Earth Joined By Holly Hunt For Only Florida Show In 2012 by orlandooom407

My excitement has been in the red zone since I heard Earth was playing a Florida show, and in my own town none the less. The god fathers, hallmarked and validated by Nirvana icon Kurt Cobain, have undergone a myriad of musical journeys through the catch all classification of ‘drone’. Whether you like your entrancing to be malevolent or more mystical there’s probably something in an Earth set for your ears. The show’s support includes the wacky piano enthralled jazz music of Steve Moore under the moniker Stebmo and the tectonic refrains of Miami’s loudest (drone) duo Holly Hunt. To help better explain the importance of this head hammering hat trick billing I spoke candidly to Holly Hunt earlier this afternoon. For those unaware of the pulverizing power of Holly Hunt their presence on stage is nothing short of sonic savagery akin to an eternal over exposure to CO2. Holly Hunt attributes their attention ‘riff length’ to “…a feel. Instinct.”. Gavin elaborated saying that “some deliberation occurs sometimes with some riff/tracks/compositions, mostly though it’s a gut feeling. We try and stay as present and aware as possible when writing.”

It’s no secret that Gavin and Betty are proud mega fans about Earth’s music. Gavin claims that their attractions to the band are the “…raw, mediated energy. The tone is sick, dark, entropic. The slow tempo perfectly illustrates the grind of life.” When asked them both what their favorite song was, they both simultaneously answered with ‘Ouroboros Is Broken’ (which you can jam below).

Make sure to grab your ticket now, because I hear they’re going fast and this show should be a sell out. You can purchase ticket by clicking here.

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– Jared Oates Haggard


Put The Bong Down For Two Seconds And Soar With SERIAL HAWK by orlandooom407

Thanks to Seattle’s SERIAL HAWK for sharing a digital stream of their upcoming 12″ Vinyl ‘Buried in the Gray’. The EP was recorded by Adam Pike (Red Fang, Black Elk, Norska, White Orange). This four song effort encourages a hefty helping of head bang complete with a side of psychedelic cool down. This release culminates an overload of precise break neck riff control. Hammering out the stoned stupid grooves nail the top priority of these hawks driving that nail home into their lapel. Dip your ears into these crooked riffs, complete with a nine minute mammoth entitled SILENCE MEANS NOTHING (you worm), with this handy streaming widget:


Serial Hawk Dot Com

Chimpgrinder – Voulme 666 EP by orlandooom407

Hail to the chimp baby. If you’ve got a coffee break in need of some bluesy doom metal make sure to check out the widget at the bottom. Chimpgrinder are a Philadelphia based quartet that bequeathed this roasting homage to Black Sabbath, rather than Napalm Death which their name initially implies. While there isn’t any ground breaking experimentation going on here what you can expect includes a red hot familiarity any metal head can identify with, I mean unless you don’t like Sabbath or Sleep. Tidbits of the riffage give  nod to more modern doom metal half-timed variations which bear a striking similarity to Triptykon. The vocals are littered with the coarse testosterone you come to expect from anything correlated with Satan and certain all-natural medicines. It’s super short so don’t delay and take five to unwind.

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– Jared Oates

Sunday Doom’s Day. January 29th /w Jucifer, Sons of Tonatiuh, and FOUR MORE! by orlandooom407


I normally don’t write about shows that I perform in. I had to make an exception here. This lineup is bursting at the seams with crucial heavy hitters that you may or may not have seen. Let’s start with the originators of onslaught in Sons of Tonatiuh:

This trio hails from Hotlanta, GA, and this isn’t their first rodeo here in Orlando. Formerly the Sons have slain alongside local favorites Khann, Junior Bruce and Hollow Leg on two separate occasions. These four dudes domineer an intrusive sonic battering ram that catches repeated bursts of grimy odd tempo grooves, smothering southern fried riffing, and anxiously cauterized vocals.

This date originally began with the Sons who are currently embarking on a southern tour through Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee. Here are the other Floridian dates:

01/27 Jacksonville, FL ~ Shantytown w/ Vomikaust and Church Whip
01/28 Miami, FL ~ The Cave w/ House of Lightning, Holly Hunt, & Shroud Eater
01/30 Gainesville, FL ~ 1982 Bar w/ Army of Ponch & Gaul
01/31 Fort Walton Beach, FL ~ Coasters w/ Slowpoke Rodriguez

If you haven’t already I’d suggest you crank up the Sons self-titled LP. Click here for a complimentary streaming copy.

Other high lights include the devastating duo in House of Lightning. Those familiar with long time Floridian favorites Floor and Dove will recognize veteran singer/guitarist Henry Wilson. He’s joined by drummer John Ostberg. From what I can remember the one time I saw HoL back in 2008 it was an interesting mix-up of blazing speed parted with a gargantuan guitar based adhesive. Due to the underwhelming amount of public description I’ll let one of their most recent videos do the talking:

That brings me to the third guest of honor, seeing as Octopoid, Swamp Ruins and by band are locals, and of course I’m talking about Jucifer (Relapse Records):

Jucifer is the demonic RV propelled duo from fucking hell. Having arguably been named one of the loudest bands in the south, and probably the whole planet, Jucifer has consequently also been named the third leading cause of tinnitus in metal fans. They came in just behind Neurosis and alcohol related amateur self ear removal. Bring some ear plugs, and gun range headphones to wear over those.

$10. Tomorrow night. 7pm. Be there, get deaf. Click here for more info.

– Jared Oates Haggard