New Beastwars Music Video For Tower of Skulls by orlandooom407

BEASTWARS, the band (sorry Dinobot), have released a vibrantly new music video for our enjoyment. The song, entitled Tower of Skulls, boasts a psychedelic trip through camera trickery and a myriad of visual hypnosis spanning several different natural landscapes including blue deserts and eclipsing suns. Enjoy!

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– Jared Oates Haggard


OBELYSKKH: Full Album Streaming Via Stereokiller by orlandooom407

Sludge, skeleton moustaches and lightning spewing from stigmatas? Where do I sign? Happy Friday everyone, I come bearing a brand new LP by the German sludge engineers OBELYSKKH. While I haven’t the slightest clue about how to pronounce that their jams are a psyched out journey to be had. This was recorded and mixed by the living legend Billy Anderson. Check out the stream and press release below. I hope to see everyone out at BACKBOOTH tomorrow night in downtown Orlando for Swamp Abyss Sorcery Fest. Until then, doom on brethren:

“As White Lightnin’, the second full-length from German quartet OBELYSKKH, nears release on Exile On Mainstream next week, today Stereokiller is hosting an exclusive stream of the entire album.

White Lightnin’ is a roaring tour de force of catchy, flowing sludge/doom with just the right amount of atmospheric properties to counter its skull-shattering low-end assault, drawing from pure filth through psychedelic soundscapes into postrock and back. The output of OBELYSKKH is crushing but it also breathes some kind of repetitive mantra-like ambition, which clears the air here and there and thus declines total negativity.

Amidst tours and live performances throughout Germany and abroad since their 2008 inception, White Lightnin’ follows-up OBELYSKKH’s long-time-comin’ debut Mount Nysa, which was released in 2011 via now defunct German label Droehnhaus, nearly four years after the band’s formation. Following the immediately incredible response from the doom/sludge scene it received, the band decided  against a massive gap until the next album, and over the turn of the year into 2011 set up camp with Billy Anderson (Sleep, Neurosis, Mr. Bungle, Eyehategod, High On Fire, Melvins, etc.) to capture, mix and master their new work.

White Lightnin’ will see North American release on CD, LP and digital download via Exile On Mainstream this Tuesday, October 16th.”

– Jared Oates Haggard

Wolfshead – S/T by orlandooom407

“I used to want to be a man of substance, and now I’m just a man of substances”

Holy heapin Hampshire get out of the way! My standards for doom duo brutality has escalated to Wolfshead status. Imagine if you were to comb riffs from Orange Goblin and Hollow Leg then add a vocal range that invokes everything from clearly stoned harmonies to bombastic gut boiling growls. And I must say, this album art is quite classy. This fifteen minute(ish) EP weighs more than the bloated corpses of two binge eating blue whales. There isn’t a device imaginable that could wield the sheer girth of this mammoth monolith of doom metal. Guitar tubes are set to constant fuzz right the fuck out like a thoroughly grown coat of an Irish wolfhound. There’s something in the water across the pond and it sounds impeccable. Don’t skip out on this free EP (FREE-P).

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Also, I’ve decided to add this to my list of honorable mentions for best of 2012:

(January)  Alcest Les Voyages De L’âme

(February)  BIIPIIGWAN Nibaak EP

(March) Wizard Rifle Speak Loud Say Nothing

(April) Beyond Terror Beyond Grace Nadir

Honorable Mentions:

Dodecahedron S/T

Sigh In Somniphobia

I Saw The Deep Astronavigation

GNATS to the hands of heathens

Wolfshead S/T

– Jared Oates

Thou – To the Chaos Wizard Youth by orlandooom407

Adaptation is the key to survival. Those who resist change and try to ignore the inevitable get left in the dust. The last decade has seen the music industry change radically and without pointing out the obvious changes, it’s safe to say it will never be the same. Some bands and almost all labels are clinging to the old model, still hoping that everything just resets and goes back to normal. But, there are some bands that realize the old ways are gone and are finding new ways to bypass the middle man to get music to their fans. Thou is one of those bands. They release their staggering amount of albums of varying length for free on their website and communicate directly and frequently with their fans.

Admittedly, when I first heard of Thou I was more interested with the way they handled the business side than their music. But after digging around their discography I began to get more interested in the progression of the band musically. They chronicle every musical step they make and leave behind a collection of LPs and EPs that can be seen as an evolutionary chart. On their third release of this year, To The Chaos Wizard Youth, the band continues to move forward and grow.

The band hails from the same Louisiana swampland as Eyehategod and unsuprisingly are compared to them often. But if Eyehategod is the sound of a dopesick junkie shivering and clinging on to life in the corner of flea infested apartment then Thou is that junkie climbing up from rock bottom to get their shit together. Their production quality and songwriting improve with each release; adding more dynamic shifts to compliment their earth shattering riffs and feedback.  The songs are frequently anthemic and strangely life affirming. They have taken the epic scope of Neurosis and keep it at a gritty street level that comes from their punk background. To The Chaos Wizard Youth builds upon the atmospheric groundwork laid by last year’s stellar album Summit. The riffs shake the walls of your home and let up only for screeching feedback to build tension to the next set of pummeling riffs. Gaining more notoriety has not changed the band’s approach as they are planning more releases for next year and further cementing their reputation as the new lynchpin of the American doom scene.

 Click here to download To the Chaos Wizard Youth, FOR FREE available on Howling Mine Records!

Also, Thou along with False, Cloud Rat, Cannabass and Fire in the Cave will be playing at Will’s Pub next Friday December 9th. The show is $6, and you can click here for more details and links to hear all the bands involved:

– Clark Johnson

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Demons, Abuse and With My Bear Hands 9/17 @ The Peacock Room by orlandooom407

Super excited for this one. While this flier doesn’t reflect that With My Bear Hands will further accentuate this exceptional bill, they are and here’s the proof!

Since I’ve spoken on Demons and Abuse at great length before, I’d encourage new readers to check out these bands for themselves below:

Demons (Orlando Sludge Juggernauts) – Check them out on Facebook

Abuse (Orlando Math Punk Mad Men) – Check out their debut EP on Bandcamp

With My Bear Hands (Orlando Hardocre) – Check them out on Bandcamp

-Jared Oates Haggard