see in the middle surveying the chaos?

Guitar tones should always portray the grit soaked realities of the ax wielder. Case and point with “the shrouds” string section: a volcanic combination of guitarist/vocalist Jean Saiz and bassist Jan Valentine. Make sure to heat up a bath before giving Thundernoise an in depth listen. You’re going to need it to help wash off the leagues of radioactive sludge cemented into your ears, eyes and everywhere else on your flesh. Nothing gets my heart pumping faster than a detonation of fervent filthy guitars led by caustically primal, and possibly Laveyan, lyricism. There’s really an unmistakable and unifying savagery about the SE presentation. Positively paramount. Stunting slow downs are among the crafty devices within the Shroud Eater musical tool box. There were times where the gradual degradation occurring in unison, portrayed most noticeably in “Baying of the Jackals”, left just a strong of an impression as the scalding refrains that came before their descent.

Comparisons I’ve read include Black Tusk more frequently than most, and I will agree. However, I feel Shroud Eater carries a significantly satisfying malevolence that Black Tusk fills up with barbeque soaked ravagery. Some of these riffs and segues stimulate a familiar feeling that I get when I smash my face through construction materials in response to the shattering might of Noothgrush or unyielding grooves of Bison B.C. . Rhythmically, spear headed by drummer Felipe Torres, Shroud Eater sets themselves apart with the unorthodox fill repetitions and gnarly cymbal accentuation. Any fan of High on Fire will feel right at home between the stringently executed drum head abuse.

Summative Sentence: Eleven stoned sinister anthems sure to satiate your daily head banging quota.

Favorite Track: Vesuvius

Click here to stream Thundernoise FOR FREE on the Shroud Eater Bandcamp page.

Click here to check out Shroud Eater on Facebook.

– Jared Oates Haggard

Junior Bruce – The Headless King by orlandooom407

After emerging from a severe New Year’s celebration-induced coma, I was (digitally) slapped in the face with the first title to review in 2012. I couldn’t’ve been happier once I found out it was Junior Bruce’s debut 12”, The Headless King. What better to cure my cosmic hangover than JB’s prescription-strength riffs and Dr. Angelacos’ mad prognoses? It’s like George Clinton said; “The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill.”

A pill this ain’t, though. No, Junior Bruce have never forced themselves down people’s throats. You’re more likely to find yourself pulled towards some unseen center in each song. This happens a lot live, where the crowd is likely to sway and headbang in near-perfect sync: perfect Hessian unison. Don’t trust my damaged recall though, it’s better just to hop right into the music.

The Headless King comes after a period of uncertainty for the JB crew. Several lineup changes occurred prior to their signing to A389 Records, and there was a span of time where we in Orlando wondered if we’d even see these guys perform live again. All that’s settled now, and an invigorated JB roars out of the gate on this slab, rocking faces and giving no quarter. Judging by the energy pressed into this wax, Junior Bruce got forged by fire and brought this banger back from the pit.

The highlights of the album come from the slow-burning “A Plague For Thieves,” opening with a hypnotic fuzz bass riff and bellowing proclamations, the surging “Churchburner,” and my personal favorite, “Book of Tyranny,” which branches out from a soul-burying sub bass deluge to the most triumphant arrangement on the entire album. JB is best when their music sounds like it’s conquering something, vocalist Scott Angelacos leading a sludge metal raid party on the sonic plane.

The best part about this album is that Junior Bruce has managed to capture their live sound very well, which is to say it’s furious and tends to command a listener’s attention. The band’s maiden voyage into sludge waters comes just in time for what should be a great year for metal. Definitely for anyone who needs a fresh injection of only the best in boulder-to-the-face riffage, fans of Spirit Caravan, High on Fire, and fellow Floridian sludgehammers Hollow Leg. Cop their album at the end of this month on A389 Records, and see them on their upcoming tour! (They’re cool guys, too, feel free to say hi…just don’t, like, start singing Dragula or anything.)

Check out a preview of the track Defeatist by clicking here.

Click here to check out Junior Bruce on Facebook.

Another fun fact about Junior Bruce is their inclusion in the A389 Anniversary Bash happening next weekend in Baltimore, MD at SONAR. Click the flier below for set times and more information:

– Chris Nunez

Web Comic Wednesday – The Man Disses Matt Pike by orlandooom407
September 21, 2011, 4:46 pm
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Thanks again to Keith Carlson for yet another comic! This week we poke fun at Matt Pike, mainly because it’s almost impossible to dis his guitar playing.

Also, if you can’t listen to Dopesmoker in one sitting: You are a fucking pussy.

-Jared Oates Haggard