Code Orange Kids – Love is Love // Return to Dust by orlandooom407

If you’ve been paying attention to my Last.fm page, which I hope you haven’t, you’ll notice this record has become part of my permanent musical furniture arrangement. The social media savvy Code Orange Kids are a band that does every single thing a (metallic) hardcore band should in that they keep the listener grooving without compromising the caustic power of a jarring arrangement or spontaneous drum solo to reconstruct as song that had already been blown apart by writhing words and/or dispatched by a wayward calm. What struck me as most fascinating was the kids emphasis for bizarre dichotomies separated by punctuation (like this) // or this. Some songs boast two entirely different sides as they progress, so each song in a way represents a split within itself. Two songs in each song. Regardless of how you like to organize your breakfast on the plate the kids will still cram it all down the back of your throat clutching fork, fist and all. Comparisons to Loma Prieta or Birds in Row need not be taken into account for an apt and optimal listening experience. Even if you’re one of those metal folks that ‘doesn’t do hardcore’, probably because you happened to listen to Confide before discovering Cursed, I would highly suggest clicking play below. If ‘Flowermouth (The Leech)’ doesn’t hook your head into a perpetual bang by the second riff then it just wasn’t meant to be. That said, I feel that this LP wins Album of the Year in my heart so kudos to the band and Deathwish Inc for making it all come together.

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Also, you can catch ‘dem kidz on tour with pro-thought terrors Gaza and A389 Records’ Full of Hell on tour this winter!

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– Jared Oates Haggard


Metallic Hardcore Crusters Cynarae To Release S/T 12″ on 6/14 by orlandooom407

A389 Records has stopped it nothing in order to deliver some of the most delicious hardcore (punk) that I’ve heard thus far in 2012. This stands true for Cynarae who plan to release their debut S/T on vinyl come June 14th with A389. Imagine if Cursed never broke up and progressively adapted more down tempo slow downs and included brutal disgust gargled bellows. Each mosh hungry song shares a short handed burst of misanthropy lasting no longer than two and a half minutes each. Cynarae doesn’t skimp on the cap off metallic solos, and they tend to forgo any modern hardcore stereotypes.  This record wouldn’t even be a full length had it not been for the hulking fifteen minute conclusion which reminds me of the track Prey on Brutal Truth’s Sounds of the Animal Kingdom. You can preview some of the tracks now, and I’d highly suggest this go straight to your list of pre-orders if you dig on wax LPs.


A389 Recordings

Deathwish Inc. Drops a FREE Summer Sampler by orlandooom407


It’s here! A buffet of hardcore, punk and metallic whatever it is you need Russ. Even Audrey could dig into these killer riffs. Here’s the bands featured on the compilation in order of appearance: Narrows, Oathbreaker, Heiress, Whips/Chains, Rise And Fall, Give Up The Ghost, Loma Prieta, Victims, Birds In Row, Code Orange Kids, Touche Amore, Single Mothers, Living Eyes, Punch, Self Defense Family, Cursed, New Lows, Starkweather, and Deafheaven.

Here’s what Deathwish wanted you, the listener, to hear:

“”Summer 2012″ is an eclectic hour long trip into the Deathwish world. Download and experience the diversity and creativity within the world of aggressive music we represent. If you like what you hear, please support these artists by seeing them live and by purchasing their releases and apparel in the DW Estore @ http://www.deathwishinc.com.”

And finally, the slew of download options:

Download from Deathwish