Last week we previewed the newest self-titled 12″ due out from Washington state hardcore band Cynarae on A389 Records. Today we’ve learned that they’ve announced some new west coast shows:

6/8/2012 San Francisco, CA @ 924 Gilman St (w/ KISS IT GOODBYE)
6/10/2012 Seattle, WA @ Highline (w/ KISS IT GOODBYE)
6/28/2012 Portland, OR @ Laughing Horse Book & Film Collective (w/ HORDES)
6/29/2012 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge (w/ HORDES)

Here’s a look at what one could expect from their live show:




New Video In Anticipation of Primate LP Vinyl Release July 3rd by orlandooom407

When Primate played their first show in Orlando last year I was tasked with escorting Bill Kelliher (Mastodon) from Orlando International down to Will’s Pub. Them, along with Atlanta noise rockers Whores (Brutal Panda Records), gave a stunning harder than mountains performance alongside Junior Bruce (A389 Records). In support of their pressing of their debut LP Draw Back A Stump the band has released a brand new video:

Here’s the press release that was coupled with this excellent piece of musical film:

“Two separate anthems from grindsmiths PRIMATE‘s debut LP Draw Back a Stump have been set loose on a public rampage this week. Today fans can hear the raging track “Pride” via a Relapse lyric video AT THIS LOCATION.

Recently, Metal Injection included the album’s opening/title track “Draw Back a Stump” on an exclusive twenty-song Relapse podcast downloadable RIGHT HERE.

After an initial 1000-run CD pressing released by the band directly in 2011 was quickly devoured by an immediately ravenous fanbase, PRIMATE will re-unleash their debut album Draw Back A Stump via Relapse on July 3rd through CD, LP and deluxe digital download formats. The seven hymns from the initial version now include additional rhythm guitars and have been remixed and remastered, and are joined with three previously-unreleased bonus tracks for this edition. Pre-orders for the album are available HERE.

Atlanta’s villainous PRIMATE is comprised of vocalist Kevin Sharp, bassist/vocalist Dave Whitworth, drummer Shayne Huff and guitarists Bill Kelliher and Mike Brennan, an all-star lineup hellbent on delivering Grade-A punk the likes of which has not been set loose on the ears of the world since the glory days hardcore. Following several destructive live appearances last year after the album was initially released, this new version will see PRIMATE taking to the streets once again, as live confrontations and more are being planned to take place over the coming months.”

Primate Website


Relapse Records

Relapse Records Bandcamp

Relapse Records Facebook

Scion Rock Fest Set Times Chart (IN COLOR)! by orlandooom407

Scion Rock Fest kicks off tomorrow at 2PM EST in Tampa, Florida. We all couldn’t surpass our current state of elation if we tried. Here’s a handy colorful chart, created by Floridian West Coast native Chris Elmore, to help you in breaking up your evening. Orlandooom contributors and friends are sure to litter to floors of The Rtiz, Czar Bar and The Orpheum. I don’t know about everyone else, but there’s no way I’d miss The Atlas Moth, Sleep, Witch Mountain, Church of Misery or Saint Vitus. Might dip out during Down to catch a peek at Merzbow to complete the day’s sonic overload. Here’s Scion A/V Metal‘s graphical running order too:

Scion Rock Fest Information

Scion A/V Twitter

Touche Amore “Live on BBC Radio 1” 7″EP Teaser Video by orlandooom407

Deathwish just posted a brand new sneak peak at an upcoming 7′ from the chilling hardcore punkers Touche Amore. This seven inch will feature live recordings from their performance on BBC Radio 1. Enough jabberin’ here’s the video:



Deathwish Records

Central Florida Heavy Metal Triple Header 4/13-4/16 by orlandooom407

Red incsior not red fang”

Next weekend looks to showcase three pivotal lineups catering to fans of metal, hardcore, grindcore and even (real) screamo. Ragnarok begins on Friday April 13th at Will’s Pub featuring the Relapse Records and Southern Lord grand slam assortment beginning with local doom heroes Demons, deafening ritual abuse by Cough, the satisfyingly southern surf rockers ASG, and finally dropping the torn curtain with punishment gluttons: Weedeater. This might possibly be the one time you’ll see masochistic weed wizards uninjured; in light of their last two shows in Central Florida being cancelled due to broken gitfiddle fingers and what I like to call self-inflicted Cheneyin’. Credit for this comes from the triple threat sponsorship from NK Presents, Ninety Proof Productions, and Scott White and friends at Rise Above Tattoo. Shows like these are the reason this blog was originally permitted to exist, and I can attest that the $15 will qualify as well-invested.

“Oodles and oodles of brutals”

Sunday slathers on a chunky spread of break downs thanks to newcomers Kingdom Booking Management. Who said this stuff has to end with Despised Icon now defunct and Meshuggah writing sales record breaking albums? Leading the charge into the cluster fuck of suburban Taekwondo at Bombshells are OD6’s favorite fist swingers Forty Winters (Dead Truth Recordings) and super breakdown brothers in Wavedash Through the Onslaught. Should any foundation of the building remain the carnage will prevail with Floridian gone large(r) brutes King Conquer (Mediaskare Records), freshly contracted 305 death metal architects Abiotic (Metal Blade Records), and the (currently) unsigned tour hungry quintet In Reference To A Sinking Ship. Apparently there are a handful of other local support bands, but I’ll invite readers to join me in my (un)favorable spontaneity rather than listen to home made trigger happy recordings.

“Emerald eye and forked tongue seek out the screams”

I’ll start by complimenting Vivek Vasudeva for another astounding flier lay out. The Norse Korea armada spear headed this beaut, and that’s all I’ll be able to post on the matter. I have good reason, because The Orlando Weekly will feature a selection on this show later next week that I had written already. Go pick it up, and in the mean time just let these videos do the convincing for you:

– Jared Oates Haggard

Eddie Brock – Brand New Day 7″ by orlandooom407

With a sludge symbiote firmly attached, Eddie Brock (A38 Recordings) have slung out a great powerviolence release to round out this first quarter of the year. Hailing from Baltimore, MD, these guys nail down a sound that is equal parts pure Spazz worship and Weekend Nachos-esque crustiness. With all of the classiness and subtlety of a homemade tattoo, this 7” balances warp speed grind segments, breakdowns that would be at home as a riff on a Cough record, and time honored caveman crust call-and-response. “I’ll B There 4U” is the longest and best track on here, a mass at the altar of Crossed Out with savage attention to dynamics. EB don’t waste any time with samples or proclamations, making this a perfect 7” to sate those immense cravings for absolute face destruction.

Face can meet said destruction via A389 Recordings in colored vinyl form, other releases also available at Eddie Brock’s Bandcamp. Refer to this gif for enhanced listening experience.

Click here to follow Eddie Brock on Facebook.

– Chris Nunez

NAILBITER, Centuries, Recreant and Abuse TONIGHT at Sip! by orlandooom407

9pm. $6. 18+ Hard Wok Food Truck should be on site serving up the dank cuisine.

Facebook event.

– Jared Oates Haggard