Eddie Brock – Brand New Day 7″ by orlandooom407

With a sludge symbiote firmly attached, Eddie Brock (A38 Recordings) have slung out a great powerviolence release to round out this first quarter of the year. Hailing from Baltimore, MD, these guys nail down a sound that is equal parts pure Spazz worship and Weekend Nachos-esque crustiness. With all of the classiness and subtlety of a homemade tattoo, this 7” balances warp speed grind segments, breakdowns that would be at home as a riff on a Cough record, and time honored caveman crust call-and-response. “I’ll B There 4U” is the longest and best track on here, a mass at the altar of Crossed Out with savage attention to dynamics. EB don’t waste any time with samples or proclamations, making this a perfect 7” to sate those immense cravings for absolute face destruction.

Face can meet said destruction via A389 Recordings in colored vinyl form, other releases also available at Eddie Brock’s Bandcamp. Refer to this gif for enhanced listening experience.

Click here to follow Eddie Brock on Facebook.

– Chris Nunez

Orlando Metal Awards Voting Begins! by orlandooom407

Big props to Orlandooom’s own Keith Carlson for this exceptionally classy logo.  So, the Orlando Metal Awards have come again in October as usual. Since our inception at the beginning of this year all of the dedicated individuals that contribute to Orlandooom shows, blog posts, promotions, parties or what have you have been a family to me. Granted, as Tim of Hollow Leg put it, that family appears to be  “a bunch of satanic alcoholics” seen through the eyes of any average Joe who’s never heard a metal band that wasn’t Slipknot or Metallica’s Black Album.

Now, I’m asking our readers, friends, and supporters to help us leave a foot print on the scene we’ve all work so hard to build and nourish. Below you’ll find a list of my  nominations for Orlando’s Best  Metal Bands and Individual Musicians. I’m going to post every single band that’s been gracious enough to be part of one of our shows. My individual list, however, will only be my personal nominations for each category.


Doom and Sludge Nominations

Hollow Leg (Jaxlando Doom Metal) – Check out Hollow Leg on their Bandcamp page.

Junior Bruce (Sludge Metal, signed to A389 Records)Check out Junior Bruce on Facebook.

Demons (Sludge Metal) – Check out Demons on Youtube.

Swamp Ruins (Grind n’ Doom Metal) Check out Swamp Ruins on their Bandcamp page.

Six Dead Horses (Hypnotic Doom Metal) – Check out Six Dead Horses on their Bandcamp page.

Druid Lord (Death-Doom Metal) – Check out Druid Lord on their Bandcamp page.

Sterile Prophet (Doom Metal) – Check out Sterile Prophet on their Bandcamp page.

King Hippo (Sludge / Thrash Metal) – Check out King Hippo on Facebook.

Progressive Metal

Khann (Progressive Metal, signed to Black Market Activity) – Check out Khann on Facebook.

Abuse (Mathpunk Metal Madness) – Check out Abuse on their Bandcamp page.

With My Bear Hands (Progressive Metal) – Check out WMBH on their Bandcamp Page.

Primary Colors (Progessive Metal) – Check out Primary Colors on Facebook.

Black and Thrash Metal

Dissident Aggressor (Blackened Thrash) – Check out Dissident Aggressor on their Bandcamp page.

Ghede (Powerviolence / Black Metal) – Check out Ghede on their Bandcamp page.

Paper Street Soap Company (Thrash Metal) – Check out Paper Street on Facebook.

Death Metal

Ninety Minute Reflex (Deathgrind) – Check out Ninety Minute Reflex on Facebook.

Quarter the Villain (Deathgrind) – Check out QTV on their Bandcamp page.

Abdomen Canvas (Death Metal) – Check out Abdomen Canvas on Facebook.

My Nominations For Individual Performers

David Gayler – Vocalist for Demons

Jake Smith – Guitarist for Khann

Tom Crowther – Bassist for Junior Bruce and Hollow Leg

Joshua Dulcie – Drummer for Khann



Oh, and you can vote for my band (Fire in the Cave) if you want too, we’d greatly appreciate your support. 🙂

– Jared Oates Haggard

Junior Bruce to Join Eyehategod, Integrity and Many More at Sonar 1/21/2012! by orlandooom407

Just caught wind of this earlier today! Sweet merciful shit this festival rivals the first Scion Rock Fest. With Eyehategod headlining, what self-respecting metal head could say no to this? Rolling out this irrefutably heavy event are the Baltimore based record label A389 Recordings. I don’t know about anyone else, but of all of the records I’ve heard (Seven Sisters of Sleep, Integrity, Seraphim, Weekend Nachos) these guys don’t pad their catalog with any fluff, but provide a megaton catalog full of exceptionally talented and passionate bands.

Not to mention, I’m excited to announce that our good buddies Junior Bruce have signed with A389 and are set to release a debut LP. Orlandooom will most definitely caravan to Baltimore for this extravaganza.

Read the official press release from A389 here.

Order Tickets Online here.

A389 also organized an awesome play list of all the bands on Stereo Killer.

One last tidbit, Junior Bruce also has two very exciting shows coming up this weekend and later this month. Click the fliers below for more information:

– Jared Oates Haggard