Pug Destroyer Shirts Benefit Pug Rescue of Florida by orlandooom407

How can you say no to that face? I certainly couldn’t because I submitted my application to volunteer with the Pug Rescue of Florida this morning after reading this Metal Injection article. My philanthropy senses began to tingle much like Spiderman’s hyper sensitivity to super suited psychopaths. The shirts themselves are available for $18 thanks to Pig Destroyer and ANIMAL New York. Portions of the proceeds go directly to the Florida Pug Rescue crew.

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And, here’s the video that spawned the viral craze:

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– Jared Oates Haggard


THEORIES Will Grind Your Philosophies Into Slop by orlandooom407

Theorie, a particularly well practices grind act from Seattle, was brought to my attention this morning via the Earsplit PR Twitter page. The rebellious imagery goes in hand with their grind focal ferocity, and they even toss in a big ‘ol mess of harmonious fusions between guitar harmonies and botchulesque guttural vocals. Their forthcoming tour features a stint with Chaos in Tejas, and dates with the likes of Municipal Waste, 3 Inches of Blood, Dragged Into Sunlight, Cough, Black Sheep Wall, Plague Widow, Whitehorse and Landmine Marathon just to name a few. They released (free) material last year, simply titled 2011, and I’ve linked the Bandcamp widget for that one below. Here are the tour dates:

5/26/2012 Highline – Seattle, WA w/ Nasum, Black Breath, Massgrave
5/27/2012 The Shredder – Boise, ID w/ Germika
5/28/2012 Blast-O-Mat – Denver, CO w/ Veil Of Pnath, CTTTOAFF, Beneath, Kitezh
5/29/2012 Ernie November Records – Cheyenne, WY w/ Shroud
5/31/2012 The Pine Box – Midland, TX w/ Toxic Holocaust, Midnight
6/01/2012 TBA – Austin, TX @ Chaos In Tejas
6/02/2012 TBA – Austin, TX @ Chaos In Tejas
6/03/2012 Hotel Vegas – Austin, TX @ Chaos In Tejas w/ Dragged Into Sunlight, Whitehorse, Cough, Batillus, Cross
6/04/2012 Zombies – San Antonio, TX
6/05/2012 Badlands Billiards – El Paso, TX w/ Ghoul, Toxic Holocaust
6/06/2012 910 Live – Phoenix, AZ w/ Ghoul, Toxic Holocaust, Landmine Marathon, Kiss it Goodbye, Massgrave, Sorrower, Abiotx
6/07/2012 The Lot – San Diego, CA w/ Ghoul
6/08/2012 Black Castle – Los Angeles, CA w/ Ghoul, Gravehill, Witchaven, Temple of Dagon
6/09/2012 924 Gilman – Berkley, CA w/ Ghoul, Forward, Opposition Rising, Fucktard
6/10/2012 Jub Jubs – Reno, NV
6/11/2012 The Green House – Concord, CA
6/12/2012 Oak Park Boiz House – Sacramento, CA w/ Napalm Raid, Black Sheep Wall, Name, Plague Window
6/13/2012 Metro – Oakland, CA w/ Municipal Waste, 3 Inches of Blood, Black Tusk


Source via Earsplit PR

Oblivionized – Nullify the Cycle by orlandooom407

Big thanks are in order for Grind Karaoke since they brought this release to my ears with maximized efficiency (and for FREE). Oblivionized are a merciless death-grind quintet from London. Nullify the Cycle, their newest EP, features a collection of three songs two of which are what you’d come to expect from a well practiced grindcore outfit. Both tracks covey a painstaking appreciation for Napalm Death, but verify their creativity with mind melting dissonance and a complete disregard for complacent tempos. Add a sprinkle of Origin flavored deathgrind, bake at four hundred and twenty degrees for  half an hour, slice and enjoy! Concluding the record is a five minute blot that flourishes slowly with an eerie acoustic guitar accompanied behind what sounds like a dehydrated James Earl Jones chained to the wall of some Eastern European torture chamber. Aforementioned textures are followed by clean lyricism and subtle piano that completes the 180 transformation and puts this EP to rest. I don’t think I’ve gotten this many goosebumps since the last time I listened to Rwake in complete darkness. This is currently my favorite release for March 2012. Will it win? Time shall tell.

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– Jarad Oates Haggard

Plague Widow – S/T EP by orlandooom407

I apologize for the delay in new content, all of us have been busy with pressing matters. Fear not, I return today with some delectable deathgrind for the hump day dreariness. Plague Widow hails from Sacramento and have done a commendable job spreading their disease to each corner of the web. In conjunction with their dedicated leg work their putrid amalgamation rotten death metal atmosphere and contorted grindcore song structure thoroughly, and forcefully, flushes the ear drums of any impurities. Coupled around corporeally eviscerating songs, entitled Abyss I and II, are some short tracks consisting only of disconcerting (film) samples that I can’t seem to recognize. Expect hairpin percussion, grotesque guitar tones, and bile curdling vocals as well between the introduction and outro tracks which consist of demented noisy descents into what seems to be the end of the fucking world. I would highly suggest this to anyone fervent for Cephalic Carnage, Enfold Darkness or Brodequin.

Favorite Track – Mabus Incarnate

Summative Sentence – An all too short lived onslaught of savagely spastic burnt black deathgrind.

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– Jarad Oates Haggard

Psycroptic – The Inherited Repression by orlandooom407

This is definitely not the Psycroptic I remember hearing in 2006 when Symbols of of Failure released. I honestly haven’t kept up with these ostentatious Aussies, and I selected to review The Inherited Repression on complete impulse. I say hybrid because Cephalic Carnage aren’t the only ones taking tidbits from sludgy and grindcore compositions these days. One should still expect well practiced down tuned devastation for which they’ve always received notable praise.

TIR starts off with “Carriers of the Plague” and immediately reaches for attention by waving around the timing chops. Thrashy (or crossed over?)  leads are tossed in briefly before another brutal juxtaposition by integrating precise chonging (chugging). The chugging would tease any listeners expecting any kind of a comforting break down. Much to my surprise the guitar tone stands out here unlike my memory of previous recordings. If I recall correctly former tones were familiar yet similar to a habitat for sentient mechanical hornets. Now they hulk around a thickened sound shared by bands like Bison B.C. or Mastodon. Bass fiddle tracks also follow this motif of sewage soaked tinge, and hammer the supportive  rhythmic beams into place. In accordance with tone The Inherited Repression also sports lumbering southern fried riffing while still finding ways to branch into bewildering double bass driven death metal. Not only that, but certain songs carry an aroma of  unmistakable groove oriented hardcore similar to the likes of A Life Once Lost or Burnt By the Sun.

Every song showcases a trek through each of Psycroptic’s favorite metallic flavors. Grind nuances make fleeting appearances in conjunction with riffs filing into their half-timed counter parts. Portions that affirm a dedication to remain a death metal band bore association to Vader‘s by having slower groovy riffs contrasted with freakishly hasty percussion (from every appendage).  Vocals range from mid to low brutalized barks and provide a dominant accentuation to the onslaught of instrumentation.

After a few listens I really began to fully perceive the clever transitions between riffs. Psycroptic, a band I never paid mind to before yesterday, has successfully stitched together an astoundingly cohesive medley for several of my favorite styles of metal.

Summative Sentence: A punishing gargantuan construct of fattening guitars and unnerving vocal vigor in convoy with double bass velocity that would make Achilles look like Billy Milano following a complimentary buffet.

Favorite Track: Carriers of the Plague

Click here to order The Inherited Repression from Nuclear Blast Records.

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– Jared Oates Haggard

Aborted – Global Flatline by orlandooom407

Some great things have come out of Belgium, like beer, cheese, and some great looking supermodels. Ever heard of late 80’s grind stars Agathocles? Yea, Belgium. So now that I have you thinking about Belgium, did you know Aborted was from there, because I sure as hell didn’t. They’ve recently released their sixth full length album titled Global Flatline, their third release on Century Media Records. This is their first album in four years, and there have been some member changes, like new guitarists, a new bassist, and a new drummer. Pretty much everything that made their previous album, Strychnine.213 sound like the metallic equivalent of a long, moist fart.A surprising album for a death metal band, in that it’s 15 tracks long and clocks in at a solid 51 minutes and 12 seconds (roughly). A ballsy move. Why? This is the same band that’s had songs run together in the past, just like the aforementioned Strychnine.213, and again on Archaic Abattoir. Honestly though, the album does feels a little run on, especially when you start to get towards the middle.

You’re probably sitting there thinking “alright, get to the fucking point Aborted, tighten your shit up!” And it’s not even like the music is bad per se, it’s that the songs feel more dragged out than they should. This is an album review, so don’t take my word on it, let’s look at the music.

The flat line begins with an ominous intro. Pretty standard fare, as they’ve had this approach in the past. Yawn, next track. “The Origin of Disease”, the first actual song on the album, rips out of the gate with some ferocious drumming courtesy of Ken Bedene, and guitar work that feels reminiscent of Carcass and Emeth, the latter being fellow Belgianites. The song plods around, throws a little breakdown, and then slows down into some chugging with a spit of atmospheric reverb that segues into the token death metal solo. Not too bad, Aborted, better than Strychnine.213 already.

So you get to the next song, and then the next, and oh fuck, aw shit, every song follows the same formula. If not identical, some incestuous variation. That’s not to say that a formulaic approach to song writing guarantees a lack of quality, look at Nasum. They did what they did so well, it didn’t fucking matter how similar the approach was, it was still fucking great. Unfortunately, Aborted aren’t as up to snuff with song writing, because after the fourth track (entitled Fecal Forgery, I definitely laughed when I read that) the songs begin to bleed into each other instead of being stand alone tracks. It’s just riff after riff of Carcass worship, all tied together with hasty solid drumming. If you like Carcass, you’ll enjoy Aborted rehashing their riffs.

The first song to break away from the formulaic incpeption: Expurgation Euphoria. The double E starts off slow with some groovy dissonance in the chugs that lead into the actual song. The song maintains until the middle, and finds an evening pace around then. They start to rehash the beginning riffs to finish the song; a nice escape from the first half of the album that had become almost predictable by this point. You aren’t going to find much else in variation on this album, the first half of the album can be interchanged with the second half with little trouble. There isn’t much feel of flow, and the riffs that really get your neck moving are few and far between.

Now. Am I saying the album is shit? Not necessarily, there are some standout tracks that rise above the other tracks, like Endstille, which has a classic Carcass sounding intro that really lays into the groove, which it then keeps right into some really nice guitar work. After all this wankery, they get into a really sick mid paced song, but it’s 6 and a half minutes long, so the constant repetition of their own motifs wears one down. And the first song, The Ominous Bloodline? I don’t care if it’s Carcass worship, it has a solid sound that many other bands try (and fail) to pull off.

Bottom line, this album didn’t really impress me, it was a pretty safe bet for a death metal album. You won’t hear a track, and then look to your friend and yell “HOLY SHIT, DUDE” and then mercilessly shred on your air guitar. You won’t circle pit in your living room/office/car. You’ll recognize it for what it is, another Aborted album, and appreciate it for its Carcass aspects, and then probably never think about it again.

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– Joseph Roettgen

Dystrophy – Split /w Dethroned Emperor by orlandooom407

Zombie? Check. Funeral monument that appears to be comprised only of souls glued together? Check. Magical skeleton wizard shit? Double check. Dystrophy, hailing from New Brunswick New Jersey, was brought to my attention by their guitarist Peter Brown. I’m glad he did, nothing I admire more than a DIY e-mail, especially because this caliber of musicianship is always welcome in my ear holes.

This record doesn’t waste any time, and the first track kicks down your comfort zone without any regard for a build up. The blurring speeds of the guitar work from the very get go are exceptionally jarring and technical. That said, the precision at which each member performs gives unquestionable merit to the rapid displays of multidimensional musical characteristics. Qualities of Cephalic Carnage  style death grind are most prevalent throughout, but I feel that the lucid transitions from rigorous technicality to subdued jazzy interludes prove the most satisfying. Everything just feels so seamless during these moments, and they’re usually accompanied by a wicked guitar lead reminiscent of Atheist style old school death metal. I’ve always thought that when classic death metal fuses into differing root sentiments, as far as song construction goes, it always delivers an intensely gladdening reaction. There’s also apparent evidence of thrashy persuasions during certain “less tech more deck” segues. There’s a lot going on here, and it all sounds fucking great.

With no shortage of brutality, I feel that the vocals really shine here. The placement highlights itself within each riff, and never simply follows the rest of the instrumentation. Each burst of demoralizing utterances acts independently within the tornado of fervent blast beats and incalculable time changes. I know I haven’t mentioned Dystrophy’s uncanny taste when introducing a half-time variation (breakdown for all you children). Even though it’s painfully obvious that Dystrophy sets themselves apart with their dexterity they also can mutate those sentiments into wonderful segments of neck snapping brutality akin to that of Cryptopsy or Pig Destroyer. 

I have not yet listened to the other side of this split by Dethroned Emperor, but, with a name like that, it’s a safe bet that I’ll be taking a listen very soon.

Click here to check out Dystrophy’s Split for a NAME YOUR OWN PRICE download on their Bandcamp page!

– Jared Oates Haggard